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RUSH: You know the news today, there’s all kinds of breaking news out there, all kinds of, “Wow, look at this.” It’s stuff that we’ve known for three years. It is stuff that we have suspected for three years. It’s stuff that, because I knew it, you knew it, for three years. There’s breaking news. Guess what? Adam Schiff lied. Guess what? They’re gonna release the transcripts, some of the persecutions that Schiff was running in his little basement hearings down there, and guess what? Adam Schiff has known all along there was no Russian collusion and did all that anyway.

And guess what? Robert Mueller knew all along there was never any Russian collusion and did his two-year investigation anyway. And guess what? There was never, ever any evidence for a criminal investigation into Trump and collusion with Russia, and they did it anyway. And I’ll guarantee you this. One year from now we’re gonna be saying the same things about the stuff we told you about this virus and the shutdown and the role the Democrat Party and the American left are playing in ruining this economy for their own political gain.

We’re gonna be doing the same thing. We’re right, we know we’re right, and it’s stunning how, to me, now we got this breaking news, guess what? We’ve known it for three years about the Mueller investigation. We’ve known there was no Trump-Russia collusion. We’ve known they set George Papadopoulos up. We knew that Rod Rosenstein was dirty in this. Everything that’s being reported today is shocking, breaking news. You’ve known it, we all have.


RUSH: The Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign and then the Trump presidency, Trump administration.

The dossier, the Steele dossier — bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton — wasted gosh knows how much money and launched a gazillion fake news stories on an absolutely lying, made-up premise that everybody involved in it knew was made up, that Trump had stolen the election by colluding with Russia.

Robert Mueller conducted a witch hunt knowing there was no collusion with Russia. He spent two years looking for a crime because there wasn’t one to investigate. Adam Schiff lied to the country about this nonexistent collusion for years, and now there are transcripts from his hearings that Ric Grinnell, director of national intelligence, is threatening to release that show Schiff knowingly lied.

To this day, Schiff will run around and tell people he’s got evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. In the hearings that he conducted, it was obvious that he knew and every Democrat on his panel knew and that Rosenstein knew that there was not a single shred of evidence Trump had ever colluded with Russia.

And they did all of this anyway in an attempt to do two things: Get rid of Trump and reverse the election results of 2016. And yet the media — the Democrats, the cognoscente, the conventional wisdom — portray Donald Trump as evil, incompetent, corrupt while hoisting these literally dangerous destructive and incompetent Democrats up on pedestals like Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Michelle Obama.

The Democrats are literally destroying this country with their moral superiority. They’re the good people. They’re the ones that have all the good intentions. They’re the ones that care about people. If you disagree with them, something makes you evil. Donald Trump is not the problem. Donald Trump remains the solution.


RUSH: You know I… (laughing) I watch things, and sometimes I just get blown away. I don’t want to mention any names here ’cause I’m not trying to attack or criticize anybody. I just saw something I’ve gotta comment on. Somebody on television said, “You know what? The Democrats ought to be really, really mad at Adam Schiff right now because he got their hopes up.

“He got all of their hopes up that there was really Trump-Russia collusion going on out there, and now it’s obvious. Everybody knows Schiff was making it up. The transcripts of his own hearings demonstrate this,” that he has refused to release, by the way, for this very reason. The idea the Democrats are gonna be really, really mad at Adam Schiff!

It depends which Democrats you’re talking about. If you’re talking about Democrat voters — you know, the easily deceived — I mean, these people that have given up any kind of critical thinking, then, yeah, maybe. But if you’re talking about other Democrats on the committee or other Democrats in the House or Democrats over in the Senate?

Democrats ought to be really mad at Adam Schiff for getting their hopes up?

They were all in on it!

You think Schiff is the only Democrat who knew that all this was a made-up farce? They all knew it! The idea that there are innocent Democrats in this is something that you have got to disabuse yourself of. There is no innocent Democrat in any of this, if we’re talking about elected Democrats or consultants or campaign coordinators, whatever, in Washington, D.C.


RUSH: You remember, if you were here for the opening of the program — and according to the latest time spent listening statistics, you were — you heard me mention that it’s an incredible day because things we have known for three years are appearing today as breaking news.

