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RUSH: I have made reference to the amount of lying that has taken place in the media in this country over the last — I guess we have to say four years. We’re into the fourth year of the Trump presidency now. He was elected in 2016, inaugurated 2017, it’s the fourth year, I sometimes go back and forth on three and four. But it may even be longer than that if you count 2016 as a campaign year. The amount of lying that has been engaged in by the Democrat Party and the American media, the Democrats in the media, is now incalculable. It’s safe to say that everything they say is a lie.

The lying about Donald Trump is now out of control. It’s everything. Practically everything being said — I want you to think how hard this is too. Here we have in Donald Trump the most visible, the most accessible, the most constantly in front of cameras and the media president of the United States, and yet the reporting about him is 99, almost 100% lies. Think about how difficult that is.

If you can succeed in lying to the American people, if your lies can prevail about the most public man – I mean, it would be easy to lie about a president who doesn’t appear before the media much, it would be much easier to lie about a George W. Bush, which they did, by the way, or his father, George H. W. Bush. Clinton was in front of the cameras a lot ’cause he loved it, but Obama was — I went back to the archives. Remember the Limbaugh Theorem? I’m sure you remember the term, the Limbaugh Theorem. You’ve probably forgotten what it was.

I developed the Limbaugh Theorem to explain how it is that Obama seemed to never end up being attached to his own policies, to his own agenda. Obama was actually running against the things that he was proposing. It was the most amazing thing. And he was given this cover by, of course, the Drive-By Media, but he was never held accountable for anything because he never left the campaign.

Obama’s whole strategy was to be constantly campaigning against these invisible yet powerful forces that were attempting to deny him and his supporters and his voters the successful implementation of his agenda while he was implementing that agenda, such as Obamacare. So evolved the Limbaugh Theorem.

So here’s Obama, who they didn’t dare lie about because they didn’t want to disappoint him. But they are lying about Donald Trump. I mean, the most recent example is this walk that he took from the White House across Lafayette Park to St. John’s Church. Everything about that is a lie, everything, and yet it was on television. Everybody saw it.

Now, stop and think about this. If you were gonna do this, how difficult this would be as a project to lie all the time about the most public man in the world who says more in public and does more in public than probably the past three presidents combined. Imagine the power you have if you can take somebody as public as Donald Trump and for the rest of the country lie repeatedly about what he is doing, saying and not saying.

There is, in fact, a timely article about this, and it’s the New York Post, it’s by Eddie Scarry, or Scarry, I don’t know how you pronounce it, S-c-a-r-r-y. And the headline is: “The Lying About Donald Trump is Now Completely Out of Control — Anti-Trump liberals (i.e., Democrats and the media) just have to find something — anything — wrong with the president, even if it means making it up. The perpetually not-President Hillary Clinton on Monday shared a side-by-side photo of the White House, one lit up in a rainbow spectrum from 2015, when Barack Obama was in office, and the other appearing almost in pitch black with no lighting. ‘Elections matter,’ tweeted Clinton.”

That picture of the White House with no lights on, you know what the purpose of that picture was? To convey that Trump was hiding, that Trump was a coward, that Trump was scared, that Trump was in the bunker, that Trump was five stories below ground in Washington ’cause he is a scaredy cat. Oh, yeah. Donald Trump still would bluster, he’ll be happy to threaten and call people thugs, but when the going gets tough, Donald Trump runs and hides.

“Former Obama adviser David Axelrod shared the same image of the darkened White House, calling it ‘perfect symbolism,’ because, ‘if ever the country needed the occupant of the White House to shed light, and not heat, now is the time. Sadly, the lights are out.'”

It turns out that the photo was not of the White House at any time Trump has lived in it. The photo that was used as a metaphor for Trump’s cowardice was actually a photo from the Obama years, a photo of the Obama White House.

“So pervasive was that meme on social media that the Associated Press was moved to fact-check and let liberals know that, sorry, the slam dunk on Trump was actually an embarrassing rebound.” That’s a photo from the Obama White House. “People even started saying Trump was ‘hiding in his bunker’ and the lights went out — until a CNN reporter pointed out the main lights always go out at 11 p.m.

