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RUSH: Here is Fabian, Fabian in Jamaica, Queens. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Mega dittos, and we’re praying for you, buddy.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Okay. Rush, I’m one of those who believes that due to popular belief, that New York City and New York state can be won by Republicans. It’s just that we have a very weak party up here that is run by losers, people who let fear dictate their actions. There’s so many people up here who need leadership, who want leadership, and we have a party up here that really… They put up candidates they don’t care for. They put up candidates that they would just rather see lose than a candidate that they would rather see win. That’s a problem. We can easily be won by Republicans, New York City and New York State.

RUSH: Well, I haven’t heard very many — even Republicans — echo your view here that New York is within reach. You’re unique in that regard, I have to tell you, Fabian. I don’t know anybody. I don’t know anybody thinks New York… It’s like trying to find people who think Republicans could win California. You just don’t run into those people very often.

CALLER: ‘Cause there are so many problems here in New York that Republicans are literally handed —

RUSH: Yeah, but here’s —

CALLER: — on a silver platter —

RUSH: Fabian, every one of those problems… You gotta understand this.

CALLER: Yeah —

RUSH: This is the mind-boggling thing: Every one of those problems has been voted for by a majority of New Yorkers.

CALLER: But they’re —

RUSH: They vote for that stuff and then they vote to reelect the people that do that stuff every two or four years.

CALLER: And every two to four years the voter turn it is less and less because we can’t stand who’s running.

RUSH: Well, now, that’s probably true, too.

CALLER: The last mayoral election, only one million people voted.

RUSH: So it is your theory if the Republicans got serious about it — actually searched for good candidates with a decent message that resonated with New Yorkers throughout the strata, the middle class, the upper middle class — that they can win?

CALLER: They can win. My buddy Bob on Staten Island, he would walk up to people two weeks before the last gubernatorial election in 2018 and just ask them, “Who’s a Republican candidate running for governor this year?” Two weeks before the general election, they couldn’t name ’em, because the party doesn’t really want to put winners up there.

RUSH: Why do you think that is?

CALLER: ‘Cause it’s easier — ’cause one is they’re afraid. They’re afraid. If anything, Donald Trump showed is that do not be afraid. They’re gonna call you names, they’re gonna call you everything in the book.

RUSH: Now, I do happen to know that there are… Even in 2016, do you know…? Would you believe me if I were to tell you that a majority of the Republican House of Representatives was expecting to lose? They were planning to lose, and they weren’t bothered by it. They didn’t mind being in the minority because they didn’t want the pressure of having to lead.

They didn’t want to be the leaders of the House because they did not want the pressure of having to come up with whatever — legislation, you name it. In other words, they were okay with losing. And then when Trump won? (chuckles) They were stunned, they were shocked, and they didn’t know what to do, but they weren’t initially happy about it, Fabian.

CALLER: They weren’t happy about it, but the one thing that you just pointed out is what is a problem with Republicans is that they become Democrats where they don’t want to accept the responsibility. In New York… I’m a native New Yorker. I’m 61 years old.

And since I was a kid I can tell you the Democrats in New York always blamed the Republicans up in Albany. And the Democrats up in Albany would blame the Republicans down in Washington, D.C.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, constantly.

CALLER: The Republicans are the ones who always had to accept the responsibility. And the Democrats don’t. And that’s the big difference. We have Republicans who’ve become Democrats. They’re afraid —

RUSH: Let me give you a classic example. I appreciate the call, Fabian. Listen to this sound bite. Grab sound bite number 25. This is Fredo Sr. This is Andrew Cuomo, and it’s today in Albany, his press conference on whatever he was press conferencing about. And I’m not even gonna set it up. Just listen. It’s only about 30 seconds so here it is.

CUOMO: People attack police officers? They attack police officers? They run up to a police officer, they stab a police officer yesterday? They’ve treated police officers with such disrespect in New York City that I am stunned.

RUSH: Come on.

CUOMO: I’ve never seen that level of disrespect —

RUSH: Come on.


CUOMO: — to a police officer. Now, I come from a different time and place. But a police officer you wouldn’t dare disrespect a police officer.

RUSH: Aw, come on.

CUOMO: But this is at a level that is just inappropriate, unconscionable.

RUSH: This is inexplicable. After all of the anti-cop hatred that the mayor of that town talks about, the mayor of that town hates the cops. The mayor of that town has put a bull’s-eye on the back every cop’s uniform. The mayor of New York City despises the cops and would love to defund them. And this is Andrew Cuomo saying he’s stunned, he is shocked at the level of disrespect people are showing police officers? “Yeah, I come from a different time and place, but a police officer, you wouldn’t dare disrespect a -” after everything his party, the Democrat Party’s done to encourage this disrespect to the cops?

And folks, don’t get mad at me for saying it, ’cause it’s absolutely true. Whenever there is an opportunity to diss the cops, the Democrat Party is right there at the forefront making sure that their various constituency groups understand that they are ripping the cops because they think their constituency groups hate the cops. The Democrat Party cannot afford to be seen as defending cops. So what is this? This guy is not this blind. He’s not this obtuse. So what is his objective here in acting shocked and surprised that people would be attacking police officers during riots and looting and general mayhem?

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