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RUSH: The TV show Pennyworth? You talked about it. This is how the butler to Batman…? (interruption) I tried, man. I tried. I couldn’t get past the third episode of this thing. I don’t know why. Why did you think I would love that series? (interruption) It bored the hell out of me!

I stuck with it hoping that the episodes, there would be something in this to keep me there. I just… It failed to connect with me. Pennyworth. That’s the name of Batman’s butler, Bruce Wayne’s butler, and it’s how he got started before he became — how he became — the butler. No, I think I got through two episodes, maybe three. I mean, I still got it. I mean, I can still pick it up.

(interruption) No. Well, you can’t compare this to Tiger Case or whatever. Tiger what? Tiger King. You can’t… (interruption) You’re not comparing this to Tiger King? Oh, there’s no comparison. Don’t… Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. No, Tiger King I couldn’t even get through the first episode. Tiger King is the kind of show that makes me think the country’s doomed.

Tiger King is the kind of show that makes me think I’ve been wasting my time here for 30 years. Tiger King… (interruption) Tiger King is the kind of show that makes me think that none of what happens here or on Fox or anywhere else matters because the country is a bunch of absolute, dumb — better watch it — nothing-to-write-home-about country, and the fact that it now is the most watched or was for a while on Netflix…

(interruption) In history. All right. Well, anyway… Actually, I did not act on my fears. I mean, I continue to have great hope and faith in the country. I’m just saying this stuff to be funny. But that show… That… Tiger King is the kind of show that can’t possibly be happening in our country. That’s gotta be happening somewhere else.

And you find out, no, it’s happening not only in the country, it’s happening right up the road here in Florida! Jeez. (laughing)

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