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RUSH: George in Londonderry, New Hampshire. George, glad you called, and welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you. I wanted to juxtapose President Trump and Vice President Biden over the past few weeks and this weekend’s Memorial Day service. President Trump stood up there; projected leadership, whereas former Vice President Biden showed up almost as if he was in mourning.

Memorial Day is certainly a solemn holiday, but it’s one of remembrance and honoring. It’s not like a funeral. But he was dressed like a funeral. And I think the other thing I would look at is the way they’ve reacted over the past few months. Vice President Biden has said he has to stay home because the governor of Delaware is telling him to, whereas President Trump is again projecting leadership.

He goes to Michigan. He goes to the Ford plant and infamously — or famously — doesn’t wear a mask in front of the reporters. I think all this points to why everyone wants to keep Biden in hiding, because he’s not going to be able to win if this COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown completely opens up. (crosstalk)

RUSH: Well, that’s exactly right. That is the point. Biden is using his governor’s edict as an excuse. Biden doesn’t want to leave home. Biden doesn’t want to venture out. He has no desire whatsoever to leave. He knows and everybody around him knows that Joe’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floors anymore. I mean, even the Breakfast Club guy that interviewed Plugs last week asked him that question.

He said (paraphrased), “I don’t think all the gears are turning in your head,” or whatever. Brian, do the switch. This is Plugs yesterday celebrating Memorial Day. Now, this is what the caller means by Plugs dressing up like it’s a funeral on Memorial Day, which is not a funereal day. Memorial Day is a day of pomp and circumstance, great celebration.

But here he is wearing the mask because the mask — and I know you know this. The mask has become a required symbol on the left to promote fear, to promote indecision, to promote the notion that we’re nowhere near out of this, and they’re demanding that everybody wear masks, and they haven’t been able to get Trump in a mask and they’re going crazy, and this is why.

They want a picture. If you’re watching on the Dittocam, we got Plugs looking like an abject idiot wearing his solid black mask. This is what they want to be able to show everybody Trump doing, and Trump will not give them this. Does that look inspiring? Does that picture…? Does that convey any kind of leadership whatsoever? It does not. Joe Biden is… (sigh)

It’s gotta be tough, ’cause he knows he’s not up to it. He knows that he is not physically, mentally able to go through the rigors here, and I’m gonna tell you, this gaffe of his? “Hey, if you don’t vote for Biden, you ain’t black.” That’s gonna have deeper reverberations in the black community than anybody will lead you to know or believe. You will not… They’ll never talk about it.

They’ll talk about it as something, “Oh, Joe has apologized for that. Oh, Joe has… He’s walked that back. Oh, no, Joe straightened that out! (sputtering) Joe… Joe… He got that.” No, that is something, because what he ended up confirming is the Democrat Party sure as hell takes every black vote for granted. In fact, when they look at the African-American population and they don’t see people.

They see voters. They see people who, if they know what’s best for them, are gonna vote Democrat. It’s not even… They don’t even couch it in particularly liking these people — and it’s not just African-Americans. Same thing with certain aspects of other demographic groups like Hispanics and Latinos. But the idea here that you ain’t black? If you don’t vote for Biden, you ain’t black?

This is normally the kind of gaffe that an accredited, approved liberal — and in fact, the vice president for Obama — would have been given an immediate pass on, and the way they would have given him the immediate pass is to call out his elevator-not-going-to-the-top-floor condition, whatever they call it, whatever they would refer to it as. But they didn’t even stop there.

They hammered him on this like he had no excuse for making the remark. Normally, they’re covering for this guy. Every gaffe he makes, they cover for him. They come up with some reasonable explanation. With this, they didn’t even try, because they know how devastating it was, and they sent him out there and they made him do the mea culpa, because the idea that Democrats take the black vote for granted is a big deal now and has been for a while in the African-American community.


RUSH: This is Connie in Cleveland. It’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you doing?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: It’s my first time calling. Y’know, I appreciate the fact that everybody brought up — and I agreed with them — that Biden, y’know, made the statement about, y’know, if you don’t kind of vote for me, you’re not black, y’now?

RUSH: Yeah, y’know, I get that. I got that. Y’know, I did. Yeah. Yeah.

CALLER: Y’know, if you have to make… After that he said I gave you 25 years of civil rights. Who is he? A slave owner?

RUSH: Biden said he gave ’em 25 years of civil rights?

CALLER: Right after he said that about you’re not black —

RUSH: Yeah, well, y’know what? Y’know, y’know, y’know, y’know, Biden also gave them the crime bill that put millions of ’em back in jail, y’know?


RUSH: What are you gonna do?

CALLER: He was telling gentleman not to hang up on him and not to leave him because he gave him 25 years of civil rights, and I’m thinking, “Okay, you don’t look like Abraham Lincoln. I don’t think you’re quite that old,” y’know? (chuckling) He gave it to him? What’s he gonna do, take it back in another 10 years or something?

RUSH: See, this is the thing. The point of this is that if you look at what’s behind a statement like that is the attitude. Biden looks at these people, he looks at that host Charlamagne tha God… I’m flat-out amazed that Biden didn’t ask this guy who made him a god. I’m flat-out amazed that Biden didn’t ask, “Charlamagne, what do you mean? God? Who made you God?”

But the idea that Biden would say, “I gave you 25 years of civil rights,” that tells you everything you need to know about not just Biden, the Democrat Party’s view of black people. They need to damn well be appreciative. They need to appreciate what the Democrats are doing for ’em. There’s no back-and-forth. This is a one-way street: Blacks vote for Democrats or else. But here’s the thing.

You know, I have been making this point for I don’t know how long. The Democrat Party has been promising African-Americans — I say 50 years; it’s actually my whole life — to fix all this racism, all the pay disparity, all the discrimination, all the racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia. They’ve been promising to fix this stuff, and largely they’ve been making that promise not by telling African-Americans their lives are gonna get any better.

No. The Democrats are gonna punish the racists and the sexists and the bigots. How? By raising their taxes or doing whatever — and it’s amazed me. I know that the civil rights leadership is all-in because the Democrats gave them a position at the table, which meant that the civil rights leadership — this would be the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton. These people get dibs on money — and it’s always about the money.

As long as they’re covered, as long as they get paid then the Democrats are fine. And as long as Sharpton and Jackson deliver black turnout every four years, then Sharpton and Jackson continue to get a seat at the Democrat Party power table. But it isn’t about improving the lives of African-Americans. If it were, there would be some in 50 years.

But have you noticed, if you pay attention, every African-American complaint is identical to what it’s been the past 50 years? Jim Crow here, discrimination there, racism over there, sexism over here, unfair percentages of blacks in prison over here. I mean, it never changes, and if I were African-American… Forget being in the civil rights leadership.

If I were African-American, I’d be asking, “What the hell are these people actually doing for me? You know, I’ve got jobs where my dues are taken from me and that money goes to the Democrat Party. I have to donate even when I don’t want to. What am I getting out of it?” and believe me, I don’t look at politics as what I’m getting out of it, but they do.

People that vote Democrat do. People that vote Democrat sure as heck looking at, “What am I getting out of this? What’s in it for me?” and they’re not getting diddly-squat. They’re getting attitude! “If you don’t vote for Biden, you’re not even black.” Or this idea that “I gave you civil rights 25 years ago.” They’re supposed to be constantly appreciative, constantly demonstrating that appreciation.

They’re supposed to be in a never-ending attitude of deep appreciation, thankfulness. That’s what Biden expects. It’s what Obama expects. It’s what all of them expect — and, you know, Biden gave away the game with both those comments. Connie, thank you.

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