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RUSH: On Monday, after delivering a Rose Garden speech, President Trump strode (that’s “walked,” for those of you in Rio Linda) to the historic Saint John’s Church, which had been vandalized and set afire by rioters the night before.

Outside the White House, police had just confronted protesters, reportedly “firing tear gas.” They didn’t. They used smoke canisters and flash-bangs to secure the area.

Failed Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris decided to mount her Twitter soapbox. She attacked Trump, claiming he tear-gassed (he didn’t) peaceful protesters in order to get a photo-op.

Senator Harris is a former prosecutor. She should be able to comprehend how vital it is to secure the White House and its surroundings in an unstable situation.

There’s no low too low for Democrats though, because of their insane hatred of President Trump. But there’s another reason for Harris’s stupid allegation.

Her real motivation isn’t hard to figure out. Kamala Harris wants attention. She’s in a crowded field of high-profile Democrat women angling to get Joe Biden’s nod as his running mate. She’s trying to overcome her dumb strategy during the first Democrat debate, when she blindsided Plugs by accusing him of racism.

Make no mistake: Kamala Harris — who let innocent men languish in jail to further her own political ambitions — could make the perfect VP choice for Joe Biden. She obviously has as little integrity as he does, so it oughta be fairly easy.

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