“It’s not as if this hasn’t happened before. Recall the images of ‘children in cages’ that were all the rage heading into summer 2018, passed off as demonstrable proof that the Trump administration,” was locking up the children of illegals and separating children from their mommies, separating children from their families and putting children in the cages.

Except the problem always was that the children-in-the-cages photos were from 2014, when who was president? Who? Oh, that’s right! Barack Hussein O. We were separating children from their parents in 2014 because it was the law. So they went and got pictures from 2014 and tried to pass them off as pictures of the Trump administration. The Charlottesville lie is no different than the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie.

Trump never said that neo-Nazis are “fine people.” He never said, “There’s some good people among those neo-Nazis, some good people among those skinheads.” He never said it. Just like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, never said to the cop, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot,” and put his hands up. He reached in the cop’s car, tried to grab the gun. He never did surrender.

You know, based on the TV coverage, you would think that Trump has been insulting George Floyd. You would think that Trump maybe had been spitting on the memory of George Floyd. In reality, Trump has been exceedingly sensitive and respectful to Floyd’s memory. He called his death a tragedy, should have never happened.

He added that the Floyd incident filled Americans all over the country with horror, anger, and grief. “But we can’t report that because Trump doesn’t have empathy, you see. We’re not allowed. Trump is not human. We cannot do anything that will humanize Trump. We cannot report that Trump has anything approaching empathy.” So they lie about it.

It’s just everything they report about Donald Trump is a lie, and it’s kind of amazing they get away with it given that he is the most public — the most constantly on camera and behind microphones — president we’ve ever had. Last week, two days after the death of George Floyd, Trump ordered the FBI and the Justice Department to conduct an expedited investigation into the matter. The press ignores that.

They suggest that Trump has refused to look into it. They suggest that Trump doesn’t care. They suggest that Trump knows he’s responsible for it and so he’s trying to sweep it under the rug. (sniveling) “Trump’s feeling pangs of guilt! He knows that his administration is the reason that happened, Minneapolis; that’s why he’s hiding in the bunker five stories underground ’cause he’s a coward and he knows he’s responsible.”

This is the garbage that is being reported. “The looting, the destruction, the violence all over the place? Minneapolis, Atlanta, Louisville, Washington, New York City? Yep, all Trump’s fault. It’s Trump’s fault because he didn’t care enough about George Floyd. Trump’s fault because he tried to sweep it under the rug. Trump’s fault because he knows his administration has created all of this hate!”

That’s essentially the sum total of the purpose here of all of these lies, is to try to convey the impression that Trump’s hatred, Trump’s persona, the fact that Trump won has created this legitimate hate; that the anger and the looting, the rioting, the hatred, it’s all legitimate because Trump is so hated and reviled. And so, folks, never forget what this is about and has always been about.

It’s about separating you Trump supporters from Trump. It’s about driving a wedge between the base and Trump. That’s what this is. They want you to conclude that maybe electing Trump was a mistake; that electing Trump, maybe it is responsible for all this. “Maybe Trump is so incompetent — maybe is such a boob, maybe so mean, maybe so whatever he is — maybe this stuff isn’t gonna stop until we get rid of Trump.

“Maybe the country’s never gonna be at peace again as long as Trump’s president. Maybe they’re right.” That’s what they want you to start thinking. That’s what they want you to maybe consider. That’s what they want you to ultimately conclude. So they want you to blame yourself, essentially: “You elected Trump, and that’s caused all of this.

“And it’s legitimate, because Trump is such a bad guy, ’cause Trump is so unqualified, ’cause Trump’s so mean, Trump’s so whatever he is, that all of this — from the virus to the lockdown of 40 million people losing their jobs and livelihoods to the country’s economy crashing to now the wanton destruction of American city — is all totally understandable. It’s all legit.

