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RUSH: Businesses large and small in many parts of America are still on lockdown due to the virus. The unemployment rate is horrific. In some states, Democrat governors appear to be doing everything they can to make the shutdown last as long as possible, while at the same time begging for a federal bailout to fix their budgets — even though their states have been mismanaged for decades.

Now, four Democrat Senators — including Amy Klobuchar and Fauxcahontas — are trying to use the economic shutdown as an excuse to stick it to business.

The Democrat senators wrote a letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin. The senators want Powell and Mnuchin to use their “broad authority and discretion” to stop big companies that got bailout money from engaging in mergers and acquisitions. They claim that this anti-business, anti-capitalist maneuver — mergers — is gonna help the “little guy.” (Snort!)

Given the long lockdown, a whole lot of businesses are in deep doo-doo, and the only way some of them may be able to stay afloat is to merge with another company. The last thing American business owners need right now is a bunch of Democrats who don’t know the first thing about meeting a payroll telling them what they can and can’t do as they try to survive.

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