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RUSH: You might remember the New York Times Magazine reporterette responsible for  that 1619 Project which said America’s only foundation is 400 years of slavery. Well, she has a new project. Let’s call it the 2020 Riot Project.

Nikole Hannah-Jones was interviewed by CBS News about the mayhem unfolding in Democrat cities, and she told everyone to “be really careful with our language.” She said that although it’s “disturbing” to see property being destroyed and stolen, we ought to remember “these are just things.” She said that it isn’t “moral” to describe smashing and looting as violence. “Destroying property which can be replaced is not violence,” she said.

Nikole Hannah-Jones did not acknowledge the people who have been killed during all the torching and destroying and looting and pillaging and ransacking. Nor did she mourn the businesses that have died or are going die.

First, business owners were forced by their blue-state governors and mayors to shut down for months because of the coronavirus, they were told. Now the violent riots have destroyed their life’s work and dreams, and their vandalized businesses and stolen “things” won’t just be magically “replaced.” They’re dead.

So excuse us, Ms. New York Times Magazine, if we think it’s far more than merely “disturbing” that this is happening, while elected Democrat officials sit on their hands and do nothing to stop it — and in fact, some of them even applaud and encourage more of it.

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