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RUSH: Folks, I’ve made a little discovery here I have to tell you about. It’s a coffee mug. It’s a coffee mug that keeps whatever you put in it at the right temperature. You select the temperature you want your coffee or your hot chocolate, your tea, whatever you want it to be, and it keeps at that temperature.

It’s called Ember, E-m-b-e-r, and I ran into one of these… I saw somebody was boxing one up to give somebody for Christmas. I said, “What is that?” “Oh, it’s really great. It’s a mug. You plug it in and it heats up and it keeps whatever you’re drinking hot. It doesn’t cool off.” “Oh, cool.” I looked into it and got one, and it’s exactly what it is.

The saucer is the charger.

You plug the saucer in, and then you put the mug on the top of the saucer and that’s how it charges, and it will work off the charger for an hour or hour-15 minutes. I mean, I always put it back on the charger just on the saucer for the heck of it, but if you have to carry it away, it’ll still work and you set the temperature to be whatever you want it to be.

It’s a Bluetooth device so you pair it with your phone with Bluetooth, and that’s what makes it compatible with Bluetooth technology. The thing is fascinating. Have you ever had a coffeepot that stays on the burner all day long, and after a while the coffee tastes burnt and it’s so hot? This does not do that to the coffee.

This, you can vary the temperature and cool it during the process so that the coffee always tastes exactly like you poured it out of the pot even if it’s been in that cup for 45 minutes or half hour — or on the saucer, on the charger. It is amazing, and I love sharing things with people, my passions and so forth. They’ve got great customer service as well. So I wanted mention this.

Ember, E-m-b-e-r, is the name of this thing.


RUSH: No, no, no, no, it’s not complicated. Let me show you. If you’re watching on the Dittocam, this is it. This is the 14-ounce. There’s, I think, a 10-ounce size. I don’t know. This is the 14-ounce size of the mug. You simply put it on a charger. It’s a Bluetooth device, and the app that controls is on the phone. Ember. E-m-b-e-r.

So they’ve got a default, preset bunch of temperatures for coffee, for tea, for hot chocolate. You can change ’em. Like, I think the coffee setting is too hot. They’ve got it to like 150 degrees. I set it at 131. It keeps it at 131 degrees for as long as I don’t touch the coffee. It’s amazing. It never cools off.

You never have to throw it out and replenish the cup from the coffee jug or whatever, coffeepot. The saucer plugs in. It’s the charger that keeps the mug going when it’s not attached to the charger. I think it’s a brilliant concept, and you know me. I come across these kinds of things that I think are cool and I share ’em with you, and with as much…

I don’t know about you and drinking coffee or tea or whatever, but one of the most irritating things is when it gets cold. You set it aside, you get busy, and before you know it, you’re drinking room temperature coffee. Yuk! You pour it out and make a new cup. You don’t ever have to do that with this. Ember is what it’s called.

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