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RUSH: To prevent hoarding, some stores in the U.S. are limiting how much customers can purchase in terms of meat. Some Wendy’s restaurants are out of hamburgers, for example. Some meat packing plants have briefly shut down because a bunch of workers were infected with the coronavirus.

You have no doubt heard that President Trump has used the Defense Production Act to order meat processing plants to stay open, to protect the food supply.

Well, there is more news about the meat you eat. Or I should say, there is news about the meat that you might not be eating.

Meat buyers in China have greatly stepped up the amount of meat that they’re buying from America. The reason? China’s own supply of pigs is being decimated by a disease. So ChiComs are willing to pay premium prices to import meat.

Smithfield Foods, a Chinese-owned company operating in the U.S., is shipping off more meat to China. So is Tyson Foods.

Meanwhile, meat producers in America are warning grocery stores to be prepared for some disruptions. By the end of May, they say, there might not be enough meat to meet the U.S. demand.

So, you get it? China is all about putting China first. Which is why you should breathe a sigh of relief that we have a president who puts America first. Competition anybody? See how that works?

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