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RUSH: Somebody in this audience talked. I told you people, I warned you yesterday not to repeat what I told you, and somebody did. I knew it had to happen. I knew it was a career risk — well, not a career risk. But I knew that asking 43.5 million people to keep a secret would be a little tough to do. Somebody among you in this audience spoke to Don Lemon at CNN.

LEMON: Listen to what Rush Limbaugh, you remember, the president gave him the Medal of Freedom. Listen to what he has to say about Dr. Fauci saying the quiet part out loud.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Let me tell you how you deal with Fauci. You praise him to the hilt, exactly like Trump is doing. You praise him to the hilt. You talk about how brilliant he is, and you say that we’re so lucky to have Fauci.

“Oh, my God. Tony, you should run for office,” and then privately you ignore every damn thing he says and implement your own policy. That’s the only way you can do it. Now, don’t repeat that, ’cause then the policy, the secret would be let out of the bag.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: But that’s how you deal with these people.

CALLER: Well, will President Trump do that?

RUSH: I think he already is.

LEMON: Hmm. Get the Medal of Freedom for that, huh?

RUSH: Don Lemon: Get the Medal of Freedom for that? Well, people were asking. We were overwhelmed with questions.

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