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RUSH: Jupiter, Florida. David, you’re next. I’m looking for a story I have that documents your points you’re gonna make here, but go ahead, sir.

CALLER: Yes. Hello, Rush. I received a phone call from friends this morning in Wuhan, China, stating that the city was locked down again for a supposed second wave of the Wuhan virus, and it’s my thought that this Chinese government would certainly sacrifice or plant this idea — or sacrifice Wuhan — if it would keep the American economy shut down now that we’re starting to reopen. And I’m sure that their Democratic partners would cooperate to the fullest in this effort.

RUSH: Yeah. I saw the story, but it wasn’t about Wuhan. I saw there is a story. I’m still looking for it here, and —

CALLER: Well, my friends are in Wuhan, and they said they were shut down.

RUSH: Here it is. “China Seeing Second Wave of Wuhan Coronavirus — More than 100 million forced into another lockdown.” It’s in a different city.

CALLER: I understand that. I researched that also. But my friends are in Wuhan, and they said they were locked down today.

RUSH: Today? All right.

CALLER: That’s exactly right. For a second wave.

RUSH: Well, like you, I think it’s being done. I don’t trust the ChiComs for as far as I could throw one, and I think that this is an encouragement, if you will, to the American media. Let them know about the lockdown, give them another reason to demand the extension of the American lockdown.

If there’s a second wave happening in Wuhan, if there’s a second wave happening of the Wuhan coronavirus in the Jilin province… It’s a new province now, in the story I have, 1,300 miles north of Wuhan where this second wave has broken out. And what I find fascinating about this is everybody has been asking, “How the hell did this virus not make its way to Shanghai?

“How the hell did this virus not make its way to Beijing?” Well, guess what? It looks like a second wave has found its way 1,300 miles closer to Beijing in a province 100 miles Northeast of the Hubei province, which is where Wuhan is. So, if the news can get out there second, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We shouldn’t be reopening!”

I think it’s a dangling carrot to the American media. I agree with you totally. I wouldn’t put it past the ChiComs to feed the American media a story that would allow them to advocate for keeping the current lockdown in place and penalizing the states that have opened, and then arguing for the continuation of this lockdown.

Now, this, by the way — this new breakout, if you will — is 34 new cases and one death in this new province, in Jilin province. Thirty-four cases and one death and they’re shutting down a city of 100 million? Not a city, but a region, a province of 100 million people?

The ChiComs are doing this? Thirty-four new cases, one death, and China’s calling this a second wave. Folks, I will guarantee you this is the ChiCom government playing the American media. I agree with you, David. Thanks.

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