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RUSH: Washington State, one of the first U.S. areas hit by the coronavirus, is still dealing with the fallout. Over the weekend, 1,500 people gathered at the state capitol in Olympia to protest stay-at-home orders, which remain in place.

A bunch of these protesters apparently picked up some tactics from the left. On Facebook, they posted the names, emails, and phone numbers of “snitches” who had contacted the state to tattle on businesses that opened in spite of the stay-at-home orders.

Two groups were behind the social media effort to “out the snitches.” One group is “Reopen Washington State.” The other group is “the Washington State 3%ers” – named after the 3% of colonists who supposedly resisted British rule during the Revolutionary War. They posted a spreadsheet identifying those who tattled to the government, with this message: “Want to snitch on your neighbor? Don’t expect to hide behind your computer screen.”

Leftist activists have used this tactic for years on people. They’ve published the names of conservative political donors, and they have even threatened the jobs of people who contribute to ballot initiatives they don’t like.

But now, all of a sudden, “political outing” has liberals outraged.

How dare these right-wing protesters snitch on their snitches! It’s just deplorable! It’s beyond the pale!

It’s amazing how things can change on a dime — and the governor there is still an idiot. That’s the amazing thing.

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