Such as the FBI knew there was no collusion with Russia. We’ve got documents. They knew it. We’ve got breaking news that Robert Mueller, when he took the job, knew there was no Russia collusion, and yet he did two years looking for it. And then there’s a breaking story that Adam Schiff is really sweating bullets.

Because the transcripts of some of the investigations he was running in that basement hearing room of his, indicate that he knew that there was no Trump-Russia collusion whatsoever. Now, we’ve known this for three years! We’ve known this when it first hit. We’ve known that this was bogus. We’ve known this was a coup.

We’ve known that it didn’t happen from within the first week of learning of this, okay? So I have here for you an audio sound bite from this afternoon on the Fox News Channel. Dana Perino has a show called The Daily Briefing. Do you know why we calls her show the daily briefing? (interruption) Yeah, that’s right.

She was the press secretary to George W. Bush. A lot of people say “dubya.” I say George “double-U,” ’cause I like to properly pronounce things. So she was a press secretary. It was a big thing, one of the highlights of her resume things, so she calls her TV show The Daily Briefing. In case any of you wondered why, now you know.

She had on as her guest today the Turtle, the Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Here is her question: “I want to talk about the Michael Flynn case and the documents that have come out and also apparently some transcripts coming out from the House which basically say that Adam Schiff knew there was no collusion,” between Trump and Russia.

“First of all, there was a development in the Flynn case where a lead prosecutor is withdrawing from that” case. It’s because he knows it’s over. Flynn is… They’ve been caught red-handed here. “And,” she says, “there’s no real details as to why” the lead prosecutor is leaving. Yes, there are! There’s all kinds of detail why the lead prosecutor’s leaving, Dana. It’s because he’s been discovered as a fraud.

The whole case against Flynn was manufactured. You know why they did it? Flynn was gonna be Trump’s national security advisor. He would have known everything going on in the intelligence community. They had to get rid of Flynn in order to keep the investigation that they were conducting secret from Trump. Flynn had to go. They had to manufacture something that they could convict him of.

It is an outrage what they did! The lead prosecutor has been exposed, Dana. That’s why he’s fleeing. But nevertheless, she says to the Turtle, “And there’s no real details as to why” the lead prosecutor’s withdrawing. (Snort!) Then she says, “I wonder about how all of this fits into your thinking about how you spent the first month of 2020 presiding over an impeachment trial in the Senate.”

MCCONNELL: All these developments that we’re now reading about, uh, certainly make it look like this whole, uh, Russia issue was conspired, uh, with, uh, by certain people at the FBI.

RUSH: Really?

MCCONNELL: This is a big story, a big unfolding story —

RUSH: Really?

MCCONNELL: — and I can’t wait to find out what really happened —

RUSH: You’re kidding!

MCCONNELL: — and I think we will. These stories always come out sooner or later.

RUSH: The Turtle is just now figuring out what happened! So he presided over the Senate during the trial thinking there could have been something to all of that? This… He can’t be that uninformed, right, Mr. Snerdley? So what is this really? Let me read to you what the Turtle said here. “All these developments that we’re now reading about certainly make it look like this whole Russia issue was conspired with by certain people at the FBI.”

No excrement, Sherlock! What is…? This is what makes me believe in conspiracies. And then he says (impression), “This is a big story, a big story. Big unfolding story — and I can’t wait to find out what really happened.” (chuckles) We already know! This is the thing. “Hey, I think we will find out what really happened,” the Turtle said. “I — I — I think we will find out. You know, these stories always come out sooner or later.”

(laughing) He is. The Turtle will get to the finish line on this one. Okay. Well, given all that, here we go. What this is largely about today is a number of things. There’s two things. Rod Rosenstein was the attorney general, deputy attorney general, ’cause they had maneuvered Sessions into recusing himself — on purpose and unnecessarily.

So Rosenstein is the guy who named Mueller as the independent counsel, the special prosecutor, whatever. Now, at the time Rosenstein’s supposed to issue a scope memo, which he didn’t do. He’s supposed to issue a memo that spells out for Mueller what he can and can’t investigate, what he should and shouldn’t investigate.

And then if Mueller comes across something outside the scope during the investigation, he has to go back and get permission to look into what he’s discovered. Now, this whole thing was bogus. There was never anything to discover. The whole thing was a fraud. It was all based on the Steele dossier, which has yet to be verified. It was made up out of whole cloth.

