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RUSH: We were ready to open. We were ready to resume life, as best we could, a month ago. But then here come these blue state Democrat mayors and governors refusing to open their states — and that’s important.

If the country does not have the California and New York economies, that is a huge percentage of the national economy that still remains shut down. You throw Illinois in the mix, and they can make a big dent in the recovery, and they want to do that in order to damage Trump. The best way to damage Trump is to destroy the U.S. economy.

No sweat.

It’s what we are in the midst of.

But Democrat politicians were starting to look really bad. Andrew Cuomo, governor of Nuevo Ork, was beginning to get particularly bad press. After having gotten angelic, supportive, butt-kissing press for a couple of months, all of a sudden it was starting to turn. And the contrast to what a pathetic job he had done — particularly with the seasoned citizens in nursing homes compared to Ron DeSantis in Florida.

So they were starting to look really bad. Meanwhile, things were not looking good for the Obama gang. The Flynn case was falling apart. Everybody was starting to finally get the truth told. There was never any Trump-Russia meddling, traitorous/treasonous activity. There was not one syllable of truth about that story for three years.

And it was starting to climb its way all the way to the Oval Office. We had the release of transcripts from Adam Schiff’s hearings where all of these witnesses like Clapper and Brennan and Comey — all of them — were saying, “No, we’ve never seen any evidence. We don’t have any evidence of Trump-Russia collusion,” and they sat on that for two years!

While they knew that they testified under oath there was no collusion, no Russian meddling, they’re on television every night claiming there was, that they have evidence. Schiff was lying too. This stuff was all exposed — all of it — and it was not looking good for Plugs. Plugs doesn’t look good anyway. Now it was beginning to look really, really bad for him. Then the Flynn case falling apart on ’em?

What a wonderful thing to have happen to Michael Flynn, finally some justice for him. Susan Rice had to go out on the Sunday shows and again lie herself silly to blame… Do you know Susan Rice is blaming Russia for the riots? Have you heard that? Is that not laughable? The Russians are behind the riots! Stand by for details on that.

So somehow, folks, they went to the backup plan. Hello, Antifa. Find a reason to unleash Antifa. It’s not that they unleashed Antifa. It’s that they are organized and laying in readiness and preparation to be released. They’ve been recruiting disenfranchised young men right out of our indoctrinating colleges. These kids have no hope of employment.

They’re badly educated. They’re given a sense of purpose. They’re made angry. They’re told their country hates them. They’re told their country wants no part of them. They just little percolators of anger and frustration. Meanwhile, none of any of these bad actors, it seems… I can’t find accurate records of how many arrests there have been — and this has to stop.

The federal government has the authority, they have the ability to arrest people and get this stuff shut down, and it’s time that somebody acted, Trump or whoever. It’s time that this stuff was shut down. Police are standing down. It looks like in these blue states the acting philosophy — Mr. Snerdley, correct me if I’m wrong.

It looks like they’ve taken a page out of that former mayor of Baltimore’s book. “Give ’em space. Give ’em space.” The theory is, “They’ll burn themselves out. Go ahead and let ’em have at it. Burn down a building, burn down a block, blow this up, blow up that cop car, set that on fire, and they’ll eventually burn themselves out, just run out of emotion.”

That’s not how this is gonna go. They’re not gonna burn themselves out. They’re not get rid of all their pent-up emotion. That’s not how to deal with this! Can you imagine the old days, “You know what? Let’s just let Capone keep doing what he’s doing, his booze-running or whatever. He’ll eventually get tired of it, and then we’ll move in.”

“Let’s let Al-Qaeda go. Stop trying to stop Al-Qaeda. We can’t stop anyway and eventually they’re gonna burn out. Let’s just let them get it out of their system.” This seems to be the way many of these blue states are dealing with this. So the same blue state mayors and blue state governors who couldn’t wait to threaten you with jail or some other penalty if you stood closer than six feet to somebody or if you weren’t wearing a mask?

If you showed up in the park on a day you weren’t allowed to be there? Oh, they were eager to threaten you with jail! But now they don’t seem to have any interest in protecting people. I mean, some of the quotes I’m hearing, “Hey, you know what, a police department’s just a building. It’s worth nothing compared to a life.”

That’s a mayor. That’s a paraphrase. And so now the left is working overtime to blame all of this on white supremacists. White supremacists are who’s doing the rioting. White supremacists are who’s burning down the buildings and the cop cars and setting the fires. White supremacists. So if you ask somebody who believes this, “Oh, good. Good. Okay. I didn’t know that. Send me the evidence. Send me the pictures. Send me any photos you’ve got of the white supremacists.”

