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RUSH: Try this. “California state university system to cancel classes for the fall semester.” This means the California state university system is shutting down through December. Well, they’ll do telelearning, yeah, but, I mean, they’re closing the campus. The chancellor of the California state university system announced yesterday that the schools will not open in the fall.

In fact, the chancellor, Timothy White said, “Research has not indicated that universities will be safe by the fall semester and a vaccine’s not expected until early next year at the earliest,” and the vaccine may not work, ’cause Dr. Fauci said that. And there may never be a vaccine, and so far no vaccine for any coronavirus-like disease has ever been found, including SARS and the common cold. So does that mean the California state universities might never reopen? Well, yeah, if you listen to these people, it’s exactly what the hell it freaking means.

Now, here’s something else they’re doing out in California. The University California system, this is different than the Cal State university system. We’re talking about Berkeley, USC. The university system is not the same thing as the Cal State university system. And the University of California president is Janet Napolitano. And you know what she’s doing? She is urging a suspension of admission testing requirements until 2024.

In other words, get rid of the SAT, get rid of the ACT, get rid of the ABDMY, whatever there is, get rid of it. They have wanted to get rid of these admission tests for I don’t know how long because they think they were all written by white men to exclude everybody but white men. So now they want to get rid of the SAT, the ACT so they can let any dread anywhere from the world in under the rubric of diversity and fairness.

“In recent weeks, many public and private colleges have joined a movement to halt or end testing requirements. Some were spurred by the education crisis created by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Others said test scores were not as useful as grades and transcripts in rating applicants.” Yeah, because some of these applicants, they don’t test well, they don’t do good. But we want ’em in our system anyway, so we’re gonna get rid of all of the things that they don’t look good in so that we can admit them.

“Last month, citing the pandemic, UC suspended its requirement for an ACT or SAT score. … Napolitano, in a memo to the Board of Regents made public Monday, said she wants to go further. … By 2025, Napolitano’s memo said, ‘any use of the ACT/SAT would be eliminated for California students and a new, UC-based test would be required.'”

I’ll guaran-damn-tee you what this is about. This is no different than wanting to get rid of the Constitution, get rid of anything in this country that can be traced back to a so-called white, racist majority founding it as unjust, unfair, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe.

In addition to the University of California system and the Cal State system shutting down until December, Los Angeles has extended its stay-at-home order for the next three months. They just wiped out the summer in Los Angeles County. They just wiped out the summer. Do you know how many businesses they have just sentenced to death? Do you know how many other institutions they have just sentenced to death by issuing a stay-at-home order, extending it the next three months. That’d be June, July and August, the beginning of September. Then they’ll extend it again.

Now, you sports fans, let’s look at one of the practical potential results of this. They’re building a new stadium in LA County for the Rams and the Chargers to play. It’s called SoFi Stadium. Construction has kind of gone up and down, in and out, because there have been some construction workers that tested positive for the virus. It’s now not certain that the stadium will be ready to go for the opening of the NFL season. The original act that was gonna inaugurate this new stadium was a Taylor Swift concert. That has been canceled.

Oh, have you heard the sad news? Taylor Swift, because of the virus and climate change, has sold one of her two private jets. Had you heard that? Aw it’s such a tragedy. It’s a sacrifice, it’s a tragedy. You hate seeing that kind of hardship happen to people. Just hate it. Anyway, the NFL preseason starts in August. There’s no way, if they were gonna try to play any preseason games, Rams or Chargers, SoFi Stadium, that’s done.

Now let’s talk the regular season. Let’s say the NFL opens up — and they fully intend to focusing — and let’s say that LA County continues its stay-at-home extension, they’re gonna have to move two Los Angeles teams. The Rams and the Chargers are gonna have to find other places to play. And in fact the league is already looking into it. Las Vegas might be an alternative place for both of those teams to play. Then they gotta relocate the 49ers. What the governor’s doing is a little bit different than the Los Angeles people. But good grief. Extending the stay-at-home order all the way through September in LA County.

Now, here’s a story from the Millennial left-wing news site called Axios: Coronavirus cases are not surging in high risk states. Wait. What? “The first stages of reopening haven’t produced a surge in coronavirus cases in most states.” At least “not yet,” they write hopefully.

“The reopening process is still in its early stages,” so don’t feel so hot about it right now. A second wave of infections still could happen. Oh, we hope it does, at Axios. They’re dying out here. Georgia, Florida opened up. There is not this massive number of new cases. The death toll is not rising, and it’s not mounting, and the Drive-Bys are distressed. Coronavirus cases are not surging in high risk states. Florida’s new cases actually declined by 14%, compared to the previous week. Georgia fell by 12% after reopening.

Yeah, so some of the states that all of these experts, all of these skeptics were most worried about have not seen the rise in total cases that the experts feared. Florida’s new cases have, again, declined by 14%. Georgia’s are down by 12%. Nevada leads the pack, a 44% reduction. Several hard hit states that embraced aggressive lockdowns — Michigan, New York, and New Jersey — saw reductions of at least 30%.

But, of course, the bottom line, as they say here, “None of this means that any state is in the clear. But it is an encouraging early sign.” And we had to throw that in but we wish we didn’t have to, they write. So we’ve got all this doom and gloom yesterday at the Senate hearing. We have all this back padding, all the, yeah, I’m doing great, we’re doing this, we’re doing that, we’re coming up, we’re making grade strides. But we can’t open up. Nope. We can’t open up. May not even get a vaccine that works. Oh, no. Can’t go back to school. Can’t open schools. Meaning, parents can’t go back to work. LA extending by three months the stay-at-home order. And, meanwhile, where they are opening up, the number of cases and deaths are actually beginning to fall.

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