“I mean, it all makes perfect sense the country hates Donald Trump. A vast majority of Americans realize what a mistake it was. A vast majority have known for a long time. But, you Trump voters, you gotta get with it now. You gotta get up to speed. You gotta understand that you guys are responsible for this and you have to renounce him.”

That’s the objective, and they’re not gonna stop — and I’m gonna just tell you this: If we lose in November, everything we knew and believed in our entire lives is gonna be in flames, not just Manhattan and not just Minnesota, not just Los Angeles. They are telegraphing for us what this country is gonna be if they win. Look at what is happening in America where Democrats are in power.

The messes are not getting cleaned up, are they? The violence is not being quelled, is it? It’s not being stopped. The economy is not rebounding. It’s continually shut down. They are telling you what your country’s gonna be if they win. They’re showing you as well as telling you. Audio sound bite number 14.

To show you the evidence, more evidence of how everything about Trump in the media is a lie. Mark Esper, secretary of defense, this morning at the Pentagon spoke about the protests around the country, and he blows up all the fake news that you’ve heard over the past two days.

ESPER: The option to use active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort, and only in the most urgent and dire of situations. We are not in one of those situations now. I do not support invoking the Insurrection Act.

RUSH: Okay, but we’ve been told that Trump wants to do it. He’s gonna send the military out there if he has to, and they’ve all been talking, “Trump’s a dictator! He’s gonna turn into a banana republic guy,” and he’s secretary of defense is saying, “No, no, no, no. It’s not being considered. We’re not gonna do it.” All morning they have saying the secretary of defense was unaware that he was gonna be walking to the church when Trump gragged him and said, “Hey, let’s go take a walk.”

They said the secretary of defense had no idea where he was going.

ESPER: I want to state very clearly for all to hear my account of what happened that Monday afternoon. I did know that following the president’s remarks on Monday evening that many of us were going to join Trump and review the damage in Lafayette Park and at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no, you’re wrong! The media’s been saying. “You didn’t know where you were going! You were livid when you found out! You didn’t know he was gonna be carrying a Bible and that you were embarrassed, Secretary Esper. You wouldn’t have gone if you had known. You didn’t know!”

This is the media reporting, “He had no idea where he was going! Trump fooled to him. Trump lied to him. Trump commandeered him for credibility.” He said, “No, we all knew where we were headed. We all agreed with it. We all wanted to go — and, by the way, there was no tear gas.” You know, this has been an official statement out of the Park Police for two days, and the media is still reporting the lie that tear gas was used on peaceful protesters.

ESPER: I also want to address a few other matters that have been raised about that evening. National Guard forces did not fire rubber bullets or tear gas into the crowd as reported.

RUSH: “[D]id not fire rubber bullets or tear gas into the crowd….” He’s only about the millionth federal official to point it out in two days, and still the lying on news networks about it continues.


RUSH: Van Jones. Stand by audio sound bite number 21. I have a story here, folks. This is from John Solomon’s Just the News, and it is about recent polling data, and the upshot of the story is “Trump Voters Far More Enthusiastic than Biden Supporters,” according to a poll. Folks, this is crucially important. I want to, if I may, go back to the first half hour of the program.

The lying about Trump is consistent, constant, and it’s over the top. It’s out of control. And the reason for it is the same reason they started the Trump-Russia collusion investigation and all of that. In order for them to beat Trump, they have to destroy the relationship between you — Trump’s base voters — and Trump. They must drive a wedge. They’ve got to drive you out of the Trump orbit.

The way they are doing it, the way they have been doing it is essentially making things so unacceptable, so rotten in this country that you will eventually come to the conclusion, “It’s all gone wrong because Trump won. If Trump hadn’t been elected, we wouldn’t be experiencing any of this!” They want you to realize that you made a mistake electing him. “You are the reason for all of this misery and loathing and economic squalor.

“The reason it’s happening is that the people of this country hate Trump. They can’t stand Trump! They’re in a bad mood. No wonder they’re rioting; it’s legitimate. No wonder they’re protesting; it’s legitimate. They hate Trump because Trump is a bad guy. Trump’s scum. Trump’s destroyed this, he’s destroyed that,” and they need you to fall in with this.

