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RUSH: I have here a story that is written by some guy named Tom Rogers, editor-at-large at Newsweek. Does anybody read Newsweek anymore? It’s just… It’s digital only now, right? You can’t get it at newsstands. Are there newsstands anymore? I guess the virus has shut newsstands down now.

Anyway, the headline of this clown’s piece. “Words Matter. And Joe Biden Needs to Use His Better — Tom Rogers, editor-at-large for Newsweek, the founder of CNBC…” Oh, that Tom Rogers? This guy’s ancient. That Tom Rogers? You gotta be kidding! The founder of CNBC? Holy smokes! This guy has gotta be 110, and I know he’s, I mean, a dyed-in-the-wool commie leftist.

Okay. Well, anyway, this guy, let me give you a couple pull quotes. “When Biden is talking with a teleprompter, he commands the situation much better than Trump. But in his living room media appearances so far, [Biden] stumbles, fails to complete sentences, searches for words, repeats the same points, has difficulty hitting the right points and does not take points to a deeper level, making his comments seem overly general and superficial.”

Here’s another pull quote. I can’t believe it’s that Tom Rogers! Holy smokes. Anyway… “If Biden’s speaking does not improve, it will play into the most obvious critiques of his candidacy. The Trump campaign will go after Biden as an establishment politician of the Washington, D.C., ‘swamp,’ who therefore talks in ‘political speak’; or [the Trump campaign] will characterize him as ‘confused,’ and therefore standing for nothing; or [the Trump campaign] will paint him as ‘too old’ to handle the job.”

Now, one more pull quote: “[I]f Biden can’t pick up his game, capturing the hearts of those voters he needs at the margin is going to be extremely difficult, and instead, he will have to rely on the rationality of their minds in recognizing him as the superior candidate.” I read this (chuckles) and I could not believe it. Do you think, folks…? Do you think the…?

This is a question that we have asked over and over. Do you think the people in Biden’s campaign do not know that he’s got dementia? Do you think the people in his campaign — and like this guy covering his campaign — don’t know that his cognitive skills are on the downside? Do you think they chalk what Biden is up to just not being a good performer lately?

My goodness, this is even better than that I could have dreamed of. They don’t…? If this guy’s writing this stuff seriously, he’s got no idea that Plugs is doing the best he can. He’s got no idea that Plugs doesn’t know where he is half the time. By the way, have you heard Plugs’ latest defense on Tara Reade? He was on with George Stephanopoulos, Good Morning America.

He was asked, “Look, you said during the Kavanaugh hearings — and when Blasey Ford was out there doing her routine, you said — ‘every woman should be believed.’ But you’re saying Tara Reade’s not tellin’ the truth.” Plugs said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Well, I think… I think that — that, uh, all these women need to be vetted by the media to find out if they’re telling the truth, and you — you haven’t vetted Tara Reade in the media.”

So when he is the one being accused, women cannot be believed, and now the media have to come along and investigate them.

Now, the other day the New York Times said the DNC needs to investigate Biden and Tara Reade, and now Plugs is saying the media needs to do it. Now we got this guy writing a piece that obviously doesn’t think Plugs has anything wrong with him; he just needs to step up his game.

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