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RUSH: Look at this: The president of El Salvador has announced that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine. He says that most world leaders are doing the same thing. The el presidente of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has announced that he’s taking the drug as a preventative measure, a prophylactic, against the coronavirus. He told reporters on Tuesday most world leaders are doing the same thing.

He’s questioned why world leaders are being advised to use it while the public is not. He said, “I use it as a prophylaxis. President Trump uses it as a prophylaxis. Most of the world leaders use it as a prophylaxis,” meaning as a preventative. Don’t think prostitutes. That’s not… They use it to prevent. You know what I think, folks? Let me spread a conspiracy theory. I think…

Let me put this way: I would not be surprised to learn if there were not some kind of a plan or an effort to get a whole lot of world leaders, quote-unquote, “infected” with this thing. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that. And the New York Post has a story today of a vaccine specialist who has been looking at the virus, and he says, “This thing is too perfect. This thing is engineered to work perfectly finding the right receptors in the human body.”

He’s making the claim that it’s entirely possible this thing was created in a lab.

That’s another New York Post story.

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