They are doing everything they can to ladle you with guilt, to have you come to the conclusion that you are partially responsible because you elected Trump and (sniveling), “Trump is so unqualified, Trump is so mean, he’s so dangerous,” whatever it is. And that all of this behavior — from the rioting to the looting to destruction of private property to the loss of 40 million jobs, everything going wrong — is because of Trump.

“Trump is responsible because otherwise normal and reasonable people are now burning down buildings, and they’re destroying businesses, including their own, and they are killing people, and they are injuring people. It’s all because Trump is driving people crazy — and it’s legitimate that Trump is driving people crazy because everybody hates Trump — and you people that elected him, you’re responsible.”

They need you to abandon him. So this story comes out, “Trump Voters Far More Enthusiastic than Biden Supporters,” and this is exactly why they are implementing the strategy they are implementing. “Likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden faces a daunting enthusiasm gap compared to President Trump, according to the latest Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

“‘Wow! 76% of Trump voters are enthusiastic about their candidate compared to just 49% of Biden voters,'” and I have to tell you I don’t think the enthusiasm pour Biden is that high. I don’t think there’s much enthusiasm for Biden per se, period. I think the enthusiasm on the left is anti-Trump. I don’t care who the Democrat nominee would be; the enthusiasm would probably be the same.

I mean, look at how many Democrats ran. You had a bunch of African-American women. You had some white guys in there. You had a very diverse group. None of them — none of them — got even close. Joe Biden — who has never won anything besides his Senate seat, who has bombed out royally every time he has sought the Democrat presidential nomination.

The guy is… Self-contained, you look at his career; he’s literally a joke, and now he doesn’t know where he is. He’s got some mental issue. And this gets the nomination? There can’t be any enthusiasm for him; he doesn’t inspire enthusiasm. He doesn’t inspire excitement.

The enthusiasm, to whatever extent there is any, is all rooted in these people’s hatred of Donald Trump. But I’m gonna tell you, they’re gonna look at this. They’re gonna see this poll and they’re gonna think they failing. They’re gonna get mad. “What else do we have to do?” They’re hoping that your enthusiasm for Trump will vanish.

Then they see 76% still enthusiastic?

It’s because they’ve never known who you are. They’ve never really understood why you love and support Trump and why you’re with him thick or thin. They haven’t the slightest idea, and that’s why they’re never gonna be able to bust you up. But I’m telling you they’re not gonna stop trying — and it’s gonna take a resolve of steel.

You people, you’re gonna need steel spines, you’re gonna need cold, blue steel throughout your body to withstand what they’re gonna throw at you from now to the end of this year toward the election. They’re gonna throw everything at you. They’re gonna try to do everything they can to make you think every problem in this country is because people legitimately hate Donald Trump. So there isn’t any public act of criminal intent, criminal behavior, there is no criminality that can be called criminality because it’s all legitimate and justified because Trump is such a reprobate.

The Democrats, 41% see Biden as the lesser of two evils. He says, “It’s important to remember that President Trump won in 2016 largely because he was seen by many as the lesser of two evils. Exit polls showed that about 10% of all voters cast their ballot for Trump despite believing he was unqualified for the job.”

There is no enthusiasm for Biden. The enthusiasm for Trump is 76%? That’s incredible, given the news coverage the past four years. So here is Van Jones last night, CNN, Erin Burnett Sideways. Question: “I know you spent a lot of time talking to people in crucial swing states, Jones, like Pennsylvania, a state that Trump needs to win. What do you think’s happening there, places like that? Because it’s at the state level that this all really matters.”

JONES: I am always shocked by the tale of two countries when I talk to my friends on the right. For instance, everyone that I know on the left is outraged by the president’s use of military force inside the U.S. borders. Don’t assume that everyone feels the same way about it. On the right people have been — they’ve swung very hard. At first they just were so shocked by this murder, this killing. But as the protests have gotten more disrupted or disruptive, they have swung back. When President Trump moved, as he did yesterday, there were people who felt comforted by that in the red parts of America. And so that’s something that makes this thing very, very hard to predict.

