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RUSH: Remember it was just yesterday — might have been the day before — we were talking about Biden and how there’s a new poll out. And it was, what, 26% of Democrats want him gone, want him off the ticket. And I said, “Why? If you look at every poll that they have shown us, ‘Biden’s up 10! He’s up eight! He wiping Trump out by 15.


“‘He’s cleaning up in all of the battleground states!’ Why would you want to get rid of the guy?” Of course, Snerdley was shouting at me over the IFB, “‘Cause the polls are not true! They’re making ’em up. They’re lying!” Well, of course, obviously. Well, guess what, ladies and gentlemen? After just a singular day of focus on that by yours truly, El Rushbo, a story from Reuters:

“Biden’s Edge Evaporates as Trump Seen as Better Suited for Economy, Coronavirus Response.” In one day! In one day, we’re asking, “What the hell? Why do they want Biden off the ticket?” Now Brad Parscale, who’s Trump’s campaign guy, has tweeted (summarized), “Folks, what nobody’s telling you is that nobody has seen Biden in two months in person.

“Nobody outside of whoever’s down there the basement with him has actually seen him. He hadn’t had any human contact with people outside the family — and ghosts of the family — in two months,” and Parscale asks, “Don’t you think it’s about time that somebody journalism-wise would want to at least see the guy, maybe ask a question or two?”

But then the answer to that question is right here. How many of you have heard of a man named Martin Tolchin, T-o-l-c-h-i-n? (He may pronounce it Tolchin. I don’t know. (interruption) I never heard of him until today, either. I never heard of the guy. I had no idea who he was. Victor Davis Hanson sends me an email about this guy.

I’m saying, “Victor, who is it? Why do I care? I never heard of the guy.”

He said, “Just read what I sent you.”

I said, “Why can’t you tell me what you sent? Why do I have to take all the time to read it?”

“Just read it.”

So I read it. He’s the cofounder of The Hill. Yeah. He’s a former reporter. He’s a former journalist. He’s a former this or that. “Martin Tolchin, a veteran journalist who worked for the New York Times before departing to help found The Hill…” You know, my question is, “Found The Hill with what?” The New York Times doesn’t pay reporters enough money to go out and found businesses.

So obviously the guy has a sugar daddy somewhere, but we never hear about the money behind these guys. It’s a minor point. Doesn’t mean anything. “Martin Tolchin, a veteran journalist who worked for the New York Times before departing to help found The Hill, rejected [the call for an official] investigation into Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation…”

Oh, this another thing. I’m watching Special Report with Bret Baier the other night, and I guess they have a segment now where they go to Brit Hume for the collected wisdom of the day. “So, Brit, tell us. What did you think?” and the question that Bret Baier asked Brit Hume: “What do you think of the New York Times demanding that the DNC investigate Tara Reade and Biden?”

Brit Hume said, “Well, it’s the craziest thing I’ve never, ever seen.” I forget exactly what he said, but it caused people all over the internet to say, “Wow, this guy Brit Hume is a genius! He finally has figured out what the New York Times is,” however he categorized them. I mean, the jokes on the internet are that Brit was a little late to the party on the New York Times.

That’s what this Martin Tolchin’s talking about. He’s rejecting any investigation into Tara Reade — or is her name pronounced Tara? I haven’t heard that pronounced. Tara or Tara. So he’s rejecting any investigation into Biden. He said, “I don’t want an investigation,” into Tara Read’s allegation. “I don’t want an investigation … of Biden.”

(summarized) I don’t want anything happening to Biden. “I want,” said the cofounder of TheHill.com, “a coronation of Joe Biden.” Now, this guy, Tolchin, now works at the Woodrow Wilson Center, the think tank. You know, it’s where a bunch of, I mean, really, really wacko leftists sit around and think and ponder and then write the drivel that occurs to them.

He’s a fellow there, and he wrote a letter to the New York Times (laughing) which published it. The New York Times calls for an investigation into the Tara Reade incident (laughing) by the DNC! Not journalism! Journalism can’t do it. Journalism can’t do it. No. The DNC must investigate this — and this guy’s saying, Screw this! “I don’t want an investigation. I want the coronation of Joe Biden.”

But the point is: By any means necessary, folks. Whatever it takes to end Donald Trump. Whatever it takes. If that means giving Biden a pass and coronating him, if it means screw the #MeToo movement, if it means destroying the U.S. economy — if it means you having no job for the foreseeable future — do it!

Whatever needs to be done to get rid of Donald Trump. That’s what all of this is. Take your pick of any news story about the virus, about the lockdown, about the shutdown, about keeping it shut down, about not opening up, all of it — I don’t care what it is — is about getting rid of Donald Trump.


RUSH: I kind of got sidetracked by the Biden story. You know, this guy that cofounded The Hill, I mean, he’s nobody. He’s a think tank guy at the Woodrow Wilson Center. But his point is that he’s typical of the left.

They don’t want to investigate Biden.

They don’t care about #MeToo.

