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RUSH: It’s kind of funny watching CNN on the Flynn story. They can’t believe it. Their reporter, “He pleaded guilty! He pleaded guilty, he said he did it. Why are they dropping the charges, he pleaded guilty? We must always remember that Flynn pleaded guilty, he did it!”

He pleaded guilty after Robert J Mueller III promised to bankrupt him, to bankrupt his son, to take everything away from him, including his home, and to not stop until he had made sure that Flynn could never recover from it. He pled guilty to stop the carnage. He pled guilty to protect his son. “He pled guilty, he did it!”

I tell you, folks, some days it’s beyond frustration. The truth is right there. It’s easily understood. It’s staring you in the face. And there are people too blind with partisanship and hatred to see it.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, it is a big deal. I cannot describe what a monumental, big deal it is for the Department of Justice to drop a case. It so rarely happens. They got a guilty plea and they still dropped it? You have no idea even now how big this is.

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