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RUSH: Legal professor Jonathan Turley has an opinion piece at The Hill titled: “Why Joe Biden Can Do No Wrong.”

Professor Turley quotes Lisa Bloom , the famous feminist lawyer, who says she believes Tara Reade was raped by Joe Biden, but she’s voting for him anyway. Too bad, Tara.

Turley also quotes a recent column in the Nation, where Katha Pollitt declares she would “vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them.” Ms. Pollitt says progressives don’t have the luxury of sitting this election out to send messages about believing women or “to feel morally pure.”

Professor Turley calls out the Drive-By Media for picking “legal experts” simply because they’re anti-Trump, no matter how unhinged their arguments are. One of them even openly called for the judge in the Michael Flynn case to disregard the law, just to “make trouble” for President Trump.

Turley is amazed the left is willing “to forgive any sin in a holy crusade to retake Washington.”

Professor Turley. If you had been attending the Limbaugh Institute, none of this would surprise you. Of course they are willing to toss their “morality” aside. They don’t have any! Liberals have been totally consumed by their hatred of Trump since before he took office, and liberals will always be liberals first. Morality be damned — and they don’t care about women, except what they can get off of them or from them. Period.

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