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RUSH: There’s one other big story out there — and this, you’re not gonna hear about. From the Daily Wire: “15 Days After Lockdown Ease, Georgia Sees Lowest Day of COVID Hospitalizations — Republican governor Brian Kemp of Georgia celebrated the state’s lowest number of hospitalized novel coronavirus patients and the fewest number of COVID-19 patients on ventilators on Saturday, 15 days,” two weeks, after Georgia opened up.

Governor Kemp tweeted on May 9th: “Today marks the lowest number of COVID-19 positive patients currently hospitalized statewide … since hospitals began reporting this data on April 8th. Today also marks the lowest total of ventilators in use…” So Georgia is trending in the right direction in any which way you want to measure this.

So they end the lockdown, and the number of severe cases is plummeting. You know, I remember asking last week, “What happened to all those kids that died that went to spring break?” Remember that? Of course, they didn’t die, and they were in Florida. They were in the beaches of South Florida for spring break, and people were yelling bloody murder about it.

They came along and they ended spring break, and I’ve been waiting for the media follow up stories on the mass death of those kids. That aren’t any stories. And then I asked, “What about all the people that voted in person in Wisconsin? What happened to them? Did they all get sick and die?”

No, because if they had we’d have been reading about it in the news. It’s been weeks and we haven’t gotten reports about any calamities, and now Georgia sees its lowest day of hospitalizations 15 days after reopening.

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