You won’t get any. You know what you’ll get? You’ll get newspaper stories. “Well, I don’t have, but I saw it in Vox. Or I saw it in Axios.” What do you mean, you saw it on Vox? “I saw it on Vox that white supremacists are doing it.” Yeah, but can you show me any pictures of white supremacists actually doing any of this violence? “Well, no, but I don’t have to because the media is telling me. I saw it on CNN. I saw it on TV.”

What did you see? Did you see white supremacists? Did you see somebody with a sign, “I am a white supremacist and I am burning down this building?” How do you know they’re white supremacists? “No, no, no. CNN told me it was white supremacists. Vox told me. That’s how I know.” Then they’re out there saying far right extremists — tell me you heard this — far-right extremists are trying to turn the George Floyd protest into a new civil war. Yep. I’ve heard that out there too.


RUSH: We’re gonna start in San Diego. This is Phyllis, and welcome, Phyllis, great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. God bless you, and I pray for you every day. I hope you continue to get well. And the reason I’m calling is because something I noticed and no one’s talking about is that with all the protesters, no one is doing social distancing, not staying six feet apart, people are mostly not wearing masks, and if they are, it’s half on, half off their face, and no one’s discussing that, no one’s pointing that out.

RUSH: Well, look, I’m sorry. You must not have heard it. I spent five or 10 minutes talking about that just now. How the virus seems to be gone. It’s not an issue. Nobody’s making a big deal. They don’t care how close the protesters stand to each other or not. They don’t care if everybody’s wearing a mask or not. Some people are going through the motions of passing masks out, but what virus? What spread? It’s not a concern at all.

The people who have been demanding that you not go in the water, that you make sure you’re six feet from the nearest person, that you can’t go to the park or we’re gonna do this or that to you, we’re gonna arrest you, we’re gonna throw you in jail, are the same people who are not attempting to stop genuine criminals engaged in property destruction, who were not wearing masks, who were not practicing any safeguards regarding the spread of virus. I’m not trying to diminish your point. I did spend the last five or 10 minutes talking about it, but I’m glad you’re out there. I appreciate it.

This is Key in Atlanta. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: Good. Thank you.

CALLER: Good, good, good. I have a couple of questions, things I don’t understand. Why are we calling these protesters — these criminals, protesters? They’re not protesters; they’re just criminals.

RUSH: I’m not. I’m calling them rioters. Now, the media’s calling them protesters. You understand, in the media world these people are heroes. They are akin to people that did what they did at the Boston Tea Party. They are practicing the fine American trait of dissent.

CALLER: Well, when these protesters, as they call them, go into their neighborhoods, Nancy Pelosi’s neighborhoods, some of these Democratic mayors and local officials’ neighborhood and do their protesting, then I think it will be time to turn off the faucets at that point. They’ll see that these are not protesters, these are actual criminals.

RUSH: Key, why does it matter what they’re called? Why is that such a big deal?

CALLER: Because I think it gives them more leeway. It’s giving them the green light to say that what they’re doing is justifiable.

RUSH: No, no, no. Whatever they’re called is not giving the green light. The Democrat mayors and the police departments are giving the green light.

CALLER: Exactly —

RUSH: Law enforcement, or the lack of it, is what’s giving them a green light. They don’t care what you call ’em. The one thing that they don’t want to be called is Antifa. That’s the one thing they’re trying to hide. They’re trying to say that it’s white supremacists doing this. They don’t want Antifa referenced as being a part of this ’cause they know that there is not anywhere near nationwide support for Antifa. Even though that’s exactly who this is. Some of them are even trying to downplay that there are factions of Black Lives Matter involved here.

But they don’t care what you — they’re not at all concerned with what — let me tell you something. I say it’s the police departments and the mayors and so forth, governors. It’s the media that’s actually giving them all cover and all the credibility that they need. You don’t really need to go any farther than that. Key, sorry, out of time. Gotta take a break. We’ll keep going after this. Don’t go away.


RUSH: It doesn’t matter. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Students for a Democratic Society, the Weathermen, so on, same bunch, same attitudes.


RUSH: Again, let’s go back and let’s do a perspective. A week ago, wearing a mask was the number one concern. Remember the controversy that was raging?

“You wear a mask!”

“I’m not wearing a mask because I’m not gonna wear your symbol of fear. I’m not gonna run around making it look like I’m scared. I’m not gonna do that. I’m not gonna spread fear!”

