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RUSH: Ah, really. (interruption) You know, don’t do me any favors. Don’t do me any favors with this! I can’t do anything with this. (interruption) Ah, jeezo, man. (interruption) I didn’t see it; so I can’t do anything with it! (interruption) No, you can’t tell me I can trust it because you can’t… (sigh) I’m telling you, folks, I don’t know why people do this to me. It’s like some people are trying to purposely get me in trouble.

Greetings, and welcome back. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network. Happy to have you here. So did you watch any of the Rosenstein testimony today? Did you ask yourself, “Where the hell has this been? Why is this being done now when nobody cares, when nobody’s paying attention to it?” Rosenstein was being given a pass. Do you know what? Lindsey Graham gave this guy a pass.

“You didn’t know this was going on?”

“No, I didn’t know.”

“And if you had known this was going on, you wouldn’t have allowed it?”

“That’s right, sir.”

“You didn’t know that was going on?”

“No, I didn’t know that was going on.”

“And if you had known that was going on, you’d have put a stop to it?”

“Damn right, I would have!”

“And if you had known that was going on, you wouldn’t have gone to the FISA court?”

“No, sir, I wouldn’t have gone.”

“Did you go to the FISA court with a bunch of lies?”

“Well, I didn’t know they were lies when I went there.”

It was like that. I said, “Why is this guy getting a pass?” Rosenstein was the guy that hired Mueller for the express purpose of getting Trump! Rosenstein is the guy who wanted to wear a wire to try to entrap Trump into doing or saying something to make ’em able to invoke the 25th Amendment ’cause he’s incompetent or incapable. So I’m watching this this morning.

This is not a waste of time; don’t misunderstand. But it looked to me like Rosenstein was getting a pass. I sent my friend Andy McCarthy a note. I said, “Are you watching this? He’s getting a pass,” and Andy said, “Yeah, I’m watching it. I have to watch it. I’m doing it for Fox News.” He had to be prepared to go on TV with commentary.

He’s writing some various pieces at National Review, and I haven’t a chance to read ’em yet. He sent me the links. But I can’t read ’em during the program. I’d love to be able to… You know, I’d love to be able to devote 100% attention to four different things at the same time. But not even I, El Rushbo, can’t do that. So I’m not yet privy to what Andy wrote.

So I get this note. I get this note. “Rumor, rumor, rumor: Rosenstein just drove a bus over McCabe.” All right. So I look up on TV, and nobody’s covering Rosenstein or the Senate committee that Graham chairs, the hearings. So this must mean… It’s got “rumor” in front of it. “Rosenstein drove a bus over McCabe.”

Now, you want something like that to be true. What it means is is that Rosenstein just didn’t throw McCabe overboard. He threw him overboard, then put the bus in reverse and went back and ran over him, and then put it in drive and ran over him again. Then got out, put him back on the bus for the purposes of throwing him overboard again, and then rammed him back and forth a couple more times.

Now, that would be phenomenal. Folks, McCabe was on CNN, the former FBI… Was he deputy director? I think he was under Comey. He was on CNN last week — last week — and some dirtbag at CNN said, “You think Trump is still a potential Russian agent?” “Oh, yes! I think it’s entirely possible.” I said, “You skunks! You absolute dirtbag, human debris skunks.”

No evidence. There never was any evidence. I mean, Rosenstein this morning was acting like, “Ah, the Steele dossier? No, we didn’t rely on that.” The hell you didn’t! It is all you ever had. It’s the only thing they ever had. It was never verified. It was all made up. It was literally made up. There was not a single word in that dossier that was true.

No, I’m sorry, this stuff, it still ticks me off like you can’t believe. They’re all saying, “Slow down in there, Rush. Slow down.” I can’t, ’cause I’m telling you: This is just the most dangerous political scandal in my lifetime in this country ever attempted, and they got so close. You don’t realize. If you’ve not heard me talking about this, you don’t realize how close they got to pulling this off.

Do you realize all Mueller would have had to say is, “We found evidence that Trump colluded”? They lied about everything else. Why not keep lying with one more? Well, they would eventually be found out. I mean, they lied about Papadopoulos, they lied about Carter Page, they lied about virtually everything — and McCabe is still on CNN last week suggesting it’s entirely possible Trump’s still a Russian agent.

