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Guest Host Ken Matthews

May 29, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • Breitbart: George Floyd Protests Rage in Minnesota
  • The Hill: Trump blasts Minneapolis mayor over protests, threatens military action over protests
  • GatewayPundit: Trump Was Right: After the Looting Started in Ferguson, Rioters Started Firing Off Guns and Plotted Bomb Attack
  • Reuters: Twitter says CEO Dorsey informed in advance of decision to tag Trump tweet
  • The Hill: Twitter puts warning on Trump ‘THUGS’ tweet, says it violates standards, glorifies violence
  • Reuters: Twitter hides Trump tweet for ‘glorifying violence’
  • The Hill: Police precinct burns as George Floyd protests erupt in Minneapolis
  • New York Post: Amy Klobuchar once declined to prosecute Derek Chauvin, cop in Floyd death
  • AP: Police across US speak out against Minneapolis custody death
  • Breitbart: Minneapolis Mayor to Rioters: Please Practice Social Distancing, Wear Masks
  • Daily Caller: Here’s One Big Question Twitter Won’t Answer About Its Fact Checks
  • Daily Caller: ‘This Is Mostly A Protest’: MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Says Riots Aren’t Unruly As Building Burns Behind Him
  • Washington Post: Seven shot in Louisville as police brutality protests turn violent nationwide overnight
  • The Hill: Tennessee police chief tells officers who ‘don’t have an issue’ with George Floyd arrest to turn in badges
  • The Hill: CNN reporter, crew arrested on Live TV
  • The Hill: Man loses office lease after viral video shows him calling police on black entrepreneurs using building’s gym
  • The Hill: Police killing in Minneapolis puts new scrutiny on Biden pick
  • Daily Wire: White House Trolls Twitter After Platform Censors Trump’s Tweet Denouncing Riots
  • Reuters: Biden losing economic argument to Trump as U.S. begins to re-open
  • HotAir: Grenell Vs Swalwell: The Twitter Slapfight You Didn’t Know You Needed
  • PJ Media: Twitter Accuses Trump of ‘Glorifying Violence’ in Tweet That Sounds a Lot Like Obama in 2015
  • PJ Media: Since Twitter Is ‘Fact-Checking,’ Here Are Some Tweets We’d Like Them to Take a Look At
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