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RUSH: I want to go back to me last Thursday on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Can I get real cynical for you? Try this. The more people who die, the more energy the Democrats have to blame Trump for it. Why do you think these models are showing increased projection of death along with the increased projection of cases? Because to these people, more death equals more blame on Donald Trump. This is the campaign strategy in toto of the Democrat Party.

They can’t find any other way to beat Trump. … So when I tell you that the more people that die, the more they blame Trump, you can get mad at me all you want, but it happens to be the strategy. It happens to be the plan. Because the number of deaths… Just like the economy and its numbers: The more deaths go up and the more the economy goes down, the Democrats perceive it to be better for them.

RUSH: I know it’s a tough thing for a lot of people to get their arms around and believe. “No, Rush. Come on! The Democrats are not hoping for more deaths to hurt…” Yes, they are. It’s the plan. The Democrats want more illegal immigrants. The Democrats want more of an underclass. The Democrats want more of all kinds of things that are destructive to the country in order to do damage to the people who are succeeding — and Trump would be at the top of that list.

I want to give you an example of this if I can try to correlate. You know, with my last caller I pointed out most people don’t care about other people. Despite the motions they go through, I’m telling you, in real life most people are so self-focused, so self-absorbed, they don’t have time to worry about anybody else. Let me give you the evidence or an illustration. You know, one of my big deals is how so many people are in a prison they put themselves in ’cause they’re worried about what other people think.

They’re worried about what other people think of them, think of what they say, think of their jobs, think of how they look. Everybody — most everybody — is in a prison. If you can get out of that prison, I cannot tell you how much happier you will be if you could ever get to the point where you don’t care what anybody thinks about you. “But, Rush, we have to be concerned about our reputation.” Yeah, but don’t let them define it! You be in charge of your reputation, not them.

You cannot behave in a way to make everybody like you. You cannot behave in a way to make everybody think you’re great. You can’t behave in a way to make everybody accept you. You gotta be who you are. While everybody… This is the big irony. While everybody out there… If you’re one of these people obsessed with what other people think of you, what do you think of them? You must think they’re totally put together.

They have no hang-ups.

They have nothing wrong with them.

They’re out there solid, and you’re worried about what they think, when the truth is they’re not even thinking about you because they’re so self-absorbed in what you think about them. That is the great irony of being so obsessed with what people think about you. Most people are not thinking about you, because most people are indeed self-absorbed, self-conscious, what have you. Now, back to audio sound bites. I just got through saying last Thursday: More death, more cases equal more opportunity to blame Trump.

Here is a media montage from yesterday, last night, and this morning…

WOLF BLITZER: A grim milestone is approaching the coronavirus pandemic! Almost 100,000 Americans have now died…

FREDRICKA WHITFIELD: Closing in on a grim milestone, approaching 100,000!

JIM SCIUTTO: The president spent the weekend playing golf as the nation nears a very grim, a very sad milestone.

TOM LLAMAS: The nation stares down a grim milestone.

ROSEMARY CHURCH: …a grim, new milestone…

CRAIG MELVIN: … another grim milestone…

CHRIS JANSING: …a grim milestone…

PATRICE HARRIS: … certainly a grim milestone…

ALISYN CAMEROTA: …a grim milestone of 100,000 Americans dying.

MONICA ALBA: …the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths.

PAULA REID: The U.S. reaches the grim milestone of 100,000 COVID deaths, a marker the president once said he hoped the country would never see.

RUSH: Do you hear the — I don’t know — happiness? Do you hear the eagerness in their voices to report this? And do you hear the uniformity of phrase? “A grim milestone. A grim milestone!” The New York Times yesterday with its front page: Nothing but the names of people who have died. Do not doubt me on this. This is an effort to link Trump to the deaths. It is an effort to blame him for them, and they’re also setting the stage for what they hope will be a second wave, where they can then advocate for a new shutdown. That’s what they’re hoping happens.

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