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RUSH: We talk about the blue states and the blue state governors and their maintaining the lockdowns in their states. One of the things that we have to be concerned about in terms of getting the economy ramped up — because Trump has a new phrase, “Transition to Greatness.” Trump is promising economic growth next year, 2021.

He promised Americans that they’re gonna see some great numbers in the fourth quarter of this year. Trump is promoting a future economic recovery. It’s a Transition to Greatness. “You’re gonna see some great numbers in the fourth quarter, and you’re gonna end up doing a great year next year,” Trump was quoted by the AP. He said, “We built the greatest economy in the world. I’ll do it a second time.”

Now, some of the people in the Drive-By Media are saying, “Trump’s new Slogan Is a Confession of Failure — ‘Transition to Greatness’ is a corporate-style euphemism that tries to spin a collapse as a success.” This is happening at The Atlantic, which just got through laying off a hundred people — which Trump, by the way, touted.

So here’s this bunch laying off a hundred people trying to tell us that Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about, that his new slogan, Transition to Greatness, is actually a concession of failure — that any reference to making America great again is an admission of failure. Trump’s not responsible for this, any more than anybody else on that task force or any other position of authority who demanded the lockdowns.

They had to lie to him about all these computer models to get him to go along with it. All it took was one number, folks, if you remember. They told him, “If we don’t anything, 2.2 million people will die.” That phony model from the U.K. said 2.2 million would die. That model was done without factoring any kinds of social distancing or mitigation, and once that modeler plugged in social distancing, that 2.2 million became 500,000.

That was still out of whack. He said 500,000 people would die in the U.K. He revised that to 20,000. These models have been worthless. They have yet to be right about anything. Yet they remain quoted, and they remain consulted. Here’s the thing about the blue state governors and the shutdowns, because there is one thing about this that I am worried about, and I’ll admit it to you.

Our country cannot fully recover without the California and New York state economies participating, and we know it and they know it. Gavin Newsom knows it, and so does Fredo Jr. know it. Andrew Cuomo knows it. The longer they… Why do you think California and New York are not even talking about opening? California and New York say, “We’re shutting down for the rest of the summer.”

These birdbrains in California — these public health officials and the city council, town council, board of supervisors, whatever — say, “Yes. We’re gonna maintain shelter-in-place through the summer, through the end of July, maybe into August.” They know what they’re doing. Gavin Newsom’s doing the same thing, and the longer New York and California stay stagnant, the more it’s going to impede the nationwide economic recovery and boost.

I’m gonna tell you, these governors — make no mistake about it — are willing to destroy their states in neutron bomb fashion. You know what a neutron bomb did? A neutron bomb killed the people but left all the real estate standing. That’s why all the home builders love the neutron bomb. That’s why commercial real estate people, they never had a big problem with the neutron bomb.

I’m telling you that Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo are willing to destroy their states in neutron bomb fashion. They don’t care about the number of people who get hurt, ’cause they’ll just print some money, get a bailout from the Feds or the red states. It’s the plan! Meanwhile, their infrastructure will remain unharmed as best they can see to it, and they’re willing to do this to destroy Trump, and I don’t have any doubt about it.

They know — the left knows — that 20/25% of the U.S. economy are California and New York. You watch. They’re gonna be the last ones to open, and that is gonna be evidence — maybe evidence you don’t need ’cause you already know it and believe it. But that’s gonna the evidence that this is a political strategery and maneuver to thwart Trump’s Transition to Greatness and the complete recovery of the U.S. economy.


RUSH: By the way, to prove the point that I just made about the New York and California economies — the governors attempting to hold the U.S. economy and recovery hostage — we know Governor Cuomo went to meet Trump at the White House today.

Trump talked about it yesterday at his briefing that he did out there in the Rose Garden. Is it not ridiculous, by the way? Did you watch this briefing yesterday? All of these reporters sitting 15 feet away from each other and every damn one of them wearing masks? Outside! Don’t tell me that that’s about safety. That’s been conjuring fear. At any rate, I want you to listen to what Cuomo said here. At the National Press Club, he held a press conference to talk about his state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

CUOMO: There cannot be a national recovery if the state and local governments are not funded.

RUSH: See?

CUOMO: The COVID states, the states that bore the brunt of the COVID virus are one-third of the national GDP.

RUSH: See?

CUOMO: How can you tell one-third of the country to go to heck and then think you’re gonna see an economic rebound?

RUSH: He’s gonna hold the economy hostage until he gets bailed out.

He is gonna hold the economy and the recovery hostage — Gavin Newsom the same — until he gets bailed out, and he hopes that he isn’t. He is admitting here that he thinks that he’s holding the national recovery in the palm of his hand, that he and Gavin Newsom are in charge of it.

“But the COVID states, the states that bore the brunt of the COVID virus.” Well, why did they, Governor? Why did your state bear the brunt? Might it have something to do with the fact that you sent thousands of defenseless seasoned citizens to their deaths by ordering them into nursing homes? This guy is running around like he’s a victim of what happened, that he has no responsibility for what happened.

Everybody in this country went out of their way to help this guy in New York. He’s out there demanding 40,000 ventilators, claiming he’s not gonna get ’em. He didn’t need more than 400. Hospitals were built for this guy that were not used. A Navy hospital ship was sent to New York Harbor for this guy to use, and it wasn’t needed. I’m not saying that it wasn’t bad, but it did not become the catastrophe that was forecast in terms of hospital services and so forth.

But this guy’s not innocent. This guy… What they did, what the media did to Ron DeSantis and the way they made a hero out of Cuomo is exactly the opposite of what should have happened. DeSantis was brilliant! DeSantis and the people in his state, his administration engaged in actual study. They thought and worked ahead. Do you know, one of the most famous retirement places in all of America is in Florida called the Villages?

They’ve got 40,000 to 44,000 seasoned citizens in there and not a single death. How do you explain that, Mr. Snerdley? Not a single death. They had some cases, but I don’t think they’ve had a single death, and it’s all because DeSantis realized how vulnerable they were. There were protections made. The sick were not sent there. They were sent to retirement homes and nursing homes in New York. It is… I draw the line at using the word “criminal.”

But it was the height of irresponsibility and I would even add stupidity, and now here’s Governor Cuomo acting like none of it’s his fault. None of it’s anybody’s fault in New York. They’re victims. They were one of the big COVID states, and they can’t be expected to participate in an economic rebound until they are “funded,” i.e., bailed out.

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