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RUSH: Now, there’s an interesting statistic coming out of Georgia today. It’s a tweet of a chart by Erick Erickson. And I’m not gonna put the chart on the Dittocam. It’s impossible to read this thing. It’d be too small on the screen, and I can describe the chart better than what the chart shows.

Georgia’s one of the states that’s opened up. Georgia opened up early. There was incredible pressure on Governor Kemp not to do it, to change his mind. He stuck to his guns and opened up. New daily cases in Georgia are going down even as the testing increases. That, folks, is phenomenal. It should be the exact opposite. The more you test, the greater the number of people you will find who have the virus. Not all of them are feeling the symptoms. Many of them asymptomatic.

But remember when the whole subject of testing came up everybody says there’s a phenomenon that you’re gonna have to adapt to. As we start testing the number of cases is going to skyrocket. The only way we know how many people have the virus now is if they show up at the hospital. But we start randomly testing people outside the hospital when they’re not suffering any symptoms, we’re gonna find a lot more people have become infected.

Now, as that happens the mortality rate plunges because the number of deaths are what they are. There’s no test for death. There’s actual death and not death, and if people die and if they attribute the death to the COVID virus, that’s a static number. It changes every day as they change the count, but it’s still a static number. It does not change with testing. So as more people are found to be infected, the mortality rate plunges because the denominator stays the same and the numerator skyrockets. So you have an ever bigger universe of people who have the disease to compare against the number of people who are dying from it.

Now, what’s remarkable about what’s happened here in Georgia is that as they ramp up testing, the number of cases in Georgia is going down. Now, you would think that this would be huge news. You remember how the increase in tests was supposed to reveal an increase in cases that otherwise would have been missed. In other words, the reason for testing is to find out the people that have got this disease that we don’t know have it.

And we gotta test and we gotta find out so we can keep people safe. We gotta find out if you have it, for example, so we can limit your contact with people. We have to find out if you have it so we can keep people from having contact with you. We gotta test, we get test, we can’t open up ’til we test. We need more tests and we now have more tests than anybody in the world. They complain and gripe to Trump for pointing out that.

The number of new daily cases in Georgia is flat. It’s infinitesimally small compared to the number of people who are being testing. This goes against everything we’ve been told about how this is gonna work. And all it does, aside from conveying really fascinating good news, is to tell us once again that there isn’t a singular foremost authority on this who, more than anybody else, knows what they’re talking about. Because I’m telling you, folks, as you start testing, it should be axiomatic the number of reported infections should be skyrocketing. And it isn’t in the state of Georgia, a state which has opened up.


RUSH: Here is Brian in Athens, Georgia, we head back to the phones. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, big thrill to talk to you. You speak about the curve, and I was told to tell you that I have a science background. When we were told about mitigation, the authorities never said, “If we mitigate, less people get the virus.” They never said that. They said we will not… They didn’t say we were gonna have a smaller curve. They said we are going to “flatten the curve.” If you flatten the curve, you’re changing the shape of it and the peak gets smaller. But the wave gets longer, at least twice as long, and the peak’s longer and the wave is longer.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But the area under the curve doesn’t change, so that means the same amount of people get the virus one way or the other. They just get it in a very short period of time, if you don’t mitigate — and if you do mitigate, the same number of people get it, but it’s over a much longer period of time. The waves last longer with mitigation.

RUSH: Right. All of that is true. So the question then becomes, “Well, then what was the point of flattening the curve?” and the reason to flatten the curve was to make sure the hospitals were not overrun, to make sure that we kept the number of people being infected and suffering the ravages of the disease spread out rather than happening in a concentrated period of time so as to make sure our hospitals and ICU units were able to handle it.

That’s why in New York, Trump sent the Navy ship up there to the harbor. And that’s why “the corpse,” as Obama pronounces it — the Corpse of Engineers — built a field hospital in Central Park, and that’s why they turned the Jacob Javits Convention Center into a hospital is because they thought they’re gonna be overrun. Now, the problem here is that there was a lot of deception involved, and a lot of people who were advocating flattening the curve — mitigation — said, “You stay home!

“You don’t go out. You keep six feet of distance between you and everybody.” Many people thought that was a way of stopping the virus. Many people went along with it because they thought, because they were deceived and misled that this is how we’re gonna stop the virus. And flattening the curve was never gonna stop the virus.

As Brian said, all it was gonna do was extend the time over which people got the virus. As a means of illustration, let’s say you hear them say, “You gotta stay home and you can’t go out. You gotta keep six feet of distance. You do this and you won’t get the virus.” So you do it. You don’t get the virus.

But some day’s gonna come, you’re gonna leave. You can leave the house or you’re gonna go out or whatever, and the virus is still gonna be out there until there’s a vaccine. So you can shelter for six months. It doesn’t mean you’re not gonna get the virus, unless you stay sheltered and do not come in contact with anybody who has it — and that’s not reasonable to expect, anyway. But there was a lot of deceit.

They were honest about it, too, but there was a lot of deceit here. They had a lot of people who wanted this shut down. Folks, how many people do you think when this shutdown began thought that it was gonna be a multiple-, three- or four-month thing? I’ll bet you that not… I’ll bet it wasn’t a majority. I’ll bet a majority thought it was temporary, two or three weeks.

Get a handle on this thing, slow it down, come up with ways of deal with it, and we open back up. I’ll guaran-damn-tee you that when this thing was shut down, they did not think it’s gonna be shut down to September. Maybe some did. I mean, there’s all kinds out there. But I think there was… There’s always been so much — a little, a little — deception in parts, ’cause they need…

If there’s a government policy that we’re gonna shutdown and that you’re gonna mitigate, and that you gotta stay home — and you don’t go out and you don’t get within six feet of other people — they’ve gotta find a way to make that happen, short of sending the cops out, knocking on every door. The way to do that is to scare the heck out of you and to mislead you, mislead you into thinking that kind of behavior — following the wishes of the authorities — will provide the fastest cure and the fastest route to the solution.

So they had to find a way to make people compliant with their desire to flatten the curve. It turns out, it wasn’t even necessary. The hospitals weren’t overrun. Even in New York, they didn’t use the external hospital beds that were built. They didn’t use the hospital ship that the Navy sent in there, that Trump sent in there. They didn’t use the Central Park beds. They didn’t use the Jacob Javits Center that was converted to beds.

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