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RUSH: Bill in McHenry, Illinois. You’re next. I’m glad you waited, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush, and 43 million dittos for you, sir, with prayers and thoughts always.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very, very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: You bet. Just a thought that I asked Bo about. With Attorney General Barr and Mr. Durham still hovering over the target, we’re getting more transparency in government with documents being declassified and all that. Can we sit here and predict which one of these rats is going to turn state’s evidence or start squealing on the others to save their own hides? Is there someone we can pick out of these smarmy individuals that might walk the plank?

RUSH: I have been asking a variation of that question for a long time, such as which of these people will ultimately decide they don’t want to go to jail for James Comey? But, you know, as time goes on here… (sigh) Here we go optimism/pessimism. I really… When I answer this question honestly, it makes people mad and they start calling me and dumping on me like I’m responsible for it.

This subject came up. My friend Andy McCarthy was on Fox and was asked what kind of accountability there’s gonna be for all of these people, and he said he thinks not much, that there already has been, a lot of them have lost their jobs, a lot of them have been publicly humiliated. But he’s not of the opinion that there are going to be actual trials of people. I hope he’s wrong. He’s making the statement based on experience as a federal prosecutor.


RUSH: You know, as to this business of flipping, you know, traditionally that doesn’t happen. Traditionally, leftists do not flip on each other. In fact, can anybody name for me the tell-all book from the Clinton administration? There was none. Can anybody identify for me the tell-all book from the Obama administration? There isn’t one.

They just don’t do it.

They don’t break ranks.

Now, I do recall having seen in terms of the Durham investigation that one of the deputy directors in the FBI, a guy named James Baker, had flipped and was turning state’s evidence, whatever the phrase is. (sigh) I’m like you, folks. I think these people need to have armed, jackbooted thugs showing up at their homes at six in the morning with Fox News cameras in position 30 minutes beforehand.

I think that the jackbooted thugs need to barge in the front door without warning, not ringing the doorbell. Don’t give anybody a chance. Just give them the Paul Manafort and Roger Stone treatment and drag them out of there at 6 o’clock in the morning in their pajamas, because whatever Manafort did and whatever Roger Stone did is nothing compared to what these people have done.

I mean, it’s almost incomprehensible the degree to which these people engaged in sedition. This was a coup. It was a nonmilitary coup. It was an effort to thwart a duly constituted election, a fair election. It was an effort to reverse the outcome. And it consisted of a series of crimes piled on top of each other, fueled by lies.

It was an attempt to actually create crimes, to trap people into committing crimes where none had occurred. One of the FBI’s informants was a guy named Stefan Halper, and he’s a former professor at Cambridge in the U.K., and he’s best buddies with one of these erudite, sophisticated elitists that ran MI5 in the U.K. He tried to get hired by the Trump foreign policy team during the campaign.

Thankfully, he was rejected.

The sole reason that he wanted to get hired was to collude with Russians. Stefan Halper hoped to be part of the Trump foreign policy advisory team, and I guarantee you if that has happened, he’d have been on the phone with people he knows in Russia, and those phone calls would have been wiretapped in cooperation with the FBI, and he would have been talking to Russians about Hillary’s emails, whatever it took.

It’s amazing that didn’t happen. Because this is the kind of thing they were trying with any number of people, not just Stefan Halper. They were trying to get people hired. When they couldn’t do that, they tried to get people like George Papadopoulos to do those kinds of things while they were observing and surveilling — and that bombed out.

We don’t know how close we came!

On that front, let me ask you to stop and consider something, keeping in mind at all times there was never any evidence of anything. There was never any collusion with Russia by Donald Trump or anybody on his team. In fact, I think Donald Trump is the cleanest, most investigated person in Washington in history. They’ve looked at him any number of ways for four years. They haven’t found a single thing.

But stop and think of this, folks. We got three years of lies, innuendo, never-ending leaks multiple times a day, every day in the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN. We got Mueller out there with 15 Trump-hating Hillary donors and lawyers doing the investigating. All it would have taken is for Robert Mueller to conclude that there had been collusion.

Why didn’t he? Do you realize how close? Because if that had happened, if the Mueller report had concluded that there had been collusion that Trump — and let’s go further, because collusion itself is not a crime. Let’s say that Mueller reported that Trump did indeed work with Russia to sabotage the Clinton campaign. I’ve asked myself since the moment the Mueller report came out, “Why didn’t they?”

Had they done that, it wouldn’t have mattered whether it was made up or not, because everybody by then already believed Trump had done it. Remember, that had been the news every day for two years. Everybody in this country thought Trump did it. Well, not everybody. But the people — you know, Democrat voters, some fence sitters — that pay attention to the mainstream media. You couldn’t blame ’em if they believed it.

They were hit with it every day, multiple times a day. Anonymous sources from the highest ranking intelligence departments. Then you’ve got Brennan and Clapper on TV every day — director national intelligence, former CIA guy — assuring everybody that Trump did it. “It’s just a matter of time before the investigation nails it all down!”

So if Mueller had reported that Trump engaged with Russia to sabotage Hillary, the vast majority of people would have believed it. I don’t think people realize even now how close we came. And had that happened, I shudder to think what would have happened next. But it’s almost as big a deal that he didn’t report that because everybody thought Trump did it. They had convinced everybody that pays attention to mainstream media that Trump did it, that there had been all this collusion.

And so in the aftermath of that, the media doesn’t seem angry at any of the sources who assured them that proof Trump had colluded and sabotaged Hillary, is working with the Russians, was a Russian asset, was a traitor. They were assuring everybody every day. The media doesn’t seem upset at their sources. The media all got Pulitzer Prizes for reporting an absolute literal crock of crap. They have made no effort to return the Pulitzers. They haven’t told their viewers and readers that they’re ashamed. They haven’t apologized for getting this story so dramatically wrong.

And the reason for that is is that it wasn’t a story. They didn’t get it wrong. It was an attempt. It was a coup that didn’t work. And everybody was in on it — the anonymous sources, the former high-ranking government officials of the intelligence community, they’re all in on it — Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok-Stroke-Smirk-Page, McCabe, they’re all in on it. It’s amazing to me these people weren’t able to bring it off.

“But, Rush, it didn’t happen. How could they?” Well, none of it happened, but yet look at the three years. It’s still ongoing. You got Democrat after Democrat on television every day, every night still saying the Russians meddled in the 2016 election, they hacked the DNC server, we gotta be really on our guard for the election in 2020. I think it’s one of the most amazing things that Mueller and his investigators did not pull the trigger and go ahead and claim they have had evidence that Trump had indeed worked with Russia to sabotage Hillary.


RUSH: Let’s see. (interruption) Well, you know, that’s true. One of the reasons that Mueller could not conclude that Trump had colluded is that all of these guys are testifying under oath that they never saw any evidence of it. So they shot themselves in the foot. But when you’re under oath, you’re under oath.

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