They don’t care about whatever Biden might have done to some woman way back when. They don’t care about women being mistreated. They don’t care about anything. They care about getting rid of Donald Trump. They care about reversing the election results of 2016 — and, by the way, those are two separate things.

A lot of people don’t understand this.

They think getting rid of Trump and reversing the election results are one thing. They actually are not. These people cannot believe they lost that election. They can’t believe that Hillary Clinton lost; that she lost it to Trump is an added insult. But reversing the election results are a separate objective, simply because in their minds they are not that incompetent.

In the real world they couldn’t possibly lose that election. Yet they did. They have to erase it. They have to do something that tells themselves they didn’t lose it; it was taken from them or some outside series of forces conspired against them. The fact that Trump was the guy who won is an added insult to everything. I want to be very clear about this, because this is the first time I am making this point in discussing this.

Getting rid of Trump and overturning the 2016 election results are actually separate. In terms of the motivation of the American left and the Democrat Party, in terms of understanding why they’ve been doing what they’re doing, they’re two separate things. By getting rid of Trump, they accomplish both.

But there’s more to this than simply getting rid of Trump. It’s a top-tier objective that these people — and I’m talking about the modern-day Democrat Party and left and everybody that makes up that group from elites. The people who think that they’re special, they can’t believe this.

If they can’t control whether they win or lose an election like that, then they fear that a lot of other things might be up for grabs that are outside of their control. They really thought — and let this be an indication of how out of touch they really are. They really believed — and I’m talking about, again, the media and everybody in the Democrat Party.

From your governor to your dogcatcher — I don’t care where you find a Democrat — they completely believed that Hillary Clinton was the candidate of candidates. They thought she was unbeatable. They believed all the hype that they created about her. They did not have, and they still do not have… Talk about empathy? They don’t have any.

They have no idea how the American voter saw Hillary Clinton, the people that voted against her. They have no idea. And, remember, Hillary lost this election in Democrat strongholds in various districts/precincts in blue states. They simply have no ability to understand how and why they are rejected. They believe that Hillary Clinton was a knockout.

I mean, look at the polls they produced. They produced polls saying Hillary was gonna win anywhere from six to 12 points. They had her winning in a landslide. Now, the fact that Trump was the opponent added to the fact that Hillary was gonna win. But the Republicans could have nominated anybody, and they would have thought the same thing.

“Hillary Clinton: Unbeatable! Hillary Clinton: Her turn! Hillary Clinton!” Because Hillary Clinton winning meant that all of the transformational work that had begun in the Obama years would continue. Transformation of America into something it wasn’t founded to be. All these people at the FBI and the intelligence community who ran this hoax operation, this silent coup against Trump?

They would have been rewarded.

They would have had lifetime career appointments and jobs and what have you. I mean, the entire deep state, bureaucratic apparatus was 1000% invested in Hillary Clinton being elected, and they all thought it was a slam dunk. They never… Well, I can’t say “never,” ’cause I think that toward the end of the campaign there were some of them who started to smell and sense reality.

If you remember watching the coverage on election night 2016, you know, in these times of lockdown and lockup, it might be fun to go back to YouTube and find some of those prime time election night coverages. Watch for the delectable moment on each network when they begin to realize what’s happening.

On Fox, it was with Chris Wallace. Chris Wallace was the first to realize and the first to say to all of the other people assembled on the panel, “Hey, you know what? This isn’t shaking down the way we’re talking about it here, gang!” If you look at the coverage, despite what was happening on all the tab maps and all the count maps…

Despite what was happening — an upset was happening — they continued to talk about the election as an eventual Hillary Clinton landslide win. Despite the numbers they put on their screens, despite the graphics they agenda, their commentary continued along the lines of, “Hillary Clinton is the winner; it’s only a matter of time.

“Wish we could call it now, but of course, we can’t. We can’t,” and on every network there was that moment. As I say, on Fox it was Chris Wallace. He says, “Uh-oh. Something’s not right here, gang, and we need to start looking at this another way.” The shock of losing that election has not worn off.

And in addition to the shock of losing the election not having worn off, it’s coupled with a commitment. They’re not gonna lose another one ever again, either period or like that. It ain’t gonna happen. They’re not gonna get blindsided. This isn’t gonna happen. They’re not gonna nominate the best candidate that there’s ever been and have that best candidate that’s ever been lose.

It isn’t gonna happen. It’s two separate things that are driving them. Getting rid of Trump simply because they hate his guts and he’s not one of them and he mocks them and laughs. They just hate him. It’s nothing more than that. They want to get rid of him for that alone — and then reversing the election results of 2016.

The fact that he’s the one that benefited from Hillary losing? That’s a double whammy. And we are seeing this manifest itself in the form of advocating for an ongoing, never-ending shutdown and lockdown of the United States during this coronavirus pandemic. Yep. It’s time you all were taught a lesson. This is what happens to you when you vote against the left, vote against Democrat Party.

They’ll shut your ass down. They’ll shut down your job, they’ll take your career with it, and they won’t look twice. You are nothing but a stat. You’re a voter. They don’t care about having any empathy with you, whatsoever.

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