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RUSH: If you’re planning on going to Hawaii anytime soon, let me tell you what’s going to happen to you. You’re gonna land at the airport, you’re gonna be met by officials in Hawaii who are going to ask you if you’re a tourist or a resident. If you’re a tourist, they’re gonna ask you where you’re staying.

Then they’re gonna call the hotel and alert the hotel that you’re coming. Guests are instructed to stay in their room for two weeks. Quarantined! No going out, period. The hotel issues room keys that will let you into the room, but will not work if you leave.

Officials from the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau and the Hawaii Tourism Authority call many times to make sure that the “guests” are in their rooms. But some tourists go rogue! They don’t like being stuck in a hotel room for 14 days. A few have attempted to sit by the pool, they tried to go shopping. One honeymooning couple was arrested for escaping their room. Arrested!

About 20 arrests have been made, and many citations issued. Some local lawmakers want to get even tougher. They think tourists oughta be fitted with ankle bracelets, or have their movements tracked via their cellphones.

One day, this virus will be over — and hotels and tourist hot spots will be expecting guests to come back in droves. And they might. But maybe some guests will remember they were treated like “rogue criminals” during COVID season. What kind of mindset even thinks about doing this to people visiting your state, to help your local economy!

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