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RUSH: This is Martin in Cadillac, Michigan. Martin, I’m glad you called. It’s great to have you here with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, dittos and prayers to you for a full recovery. Thank you for having me on the show.

RUSH: You bet, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: And thank you for speaking the truth on this issue of coronavirus. You know, on April 2, the National Center for Health Statistics put out a communique, a guideline stating that they’re gonna count all pneumonia deaths in the United States as coronavirus deaths. And, you know, as an allergist and a clinical immunologist, I really want clean data when we’re looking at this virus.

RUSH: You know, I’m looking for a story here that there are… I wish I could remember this. Maybe it’s New York. But they’re calculating practically every death as COVID-19 if it has any — just one strain of — relationship to it. They’re counting as many deaths as they can.

I think it’s New York, but it may be some other state. But they’re really trying to load the number of COVID-19 deaths way higher than reality. Now, why would they be doing that? Why would any Department of Health, government — why would anybody — want to do that? What’s the point?

CALLER: Well, you know, they state that COVID-19 may be misclassified as pneumonia deaths in the absence of positive test results. That’s what they claim on their communique. But I think, you know, we have testing, and we have that testing for a reason: To determine who does and who does not have it. And, you know, maybe it’s to inflate the numbers to create fear or panic, you know? I mean I try to be a physician and look at this objectively, but it’s very concerning to me.

RUSH: Well, obviously money is a factor in it. I’m not sure exactly how. But… I’m looking for the story here, and I can’t find it, and I had it here in The Stack ready to go, and it’s not just that they’re counting a bunch of unrelated deaths as COVID-19. It’s worse than that, but I can’t remember the specifics of it.

So hopefully I’ll run into it when I don’t expect to. I’m glad you called, Martin. Thanks very much.


RUSH: Here’s what I was looking for. (crumbling up paper) Gotta slow down. It was a Project Veritas story. (crumbling up paper) No, that’s the wrong one. It involves funeral directors. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas called funeral directors in New York City, and all of the funeral directors said that the numbers are being padded, that every death — all deaths — are being called coronavirus deaths without any tests being administered.

That’s all there was to the story. There’s no… I mean, you have to guess as to why — and, of course, one of the most logical first guesses would be money somehow, some way. But there are a lot of people in government who want many people to believe that coronavirus is far more deadly than it is — and it’s deadly enough. But there are people really invested in people having an exaggerated idea of how deadly it is, and that ought to send a bunch of red flags up.

Everybody ought to be suspicious over that.


RUSH: You know what they’re doing in Virginia? Every time a person tests positive, they’re counting it as a new case. You can test positive two or three times, but you will be counted as two or three new cases to pad the numbers of infection to keep the lockdown in place.

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