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May 14, 2020

  • National Review: The Politicized Order Inviting Amicus Briefs against the Flynn Case’s Dismissal – Andrew McCarthy
  • GatewayPundit: Judge Sullivan Appoints Retired Judge to Argue Against Government’s Motion to Dismiss Case Against Flynn – Wants to Hold Flynn in Contempt!
  • Daily Wire: Biden Requested Unmasking Flynn On Same Day That Flynn’s Name Was Released By Media, According To Declassified Docs
  • HotAir: Clapper: Unmasking Was So Routine To Me That I Don’t Recall Doing It To An Incoming National Security Adviser, Or Something
  • Breitbart: 5 Unanswered Questions About the Michael Flynn ‘Unmasking List’
  • FOXBusiness: Jobs Lost During Coronavirus Will Return As US Economy Reopens: Mnuchin
  • New York Post: Coronavirus Could Take Up To 5 Years To Get Under Control, WHO Chief Scientist Warns
  • The Hill: Klobuchar, Rubio Ask CDC To Investigate Reports Pf Coronavirus Causing Strokes In Younger Patients
  • National Review: What Eight Weeks of Lockdowns Have Bought Us
  • Politico: Widening Rift On Mergers During Pandemic Divides Democrats and Republicans
  • PJ Media: 36,000,000: America’s Disastrous COVID Unemployment Crisis Deepens
  • Federalist: Democrats’ New $3 Trillion Coronavirus Spending Wishlist Is Another Embarassing Farce
  • Daily Caller: ‘I Don’t Have Proof’: Whitmer Balks When Challenged By Reporter About Claim That Protests Are Spreading Coronavirus
  • Breitbart: Four Health Experts on Relationship with Trump: Not ‘Confrontational,’ President ‘Respects’ Our Scientific Opinions
  • NewsBusters: CNN Spent Nearly Two Years Lapping Up Schiff’s Collusion Lies
  • USAToday: Sen. Richard Burr Steps Down As Chairman Of Intelligence Committee As FBI Seizes Phone In Investigation
  • 9to5Mac: FBI Obtained Data From Senator Richard Burr’s iCloud Account Via Apple Warrant
  • LA Times: FBI Serves Warrant On Senator In Investigation Of Stock Sales Linked To Coronavirus
  • PJ Media: Richard Grenell Is the Superhero America Needs Right Now
  • Seattle Times: Washington Has 1,371 People Trained And Ready To Begin Tracking Down The Coronavirus
  • MyNorthwest.com: Washington’s Contact Tracing Team Will Be Ready By Friday
  • NPR: ‘Here We Are’: What Would Philip Roth Have Made Of All This?
  • Daily Wire: Whistleblower Rick Bright Testifies To Anna Eshoo’s Committee. A Company In Her District Got $110 Million From Agency He Ran
  • Washington Examiner: Surprise Blowout Victories Cheer Trump, No Impact From Virus, 2018 Hangover

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