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RUSH: These lockdowns are designed to damage the economy in these massive blue states so that Trump can be blamed for it.

Trump is gonna… Let me… Can I get real cynical for you? Try this. The more people who die, the more energy the Democrats have to blame Trump for it. Why do you think these models are showing increased projection of death along with the increased projection of cases? Because to these people, more death equals more blame on Donald Trump. This is the campaign strategy in toto of the Democrat Party.

They can’t find any other way to beat Trump. They haven’t been able to impeach him. They haven’t been able to find anything criminal during investigations. They haven’t been able to do diddly-squat. So what they’re doing now is trying to take advantage of something that’s fallen into their lap. The coronavirus gives them an extraordinary opportunity to inflict and maintain the infliction of great damage on the economy.

It’s an age-old political truth that back-pocket issues determine winners and losers of elections, and they are hell-bent here on this economy being seen as continually thwarted, locked down, slowed down, more people out of work, employment rate raising, people on welfare rising.

Even if deaths go up, it’s good for them. They get to blame Trump for it! If you doubt me, grab audio sound bite number 6. Everybody knows that Andrew Cuomo shunted off seasoned citizens to nursing homes where they died. Everybody knows it! Everybody knows it was a classic mistake, and here is his explanation yesterday in Albany for it…

CUOMO: Anyone who wants to ask, “Why did the state, uh, do that with COVID patients in nursing homes?” it’s because the state followed President Trump’s CDC guidance. So they should ask President Trump.

RUSH: You see? It’s Trump’s fault that so many patients died in nursing homes in New York that Andrew Cuomo sent them to. It’s Trump’s fault. He was following Trump’s CDC guidelines. So now what do we have? We have a Democrat governor dumping all over the CDC? The protected home of medical expertise — the CDC — gets dumped on?

So when I tell you that the more people that die, the more they blame Trump, you can get mad at me all you want, but it happens to be the strategy. It happens to be the plan. Because the number of deaths… Just like the economy and its numbers: The more deaths go up and the more the economy goes down, the Democrats perceive it to be better for them.

On the one hand, they get to grow government, seize more power, demand bailouts, cripple the abilities of individuals to stand up against them. And DeSantis, no matter how good he does, it’s the exact opposite. But if you’re in Florida, imagine how bad it would be if Andrew Gillum had been elected governor. So it’s a long way of saying, “Don’t think that these lockdowns are about anything but the economy and having you blame Donald Trump for it.”

These people want to prolong this in these blue states, because they’re powerful. New York, California, Illinois, Michigan are massively urban, massively populated, and the economic activity in those areas can have quite a balancing factor against the rest of the country. Things could be cooking in Florida, could be cooking in Missouri, could be cooking in South Dakota — and the bad news out of New York and Illinois could dwarf the good news elsewhere.

This is what they want. They want the bad news. They want bad economic news because nothing else has worked in getting rid of Trump.


RUSH: We’ll go to Kokomo, Indiana, and Ron. Thank you. You’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you. Mega dittos and mega prayers.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: With all the individual liberties being trampled on by these blue state governors, you know, being arrested for trying to go to work or go to church —

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: — do you think there will be a red wave similar to the Tea Party, or even greater, that happened in 2010 with the Tea Party?

RUSH: Remains to be seen. I don’t know Tea Party per se, you’re talking about numbers and ideological frame of mind. I think in these blue states you’re already seeing revolts and they’ve been going for a while, and the people revolting are not just Republicans. You know, a lot of people in these blue states are Democrats. And these governors obviously are taking marching orders because they’re doing great damage and harm to their own states and their own reputations in service of some larger goal. It’s so hard to predict things like this, whether there’s gonna be some kind of an uprising.

All I’ll tell you is my instinct right now that, you know, I’m not a conformist and I’m not ever part of conventional wisdom. And I think if the election were tomorrow I think this would be one of the biggest landslide defeats the Democrat Party has ever experienced. The Democrat Party owns the misery here. They’re promoting it. They’re trying to lay it off on Donald Trump. And their media minions are trying to lay it off on Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the only guy in American politics, well, I can’t say he’s the only guy, but he’s the only leader that’s showing any optimism at all. The Democrats are just nothing but doom and gloom pessimists. And for what reason? They think that’s how they have to relate to their voters. Pessimism, we’ve talked about it. It’s something every American is an expert at. It doesn’t take any effort to be a pessimist. It doesn’t take any education to be a pessimist. Nobody needs to teach you how. But being optimistic and positive is an applied effort.

Now, some people naturally are. They are rare. Donald Trump is one of those people who is. And as he talks about the future and the economy rebounding and the country resuming its great posture and so forth, I think that’s infectious. I think it works. And as the states open up and cases go down, the actual evidence on the ground is the Democrats continue to be wrong about everything.


RUSH: Robert in Banning, California. Hello, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thanks for taking the call. I’m calling to find out why nobody’s talking about the growing number of disaffected Democrats, not the Tulsi and Bernie people that got burned and who are not gonna go with the establishment. Why is nobody talking about Democrats who are being hurt by their own governor in California, right here in California?

I’m registered as Democrat, I’m independent, but I have Democrat friends who have careers and they have kids to feed, cars to pay for, homes and mortgages. They like to go out and play, watch a baseball game, too, just like everybody else. All Democrats are not dependent and they’re certainly not stupid. The governor (crosstalk).

RUSH: Are you…? Wait, wait. How do you know this? Are you a Democrat?

CALLER: I’m registered as a Democrat. I’m an independent. I don’t belong to either party, you know (crosstalk).

RUSH: ‘Cause I don’t see a whole lot of what you’re talking about happening out there.


RUSH: I see a bunch of compliant toads going right along with it.

CALLER: They’re complaining. They’re delighted to see Trump get hurt. That’s fine. Trump get hurt or Republicans suffer. But they have careers and jobs and houses to pay for and, you know, this is hurting them. And this is not making… I think that had a lot also to do with that recent mail-in election here.
RUSH: Well, I agree. It ought to be hurt —

CALLER: (unintelligible) Democrats just throw their ballot in the trash rather than go and support this. We’re not — (crosstalk)

RUSH: Well, but I’m telling you, there isn’t any protest of the kind that you’re talking about. These people seem to be swallowing it, accepting it without too much trouble.

CALLER: (unintelligible) Hollywood.

RUSH: They’re not worrying about their mortgages. They’re being paid more not to work than they are to work.

CALLER: (unintelligible) people who aren’t doing well in the first place, but particularly in places like California. A lot of Democrats who have careers (crosstalk).

RUSH: Let me tell you something. If Democrats were gonna bitch and whine and moan about their party, they’d have been doing it years and years before now. Democrats have been hurt by Democrats. Everybody’s been hurt and harmed by Democrat policies for years and years, and they’re not bitching and moaning about it then, and they’re not bitching and moaning about it in very large numbers now.

That’s why you’re not seeing it.

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