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Guest Host Mark Steyn

May 18, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • SteynOnline: The Permanent Emergency – Mark Steyn
  • Breitbart: Donald Trump Responds to ‘Incompetent’ Barack Obama After Political Commencement Speech
  • Breitbart: Barack Obama to 2020 Graduates: ‘The Old Ways of Doing Things Just Don’t Work’
  • FOXNews: Obama knocks ‘folks in charge’ while discussing COVID-19 in commencement speech
  • National Review: Unmasking? The Real Story Is When Flynn Was Not Masked in the First Place – Andrew McCarthy
  • FOXBusiness: De Blasio floats fencing to keep New Yorkers off beaches
  • Daily Caller: Obama Officials Said On TV That Trump Colluded With Russia — They Said Otherwise Under Oath
  • JustTheNews: Tables turned on Mueller prosecutors: Ten actions ripe for scrutiny
  • Washington Examiner: California town declares itself ‘sanctuary city’ for businesses, opens up in defiance of stay-at-home order
  • Daily Wire: Fox News Meteorologist Unloads On Cuomo Following Mother And Father-In-Law Deaths At Nursing Homes
  • Reuters: So far, no spike in coronavirus in places reopening, U.S. health secretary says
  • National Review: Obamagate Is Not a Conspiracy Theory
  • Federalist: Media Must Report Truth Of Anti-Trump Spy Operation Before It’s Too Late For Them
  • Daily Wire: Top White House Official Says Stay-At-Home Measures Could Kill More People ‘Indirectly’ Than Coronavirus
  • AP: Europe reopens widely; China gives $2 billion to virus fight
  • Reuters: What did eight weeks and $3 trillion buy the U.S. in the fight against coronavirus?
  • Reuters: Trump administration ready for more coronavirus aid if needed: Hassett
  • The Hill: Critics say Trump, Congress fumbling economic response to COVID-19
  • Wall Street Journal: How Covid-19 Is Changing the Language in Emails
  • AP: China warns US of ‘all necessary measures’ over Huawei rules
  • AP: World stock markets rebound on economic recovery hopes
  • Reuters: Fast in, first out: Denmark leads lockdown exit
  • AP: Florida Keys will reopen to visitors June 1 amid pandemic
  • The Hill: Massachusetts state lawmaker threatened after calling for extended lockdown
  • The Hill: Illinois business owners could face fine, jail time for reopening in defiance of coronavirus restrictions
  • Politico: Democratic governors hit with flurry of legal challenges to coronavirus lockdowns
  • Politico: De Blasio, Newsom push back on Trump’s ‘bad management’ rhetoric
  • The Hill: Adding to Dr. Fauci’s diagnosis: The critical case for ending our shutdown
  • The Hill: Apple unveils blueprint to safely reopen stores
  • The Hill: Trump tears into ’60 Minutes’ after segment with whistleblower Bright
  • Politico: ‘Grossly incompetent’: Trump dismisses Obama over coronavirus criticism
  • Daily Caller: CNN Anchor Accuses GOP Senator Of Calling Russian Interference A ‘Hoax,’ But That’s Not What The Tape Shows
  • Undocumented anchorman Mark Steyn filled in for Rush. Check out Mark’s Stack of Stuff — and remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any broadcast via audio streaming or as a podcast.
  • AP: 2016 repeat? Trump revives Clinton playbook to battle Biden
  • Reuters: Trump admin slaps solar, wind operators with retroactive rent bills
  • BizPacReview: AOC’s seven-year-old tax bill from failed business got bigger and she may be on the hook
  • BizPacReview: Washington governor retracts order that restaurants keep log of customers. Here’s what he’s doing now
  • New York Post: The sun has entered a ‘lockdown’ period, which could cause freezing weather, famine
  • Daily Wire: Fired State Department IG Was Investigating Pompeo For Allegedly Having Staffer Walk His Dog. Pompeo Trolls Media.
  • CNSNews: Unemployment Rate 14.7%, Could Hit 25%, Great Depression Era Numbers
  • UKDM: Why can’t we treat the NHS’s forgotten patients? Thousands of operations are cancelled and heart, stroke and cancer victims miss vital treatment despite empty hospitals (and dancing nurses who find time to make viral videos)
  • Breitbart: Obama Had No State Department Inspector General for More than Four Years
  • Daily Wire: Pompeo Proven Right: China Admits That It Intentionally Destroyed Coronavirus Lab Samples
  • New York Post: For our health and economic survival, we need to get outside
  • GatewayPundit: “USA! USA! USA!” – Crowd in Front of New Jersey Gym Roars After Police Refuse to Enforce Gov Murphy’s Lockdown Order
  • New York Post: Obama’s ‘neck-deep’ in scandal and other commentary
  • New York Post: The smart way for post-coronavirus pandemic NYC to save money: Stop recycling
  • New York Post: Dr. Anthony Fauci admits his limits and other commentary
  • PJ Media: Brooklyn Park Paints Circles on Grass to Force Public Into Social Distancing
  • GatewayPundit: California Governor Newsom Announces $125 Million in Assistance to Illegal Aliens – Then Wants US Taxpayers to Bail the State Out
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