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RUSH: I have to share what happened just before the break. I just went to the Drudge Report page — it’s my home page on my browser — and I’m looking at “Trump…” There’s a black-and-white photo or graphic of the American flag, and this is what would be the lead story above the fold in journalism lingo on the Drudge page. It says, “Trump” Make America Great Again, Again.” I said, “Wait a minute. We’ve been there, done that. I pointed this out last week!”

Let’s go back, shall we? April 15th, Tax Day, on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Trump — it’s fascinating to me — has been handed on a silver platter his 2016 campaign slogan: Make America Great Again. He’s got to do it again. He’s gotta revive the American economy again. He’s done it once. Things that have happened once can happen again. … The coronavirus has revived Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, Make America Great Again. He gets to do it again. He’s gotta do it again. Don’t you just love it?

RUSH: So this is April 15th I pointed it out and the Trump campaign’s decided they’re gonna use it. Pshew! Do I ever get tired of being right or on the cutting edge? No. It never gets boring. And then there’s this. This is a Rasmussen Reports poll that most people — a majority of people — think America will be great again. “America’s Best Days” is the title of the story. It’s about poll results, obviously.

“The coronavirus has done little to dent voters’ optimism about America’s future, and most believe the country will be great again. Just 21% of likely U.S. voters agree with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s statement that ‘We’re not going to make America great again.'” Did he say that? When did he say that? When did Cuomo say that?

You know, I’ve been out a week. When did Cuomo say that “We’re not going to make America great again”? Oh, oh. “It was never that great.” I remember. I remember. “It was never that great.” I remember this. I remember “it was never that great.” I remember that part of it.


In this poll, “Men are more optimistic than women about America’s future. Voters under 40 are far more likely than their elders to agree that America will not be great again.” So Millennials… That’s not a surprise, and I could change their minds inside of 10 minutes — which I’ll demonstrate, maybe, someday on this program.


RUSH: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: America is never gonna be great again. America “was never that great.” Why does anybody listen to this guy? Do you know New York has more COVID-19 deaths than the top eight states combined, and 1,700 deaths in nursing homes? He’s called for 40,000 ventilators. He was only off by a factor of four. It’s because he’s New York and a Democrat.

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