There was not ever a single reason for any of this. There was no criminal activity, there was no evidence of criminal activity, there was no legitimate suspicion that anybody had behaved criminally in the Trump administration vis-a-vis Russia. This whole thing was manufactured as an attempt to get rid of Trump — pure and simple — and to reverse the election results of 2016.

So Rosenstein had to go back and rewrite the scope memo, and he ended up writing two of them.

The scope memo was the official guidance given by Rosenstein to Mueller to run the witch hunt. At first, Rosenstein charged “Mueller to probe ‘i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; [and] iii) any other matters within the scope of [obstruction of justice laws].'”

And that was written in May of 2017. Then there was another scope memo that Rosenstein wrote after the fact, ex post facto, in August of 2017 which expanded Mueller’s scope and was very highly redacted when it was released to the public. What has been released now is the unredacted version of the August 2017 scope memo.

And this memo authorizes Mueller to investigate Carter Page, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and Flynn, after the fact. Six months after the investigation. There was nothing, so they had to formulate, “What are we gonna do?” So they had to name these people and then go out and looking at Justice Department dropping the Flynn case. We knew this was gonna happen. They’re dropping it because there was never anything to it.

And Michael Flynn ought to be able to sue these people for everything they took from him with quadruple damages. They coerced into a guilty plea by threatening to ruin his son after they had ruined him. They set him up like they have never set up a government official before, an innocent one.

Let me briefly tell you how they did that. They had to get rid of Flynn, as I say, the FBI, Comey and Strzok Smirk and Page and McCabe, they had to get rid of Flynn after Trump names him national security adviser because he would be privy to what they were doing. As the national security adviser, he would be aware of everything going on in intelligence.

So he would have been aware of the hoax. He would have been aware of the coup. He would have been aware of the meetings in the Obama Oval Office with Comey and Brennan and Clapper and how they set Trump up at his Trump Tower office on January 6th. Flynn would have known all of that. They couldn’t have that.

They couldn’t continue the bogus investigation of Trump, and they lied to Trump, telling him he was not a target. He was the only target, and they were looking for anything they could make up. There was never any evidence. So they concoct an interview with Flynn. Now, normally when the FBI is gonna interview somebody, they have to go through the White House council, get permission to talk to him, Flynn’s part of the administration, national security adviser.

Then they get a formal time set up, Flynn is told that he can bring a lawyer, he is told that anything he says could be subject to being used. They abandoned that all. They didn’t do any of that. Comey has admitted that he took advantage of an inexperienced bunch of people in the Trump administration to just send a couple agents over to the West Wing one day to have a conversation in the hallway with Flynn.

So Flynn is the newly named national security adviser, he’s walking around the West Wing, and here comes McCabe and Strzok. And they show up in the West Wing, and they run into Flynn, “Hey, Michael, how you doing?” And he thinks that they’re extending him a greeting as the newly arrived NSA, the new administration, the FBI come to shake hands, say hi, how you doing. He had no idea that they were running an investigation. He had no idea that they were actually conducting an official interview with him, that if he lied, they could send him to jail. He had no idea any of this was going on.

It was such a setup. And then after that, they started leaking to the media that Flynn had indeed been discussing the end of sanctions with the Russian ambassador, Kislyak, who ate lunch all the time. All the guy ever did was eat lunch and meet with Trump administration officials. Then they go and tell Pence. They say Flynn’s lying through his teeth. He’s out there not talking to Kislyak about lifting sanctions when you guys are officially inaugurated. And Pence says, we can’t have that, and fired the guy.

I mean, it was a setup like you can’t believe. And Flynn was totally taken advantage of. He knew that Obama hated him, and he had no idea that Obama’s long reach had anything to do with this. He thinks they’re coming over as a meeting of equals, the FBI coming to say hi to the NSA. Has no idea that they’re running a gigantic trick and scam on him.

This whole sordid thing, folks, there are people that need to be in jail. There are people that need to be brought up on charges. There are people that need to be fined and pay a price for this. This is simply outrageous. And what they’ve done to Donald Trump and his family and what they’ve attempted to do, it needs to be exposed. Every American needs to have this explained to them in the simplest way possible, which is possible, so that everybody understands what has happened.

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