RUSH: He’s warning them. He’s trying to warn them: Do not think that because you hate Trump, everybody does. Do not think you’re succeeding in busting up the Trump base. You’re not succeeding. That was Van Jones. And he does sound reasonable, especially as a communist amongst a bunch of leftists on CNN.

But he’s warning them, he said, “Look, you think -” See, the Democrats for four years have believed they’ve won the battle. They thought they won Trump-Russia collusion. They thought they won the Ukraine impeachment. They think they’re winning all these things. Despite the fact that they’re not, they think they are.

And they think these riots and these protests that people are blaming Trump for it, and people aren’t. Now, what he was also saying here, when Trump moved as he did yesterday — he’s talking about the trip to the church. When Trump went to the church, held up that Bible, Van Jones is telling these people, do not think that red America didn’t like that. They loved that.

Like I told you yesterday, that was a comforting, strengthening act of great resolve that Trump engaged in. They’re out there trying to portray it as a violation of church and state, it was unconstitutional, he used tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters. I mean, they’re lying about everything and more. And it isn’t working out. It may be affecting public opinion, job approval and this kind of thing, but it is not destroying the relationship that Trump has with his base.


RUSH: So CNN just did a report. Okay. So they say there wasn’t any tear gas used? Okay. But they used smoke bombs, and those smoke bombs, they make you cry, and so if there were tears, then you may as well have used tear gas. Everybody’s denying tear gas was used, but CNN’s insistent.


RUSH: Yeah, that was the news out of Minnesota. All four cops now face charges, and the cop with the knee on the throat of George Floyd is up to second-degree murder from third-degree murder. “Ex-Joint Chiefs Chairman Condemns Trump’s Response to Protests.” By the way, Trump is out there…

You know, it was quieter last night on the streets for the most part. There were pockets of continuing looting and fires and burning and unrest, but overall it was quieter last night, and President Trump is out there saying that’s because we dominated the streets — and so the media is livid.

The media is livid that Trump is taking credit for it. The media wants you to believe that it was quieter last night because the rioters and the looters are somehow good people who wanted to stand down for a night to show their solidarity with people and to say that we can get along. They just make it up! They don’t know why it was quieter last night.

They just make this rotgut up. Trump says it was because of the increased presence of law and order, that we dominated the streets. Now, this next story is a classic example of one of the points that I made early in the program. This is a story how they used to try to drive a wedge between you and Trump.

This is a story designed to make you think that you’re isolated, that you and you alone support Trump, that all the smart people and all the reasonable people are abandoning Trump. “Ex-Joint Chiefs Chairman Condemns Trump’s Response to Protesters.” Oh, yeah. “Mike Mullen, the former chairman of the [“Chiefs Joints of Staff”], condemned the use of tear gas on peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Park Monday…

“‘Whatever Trump’s goal in conducting his visit, he laid bare his disdain for the rights of peaceful protest in this country, gave succor to the leaders of other countries who take comfort in our domestic strife, and risked further politicizing the men and women of our armed forces,’ Mullen wrote in a column for The Atlantic.”

So you’re supposed to say, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Trump lost one of his former chairmen of the ‘chief joints’! Oh, my God!” No, folks. This guy’s a lifelong liberal Democrat. Mike Mullen is part of the deep state military condemning Trump and so forth. He’s former chair of the “Chief Joints of Staff,” and he’s wrong about the tear gas. He’s writing under a false premise.

Anyway, the point of the story is you’re supposed to say, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Trump’s losing a chairman of the ‘joints’! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. These are serious people. These are military people. These are the best! Oh, my God!” No. You’re dealing with politicized generals. You got warrior generals, and you got political generals, and this guy has never been a Trump supporter.

They want you to believe, “He was a Trump supporter! He was in the military. He was commander-in-chief and so forth — he supports the commander-in-chief,” and they want you to think that he has decided to fall out because Trump’s such a reprobate. He’s never has been a supporter of Trump.

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