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RUSH: You know, I’m sitting here, I’m trying to get my head — and it’s a big head, my friends. Even with half my brain tied behind my back just to make things fair, it’s a big head. I’m trying to get it around how much things have changed since last Thursday when I was last here. Remember I took Friday off ’cause I needed a rest day. By the way, thank you for your indulgence on that because it was so restorative. It really — or “restorative,” for those of you in Rio Linda. It helped.

One thing is for sure. One thing is for sure. The coronavirus is no longer an issue anywhere the country, is it? Oh, you might find some people trying to pass out masks so that the rioters and the looters and the protesters can protect themselves, but really… Remember all of this concern? “You can’t go to the beach — and, if you do, you gotta be six or 10 feet apart. You can’t do this, you can’t go there, you can’t get in the water, you can’t get a haircut.”

No such restrictions. Coronavirus? What? By the way, ABC News with a story. Ready for this? “ABC Admits the Lockdowns Had No Effect on COVID-19.” It’s a tweet here from Eric Strauss. “Just in: ABC looked at 21 states that eased restrictions May 4 or earlier, found NO MAJOR INCREASE in hospitalizations, deaths or the percentage of people testing positive in ANY of them: SC, MT, GA, MS, SD, AR, CO, ID, IA, ND, OK, TN, TX, UT, WY, KS, FL, IN, MO, NE, OH.” There’s a long, long list of them.


RUSH: I’m watching Fox Business just after 11 o’clock, and they put a graphic up. Amazon had just sent a message out to drivers, and this was posted at 11:09 a.m. Eastern time, 9:09 a.m. Mountain time. The message says, “If you are currently out delivering packages, stop immediately and return home. If you have not completed your route, please return undelivered packages to the pickup location whenever you are able to do so.”

Amazon called their drivers. I don’t know if this is nationwide ’cause I didn’t even hear it. You know, I have the sound down. It’s an irritating thing, sound is to me. So I just caught it — the graphic — out of the corner of my eye and looked at it. So, anyway, folks, I’m trying to get my head around how much things have changed since last Thursday, the last day that I was here. And the fact that the virus…

ABC is admitting the lockdowns had no effect on the spread of COVID-19, which is now going to be the death knell for lockdowns and the media-generated artificial panic that led to them. God, it is so… Again, I’m out of words. We ruined 40 million Americans! We destroyed their jobs. We destroyed their livelihoods and — in some cases — their lives.

We have wiped out some dreams. Look at what all has happened — and the Boston Marathon, which was rescheduled for September, has now been canceled. The NFL thinks they’re gonna play a full seen season. I’m wondering, “How in the hell is that gonna happen?” But they maintain they will. The college football season? They can’t play if they don’t open campuses. You can’t have college football if there isn’t any learning going on on campus, if they have no students there.

‘Cause they gotta put forth the idea that the student athletes are actually students — and so if college football doesn’t play, guess what? You’re gonna see the NFL on Friday; you’re gonna see the NFL on Saturday. They’re already on Thursday. You’re gonna see the NFL on Sunday and Monday. Somebody’s gotta go in there to fill the vacuum.

Anyway, the virus is no longer an issue. Isn’t it amazing how rapidly the virus has just been scrubbed as an area of panic-level concern? It’s gone, vamonos! And it’s been the case for a month, folks.


RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. But you know… (interruption) No, no, no, no. Speaking of the coronavirus, you know what I saw on my tech blogs? The tech blogs are already running stories that Trump is going to “blame” the protesters for any new wave of infections due to the coronavirus. Well… (chuckles) Duh! If there is a new outbreak, if there is a second wave, how do you not? But right here it is.

Headline: “Prediction: President Trump Will Blame a Spike in Coronavirus Cases on All the Protesters,” and it’s a big story, about a 750-word story on what a mean guy, what a rotten SOB Donald Trump is. Why even now — even now — Donald Trump is plotting to blame the protesters for any new wave of coronavirus infections!

The one thing… If there is a new wave, the one thing we damn-well know now is (monotone): “that there is no reason to shut down the country ever again, period.” That’s how I dictate to Siri. You gotta take the emotion out of it. If you want to dictate to Siri (monotone), “just say the words.” Don’t pretend you’re talking to a human being, ’cause you’re not. (monotone) “Just speak every word monotone and it will be so much better.

“You will not believe it, period.” That’s how you dictate to Siri. A lot of people say, “Hey, Siri. You need to get hold of my brother and tell my brother I think he’s an idiot for what he said to me three weeks ago.” Siri is never gonna get all that. You’re gonna spend the rest of the afternoon editing that. (monotone) “Hey, Siri. Please get hold of my brother and tell him he is a fool for what he told me he thinks last night, period.”

A hundred percent correct.

Just another service from me to you.

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