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RUSH: Here’s Edward in Raleigh, North Carolina. Great to have you, sir. Glad you waited. Hello.

CALLER: Greetings from Trucker University. That’s a page from Zig Ziglar’s Automobile University. You’re an important part of my wife’s and I curriculum. She wants to say hey.



WIFE: (garbled cell) We’re gonna… (chuckling) I’m sorry. I’m kind of a little bit (unintelligible). We love you, and we’re always praying for you, and I’m (unintelligible) and you’re always (unintelligible) what I need to be —

CALLER: Want to get to our point. Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan is and should be “2020, Make America Great Again.” Do it again, Trump.

RUSH: I think it is.

WIFE: Do it again, Trump.

CALLER: Yeah. I’m extremely disappointed that Governor Cooper will allow President Trump to consider moving the Republican convention out of North Carolina. You know, this reinforces my thought that the Democrat national media does not win at ratings.

RUSH: Well, let me ask you a question. Why do you think the convention should stay in North Carolina? The guy won’t open the state. The guy is therefore participating in actions that are not designed to make Donald Trump look good. Why do you think the convention should remain? ‘Cause Trump is openly making noises about moving it either to Texas or some other place.

CALLER: It’s millions of dollars in revenue that will come here to North Carolina —

RUSH: Not if your governor doesn’t open the state!

CALLER: Well… Well…

RUSH: Not if your governor doesn’t allow it.

CALLER: Well, that’s why we have an NBA team. That’s why we have a national football team. It brings people here. And if he wants to shut out…

WIFE: (interrupting)

CALLER: And national hockey. So if he wants to, you know, put up a border… Say he wanted to close the border in North Carolina. Well, then, North Carolina residents such as myself are gonna miss out on the goodness of what comes from a national convention.

RUSH: Well, look, I understand that. But I think Trump’s reaction is that he doesn’t see much cooperation from the governor there. The governor won’t open the state or won’t go full-fledged into it. (sigh) Now, I have to tell you, when this thing was announced for north Carol, I said, “What? It’s gonna be in Charlotte. Charlotte, you need a telescope to find a Republican there! Charlotte?” (Snort!) I mean, it could be the southeastern capital of Democrat socialism. I said, “We’re gonna put the convention…?”

What was the point of this? I know there was a point somewhere, somehow about electoral votes and what have you and so forth. But the president is talking about moving it, and I don’t know if he’s serious or if he’s just trying to light a fire under the governor there to get serious about fully opening the state.


RUSH: No, no. I meant Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s Charlottesville, Virginia. But I was confusing the two. Charlotte is Charlotte. You got a Charlotte here, got a Charlottesville there. They’re both a bunch of rabid, leftist places. But I was talking about Charlotte, North Carolina, which is… I don’t know why you would put a convention there! I do not know why you’d put a Republican convention there. Do the Democrats put their conventions in hotbeds of conservatism? They do not.

So what the hell are we doing?

Anyway, I don’t care.

I don’t care if it gets moved or not.

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