“You better wear that mask or else you’re going to jail.”

Where is that?

Wearing a mask was the number one concern one week ago. There was no talk of racial discord. The only talk about race was the concern people of color had about the higher death rate among African-Americans from the coronavirus. They were more vulnerable to the coronavirus, but it wasn’t because the virus is racist. It was just asking why.

But that was the subject. Race and discord were not, last Thursday and the week prior, on the table — and yet here we are a week later, folks. A week later, Democrat-run cities all of a sudden are said to suffer from systemic racism. Masks are a distant memory. Donald Trump and white nationalists all of a sudden are cynically blamed.

Yet it was just a week ago or less and the mask was all that anybody cared about, whether you’re wearing one or not. I can’t get past the fact that 95% of this misery is happening in Democrat-run states. Folks, it is worth making the point. Rudy said it. If you want to be safe, stop electing progressive Democrats to office. But I don’t know how else to put this.

The Democrat Party and its numerous tie-ins — the progressives, the leftists, the liberals, the socialists, the whatever. What’s the one thing that they either subliminally or right-out-in-the-open promise people? It’s utopia. They promise people there won’t be any mean-spirited Republicans, no more racism, no more sexism, no more bigotry, nobody laughed at, nobody made fun of.

Nobody is going to be lesser than somebody. They promise all this stuff and it never happens because it can’t. Utopias are impossible — and they’ve had these same grievances for all of these years. Nothing ever gets better in blue states. Go back and look just prior to the middle of March. We had record employment in America.

We had record African-American unemployment, record low unemployment. More African-Americans were working than ever before. Everybody’s wages were on the upswing. Virtually every statistic or measure that we have showed a roaring and growing economy just three years into the Trump administration.

And this was following eight years of the Obama Regime where we were told that there’s a new normal. And the new normal is America in decline, that America’s superpower status maybe not warranted, maybe not legitimate because it was ill-gotten. America’s superior status was built on the backs of the poor and the oppressed, and we had gone around the world and we had stolen everything that we have from everybody else, and we had made it ours. All of this horrible thing that disqualified America as exceptional, as great.

The Obama administration was telling people those manufacturing jobs you’ve lost are not coming back. And the days of really great economic growth, you might want to lower your expectations because America’s best days are now behind us, and some of those days behind us were not legit. So they were setting the table for low expectations. They were setting the table for globalism. That was what was going to happen next with the election of Hillary Clinton, a full-on move toward eliminating the whole idea of borders and nation states.

It was gonna take ’em some time to do it and you’re gonna have to deal with Brexit, but nevertheless that’s what was on tap with Hillary Clinton. That’s what Donald Trump’s election put a screeching halt to and has rendered these people insane. They’re unable to deal with it. So America was shut down, shut down beyond all reason. It never made any sense. Two weeks into it you’ll recall I started — I was scared to death what we were doing to ourselves and I just instinctively knew it was not necessary. We were ruining people. We were wiping out livelihoods and lives.

I mean, people had saved, invested, borrowed, risked, what have you, everything they had in some cases, and here we were just boarded up or shut down and governments everywhere were telling people you can’t open. There was no sensitivity at all of what was being done to people. That’s the thing that got me. There didn’t seem to be any sensitivity among the lockdown activists, the shutdown activists. And I mean government people. I don’t mean liberal Democrat protesters. I’m talking about people with authority. There didn’t seem to be any sensitivity at all to what was being done to human beings.

I’m sitting here watching, this can’t go on. It isn’t sustainable. And it went on for two months, and we still are not open in a number of blue Democrat states. The economy was too strong to elect Joe Biden. A basement-dwelling, mask-wearing guy in his basement in Delaware simply was not gonna get elected with this economy roaring the way that it was. So just as the country began to reopen, a new reason to rock the country was seen. A video went viral, and it was legitimate, and it was justified. And it worked.

The Minneapolis police didn’t arrest the officers involved at all — not very soon. Well, you know the George Floyd story. So legitimate protests — and they were legitimate. Legitimate anger, legitamiate, “We’ve had it up to here” were hijacked. Legitimate protests became opportunities for rioters, looters, Antifa. What began as protests became hijacked by organized leftist organizations who were allowed to push out of work protesters from protests to anarchy. There was looting before Antifa arrived, but nothing like we saw over the weekend.

