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RUSH: Now, I know that we’re just barely 25 minutes into the program so it’s no big deal not to have made any mistakes 25 minutes, but I guarantee you there won’t be any.

Now, the other big news… Let me just give you a quote here. I want to ask you why you are not seeing this constantly. Dr. Deborah Birx said, quote, “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” She said this in a White House Coronavirus Task Force meeting, and this is according to the Washington Post.

Dr. Birx and others on the White House task force, say CDC may be inflating coronavirus case numbers and the death toll by 25%. This is the number two to Dr. Fauci, and she said that the Centers for Disease Control may be inflating the number of cases and the number of deaths by 25%. Why is this not plastered all over everywhere?

There’s more to it too.


RUSH: The Washington Post reports that Dr. Deborah Birx and others on the White House task force, the coronavirus task force, say that the Centers for Disease Control may be inflating the coronavirus case numbers and death tolls by 25%. From Dr. Birx, she’s second only to Dr. Fauci, terms of credibility, acceptance and she’s second most, foremost media darling.

The Washington Post claims that in the recent meetings Dr. Birx’s even said, “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” Now, I kind of tore into the CDC last Friday and I heard about it from people. I even heard about it from Snerdley. I said, “Where was the CDC when this virus was percolating in China?

He said, “You can’t blame them. The ChiComs are lying.” I can blame. It’s their job. It’s all they do. The Centers for Disease Control, every member, we’re told we’re not allowed to question expertise, folks. We’re not allowed to question science. We’re not allowed to — ask, I’m sorry. “Quashion.” There’s a TV info person that says the word that way. And it bugs me. Quashion. I have a quashion for you. Anyway, I hear that and I start imitating it.

At any rate, why can’t we question the expertise? Why are we not allowed to question the science? If we question the science that somehow makes us Neanderthals. So we’re supposed to be just good sheep and accept whatever science and expertise says. Now, the Centers for Disease Control is made up of a lot of people, and they’re supposed to be doing research on every virus supposedly on the planet. They’re supposed to be conducting studies of what could happen if one of them breaks loose, coming up with vaccines or antidotes or whatever. This is their job.

And this thing totally blindsided, not just them, but a lot of other people. And I realize their reasons. One of the big reasons is the World Health Organization was doing everything it could to protect China. There’s a story today that the ChiCom government told the World Health Organization to not report on the person to person transmissibility of this virus for like six weeks, and the World Health Organization dutifully obeyed, which would then prompt people too say, “Well, then you can’t blame the CDC.”

All right. If you don’t like the word “blame” — all I’m saying is this is this is their job. And I’m sorry that, you know, politics has corrupted so much of science, and politics has corrupted so much of what we consider expertise. I would love it if we literally had the best and brightest in these positions, but how can we when they don’t earn anywhere near what they can earn in the private sector?

It’s always been something that I’ve been curious about. Why would somebody leave a multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars a year job, say, at a pharmaceutical company to go to the FDA? What can you make at the FDA? Now, admittedly, I’m sitting here assuming that people that work at the FDA are civil servants and they’re subject to the pay scale and they don’t make anything more than a Supreme Court justice or Speaker of the House, I don’t know. But you can go there and spend some time and then parlay that into a higher paying job in the private sector I suppose.

But the idea that we’re not supposed to question it and we’re just supposed to accept it. I mean, it requires a whole bunch of people willing to be conformists to do that, and when you have Dr. Birx saying here, “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” Now, my further question is, if she feels this way about the data from the CDC, it’s not new, when did she first become dissatisfied or suspicious? And why didn’t she speak up earlier? There had to be something here that triggered her reaction, which is obviously one of frustration.

Birx said, “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust,” in a White House coronavirus task force meeting. She said later in a statement to the Washington Post that mortality is slowly declining every day. It’s not rising by 25% like the CDC is telling us.

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