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RUSH: On Tuesday, longtime Village Voice editor Pete Kotz posted an online piece: “Dear America: Five Better Places to Target the Next Time You Go Rioting.”

Now, this guy says his readers need a better strategy. Don’t torch the AutoZone. Don’t torch the local bar. You use them! Instead, he said, rioters should attack five places that he thinks make America not great.

First, to get back at the NRA, Kotz says his readers oughta torch the local gun shop, instead of burning down restaurants.

Next, he says the University of Phoenix should be targeted, because they supposedly fool kids who have no business going to college to get worthless degrees while getting buried in debt.

Then comes Wells Fargo. The nation’s fourth largest bank is a symbol of “unequal justice,” according to Mr. Kotz. Rioters should take revenge.

Next up, rioters should find the nearest Amazon warehouse and burn it down. Jeff Bezos and his buddies are guilty of “weaponizing technology” against their own workers, and come close to “recreating a plantation economy.”

Last but not least, Kotz says that JPMorgan should be attacked, since they’re America’s largest bank and “criminal enterprise.”

Now, he may pretend this is all a joke, but it isn’t. This is what’s inside these twisted, deranged, liberal minds — and it’s now on American streets. It’s serious stuff.

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