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RUSH: CNN is beside themselves. Donald Trump has tied his highest approval rating yet in the CNN poll, tied with his record high. Here’s John King this morning on CNN announcing it.

KING: Brand new CNN poll numbers. They show Joe Biden with a national lead in the race for president. But there are warning signs for the Democrats when you dig deeper into the numbers. It is a five-point national lead for Biden, 51% support from registered voters. President Trump receives 46%. But remember 2016. We pick presidents state by state. And look at the horse race in the 15 states that CNN designates as presidential battlegrounds. Take a peek. The president leads in those battleground states 52% to 45% for the former vice president.

RUSH: That’s big.

KING: Be careful not to invest too much in any one poll, especially in the middle of a pandemic, but Biden’s numbers are down among women, down among independents. And in both of those subgroups, the drop is primarily among younger voters.

RUSH: Right. So you catch the disclaimer there? Be careful not to invest too much in any one poll, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Why would the middle of a pandemic matter a hill of beans?

So, you know, CNN and everybody’s had these polls showing Biden doing really well in the battleground states in the states where Trump got enough Democrat votes to win, and now all of that’s turned South. In addition to that, Biden looks totally at home in the basement. He has no desire to leave. Those of you out there who have had a family member who has acquired dementia-related problems, you know they get scared to death of leaving home.

I guarantee you, I guarantee you the Democrats cannot permit this to go on, and they won’t, and I think it’s gonna be the Cuomo brothers. I think Andrew Cuomo is gonna hijack, or try to, the Democrat convention. You mark my words.

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