What’s the guy doing on CNN, anyway? The guy deserves to be in jail. Now, if Rosenstein drove a bus over McCabe — didn’t just throw him over overboard — it means that he unloaded on him, and that McCabe could be facing severe judicial liability, because McCabe participated in a coup. McCabe was attempting to overthrow a duly elected government.

However you want to word it, whatever terminology you want to attach to it. You may not like the word “coup,” but that’s exactly what it was. These people, all of them — Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, they were all engaged — Strzok Smirk, Page, they were all engaged — in trying to reverse the election results. They were attempting to overthrow a duly elected government.

And these people — Comey and McCabe and Brennan — were lying before congressional committees. They should be charged with perjury. I have no idea if they will be. You know, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen to establishment types unless Democrats decide they want to get rid of ’em. Remember the real frustrating thing?

You’ve got Schiff doing his basement committee room hearings, and not a single person from the FBI or the intelligence community testifies under oath that they saw any collusion between Trump and Russia. Clapper didn’t see any. Brennan didn’t see any, former CIA director. Sally Yates, Comey — you go down the list of people — McCabe, Strzok Smirk.

They all came up and testified under oath that they never saw any collusion. They never saw Trump or anybody in his administration doing anything illegal with the Russians. That’s two years ago they testified this, and every day they’re on television telling the exact opposite lie. Every day, Brennan and Clapper are on CNN saying that they know Trump colluded, that there’s evidence of it; it’s gonna be forthcoming.

They were lying through their teeth on TV. They were not lying in the testimony. But McCabe may have. So I’m left here to wonder if the rumors I have been alerted to are close to basis in fact. If indeed… I mean, it would have been recently, like in the last 15 or 20 minutes, if Rosenstein actually did finally throw McCabe overboard. At some point, this was gonna happen. At some point.

Look, there are so many people here that were the involved in this, folks, and it was illegal from beginning when it started. It was illegal from top to bottom, and somebody in this group at some point was gonna say to themselves: You know what? I’m not gonna go to jail to protect Comey. I’m not gonna go to jail to protect Obama. I’m not gonna go to jail. Somebody’s gonna flip. Somebody’s gonna do something to protect themselves.

And from the little note I have here today, it looks like Rosenstein did that. But I don’t know. That’s why I opened the program, “Don’t do this to me.” So I’ve set the table in terms of the potential based on – and we’re gonna found out in due course. We’re gonna found out pretty soon. I’m looking up there. There’s still nothing about any of this on Fox.


RUSH: All right. Here’s some random testimony grabs. Rosenstein said, “I believe, Senator, that Mr. McCabe was not fully candid with me. He certainly was not forthcoming.” Senator Mike Lee. “So the omission of material information, had you been aware of it? Probably would have grounds for termination.”

Rosenstein: “If I had asked McCabe and he misrepresented that, yes.” This is about the Steele dossier and applications for the FISA warrant and what Rosenstein claims he was told and not told. And if a bunch of relevant information had been eliminated, been omitted, exculpatory or otherwise, and Rosenstein had found out about it, yep, yep, he would have done away with McCabe. McCabe’s out there denying all of this, naturally.


RUSH: I want to play a sound bite for you. This is from this morning. Lindsey Graham talking to Rosenstein. I’ll have to translate this for you when it’s over, but here is the bite.

GRAHAM: January the 4th, 2017, the FBI had discounted Flynn. There was no evidence that Carter Page worked with the Russians. The dossier was a bunch of garbage. And Papadopoulos is all over the place not knowing he’s being recorded denying working with the Russians. Nobody’s ever been prosecuted for working with the Russians. The point is, the whole concept that the campaign was colluding with the Russians, there was no “there” there in August 2017. Do you agree with that general statement or not?

ROSENSTEIN: I agree with that general statement.

RUSH: The reason that’s important is that this clown appointed Mueller in May of 2017, and in August 2017 he just admitted he knows there’s nothing there, there’s no evidence, there’s no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. There’s no evidence that Russia was meddling. He admits. And yet he let Mueller go on. He let Mueller continue to go on for a couple years. Even though he knew, admitted he knew in August 2017 there was nothing.

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