And while this is going on, you had to look far and wide to find any leadership in cities and states. National Guard should have been activated as soon as the first riots began. It was stunning to me how many nights in a row this went on, and every night here comes television, whatever network to televise it like it was its own sporting event with very little serious effort engaged into stop it. Blue state governors let fires burn. Business districts were damaged. Even the mayor of Atlanta had had enough, went on TV and said, “Just stop.” She ripped into these people, said, “You didn’t do this after Martin Luther King was assassinated.” Which is true.

But the great irony, it’s Donald Trump that’s blamed for all of this. Donald Trump gets blamed for all of it, and now Donald Trump is on the way to being blamed for the second wave of coronavirus if there is one following the massive numbers of riots across the country the past four or five days.


RUSH: You know, go back to 1968, the Democrats lost big because they were seen as tied to this stuff. And I’m gonna tell you, you Republicans out there, if you’re worried about the election in November, don’t be. Just figure out a way to tie all of this to the Democrat Party because that’s where its home is.

What you’re watching in all these blue states when you watch these riots, you are watching the Democrat Party’s chickens come home to roost. This is what the Democrat Party has been guaranteeing will happen for 50 years. They’ve been lying to their voters. They have been lying to the American people. They’ve been making all of these exorbitant promises that never can come true. And every time that becomes obvious, what do you end up doing? Blaming Republicans for people’s misery. Blaming Republicans for whatever racism, bigotry, homophobia, whatever else is out there, blame the Republicans for it. And they always get away with that because of their sycophant buddies in the media.

But this is exactly what you get when you promise utopia and the moon to people for 50 years. And you don’t even come close to delivering. And then one day the country elects somebody who really causes some great economic activity to happen, people create new wealth, new opportunity, unemployment goes way down, and because you believed in what the Democrats said, you’re not participating in it because you’re waiting for government to make you rich, you’re waiting for government to do something for you. So then you get even angrier when other people are doing well and you’re not. Time to blame Trump for it all. But this is what you get, the Democrat Party, unchecked power, 50 years.


RUSH: Here’s Randy in Dubuque, Iowa. You’re next, sir. Welcome to our program. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, thank you so much. What a great birthday present.

RUSH: Well, happy birthday!

CALLER: Oh, thank you. It will be in three days, but, anyway, I’ll get straight to the point. Do you think that the release of Antifa is the last gasp that the left is having to try to take down Trump again? Because it seems like every time he gets ahead, they promote lies of Russia collusion, they come up with Ukraine stuff. Do you think that this is the last gasp, they’re running out of ideas?

RUSH: Well, before I answer that, do you? Do you think it’s their last gasp? And by last gasp, do you mean, is this the last we’re ever gonna hear from them or if this is the last opportunity they’re gonna have to take Trump out? What do you actually mean by last gasp?

CALLER: I don’t think that. I just think that when you start destroying your own sandbox and you start hurting yourself it’s just a sign we as humans when we have no more ideas, no more way to communicate, we hurt ourselves, and that’s just what we end up doing.

RUSH: Well, yeah, that’s a common sense view, when you end up destroying your own property and destroying the property of people who vote for you or when you end up doing the damage, significant damage like this, that you eventually are gonna have to pay a price for it. That’s the thing that has always kind of puzzled me. Because this stuff, as I said, this is the Democrat Party, folks.

Now, a lot of people blanch when you say something as blanket as that. But it is. This is what you get by voting Democrat. And if you understand the Democrat Party and the promises they make to people, then this isn’t as hard to understand. Because amidst some of these protesters are some legitimately angry people. They’re legitimately angry over having been lied to, having been left out of whatever economic success there is. They’re legitimately angry.

Then you have some who are just there because they’re paid to be there. And then you have anarchists and anti-capitalists and people who just hate America and anything that isn’t socialism or communism. This is not Antifa’s last gasp because they are funded and they are stocked by American universities. They’re funded by people, big donors worldwide. They’re recruited from universities. A lot of these groups are not poor, tired, hungry. They’re not that at all. Some of them are very affluent in terms of the families they come from. But because they’re bought and paid for they’re always going to be around.

Now, your question, but they’re destroying their stuff. No, it looks like that, but Antifa, these protesters, some of the stuff that’s being destroyed is not theirs. It’s being made to look that way. You know, some of these mayors and governors have said 80% of these protesters are from out of state. Now, they’re walking that back. They tried to sell that at the outset to make it look like their states were not responsible for what’s happening, and people said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not right about that. These are your people doing this.”

So it doesn’t make sense that they’re destroying their own, but in the real world they’re not destroying their own. They’re destroying somebody else’s, even if it is people from their own political party or what have you. I’d love to continue this but I’m up against it on time.

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