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RUSH: Never, ever are we gonna cave or give up here on this program. My attention has been called to a tweet by Mollie Hemingway. You know we admire Mollie Hemingway a bunch on this program. She’s at Federalist, and she’s just brilliant, and here’s a tweet of hers. “Of ‘Trump’s not a uniter!’ talking point, a smart woman I know writes:

“‘Trump wasn’t elected to unify. He is clarifying the divisions. It’s painful but may be necessary. But we are definitely not in a unifying chapter of American history.'” Let me add a bingo to that, and I want to add to it, ’cause it’s exactly what I said. Trump, unify? Trump was not elected to unify anything. The people that elected Donald Trump are fed up with the Democrat Party!

They are fed up with the American left, and they are fed up with the policies of the Democrat Party that are injurious and harmful to vast majority of the American middle class. They’re tired of sanctuary cities. They’re tired of open borders. They’re tired of criminals getting away with it. They’ve done everything they can to try to heal racial divisions.

Nothing seems to matter. Nothing seems to work. I mean, all you needed to know is that Trump’s campaign slogan was “controversial.” Make America Great Again? How in the hell can that be controversial? Well, it is, and that’s all you really need to know about today’s Democrat Party. Making America great again? Those are fighting words — and guess what?

Even back in 2015 and 2016 when Trump came up with the slogan, guess what they said that it was? “Make America Great Again is racism! Yeeeah. ‘Make America Great Again’ is a bunch of white people wanting their power back. ‘Make America Great Again’ is simply, ‘Let’s go back to Ozzie and Harriet. Let’s go back to the fifties. Let’s go back to where we ran the show and nobody could stop us.'”

Nothing could be further from the truth. The people that elected Donald Trump to Make America Great Again want a truly great country for everybody in it — and the thing is, the leaders of the Democrat Party know this. The rank-and-file of the Democrat Party, the base voters, they may not know it. They have been so maleducated and ill-educated.

They believe all this racist crap that has been promulgated and propagandized to them their whole lives. But nothing could be further from the truth. You want a great country because that’s where great opportunity is found. Everybody doing well or trying to is how the country grows. How did we become a superpower?

Our DNA isn’t any different than anybody else. We’re the same human beings as any human beings anywhere on this planet, and just because we happen to be in the geographic area known as North America doesn’t mean we’re better than anybody else. How did it happen? It happened because of one word: Liberty. Freedom.

We’re the only country in the history of humanity whose founding documents enshrine the primacy of the citizen — the individual — over government. We’re the only country that has founding documents and governing documents which limit the role of government in people’s lives. And this is what they hate. The Democrats hate that. They despise that.

They consider the Constitution “a charter of negative liberties.” That’s actually a term; they debate it in their law schools. “Negative liberties” means things the government can’t do. They don’t like that. You and I and most average, ordinary Americans want a great country because we want a great opportunity. We want everybody in this country to do well.

We don’t believe in systematic discrimination against people, and by virtue of that they’re only allowed to be “X” successful or so successful. That’s not how we think at all. So here comes Make America Great Again, and they’re fighting words. “Make America Great Again? Oh, we don’t have that! This guy, Trump… This is dangerous. He’s a novice. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

That was one of the greatest wake-up calls the people of this country could have ever, ever seen. Make America Great Again is what? Racist? Make America Great Again is somehow controversial? Make America Great Again is somehow poised to give us a dictatorship? What? We’re dealing with irrationality and — in some cases — insanity, and it’s impossible to deal with either of those characteristics.

So Donald Trump was not elected to unite anything. The hope is always there that people see the light. You know, Trump and power, a lot of people that Trump wants to be a dictator, and that’s why he wants all this power. People even misunderstand that. They don’t even understand Donald Trump’s desire for power and his relationship to it.

And there’s no persuading them that they’re wrong about it. Donald Trump, a dictator? This is the guy that’s deregulating more of Washington than any president ever has, maybe any combination of presidents. (Snort!) It’s just flat-out absurd on its face, all these allegations. But we’ve reached the point now where… Unify? No. This is about survival. This about winning!

This is about defeating the forces, the people who think Make America Great Again is controversial, who think Make America Great Again is a bad thing. And then throw into the mix now James Mattis, these defense department guys, and they’re now joining this chorus, trying to make Trump out to be a dictator because the Park Police cleared Lafayette Park 15 minutes before curfew.

And because of that, Mattis is saying that Trump violates the Constitution by clearing the park of peaceful protesters. I’ll tell you, folks, hell hath no fury like a deep-stater scorned. Threat to the Constitution? He even got close to comparing Trump to the Nazis, folks, when he starts talking about (impression), “I’ve faced these people in all my years as a great military man.

“I’ve faced forces like this.” He implied Trump’s got Nazi-like, fascist-like tendencies — all because Trump did a walk to St. John’s Church and carried a Bible and then dared to have a photo taken. Mattis said, “When I joined the military some 50 years ago, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution.

“Never did I dream that troops taking the same oath would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens, much less to provide a bizarre photo-op for the elected commander-in-chief with military leadership standing alongside.” I’m sorry, I missed this. When did the park police and Secret Service become “the military”?

What am I missing?

He just had to drag the Nazis in there somehow. “Instructions given by the military departments to our troops before the Normandy invasion reminded soldiers that the Nazi slogan for destroying us was ‘divide and conquer.’ Our American answer is, ‘in union there is strength.'” So there you go. Trump is reminiscent of the Nazis because he’s not even trying to unite the country.

Mr. Mattis, General Mattis, you’ve seen what these people did to Trump. Hell, you may have been part of it for all we know. How in the world is he supposed to unify with that? How’s he supposed to unify with Comey? How’s he supposed to unify with Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, practically all of MI5 and MI6? How’s he supposed to do this?

They ran a coup against him, sir! It’s still ongoing. What do you mean, he’s not even trying to unify? I think you’re exactly wrong. I think Trump is trying to amass a massive army of supporters of the American people to continue to support him and reelect him so that this valiant, honorable objective of making America great again can resume.


RUSH: One more thing about this unifying or unity stuff. You know, Trump has given a couple of speeches recently that, if anything, were unifying. He gave a great speech Saturday after the launch from Cape Canaveral. Nobody saw it, by sad consequence. But it was maybe one of his best ever in terms of talking about American potential, American greatness. It was a fabulous speech. Anybody reasonable would have supported it and wanted to have been part of the country he was talking about.

And then couple nights ago in the Rose Garden, that speech, that little — when I saw the teleprompters out there, I said, okay, this is gonna be serious. It’s not gonna be a presser. Ain’t gonna be a Q&A. He gave a strong, articulate speech in the Rose Garden, and then in a total shock and awe move, he said, “If you’ll excuse me, I now have to walk over to a very important place.” He walks out the front door of the White House, down the driveway, crossed Pennsylvania Avenue into Lafayette Park, and straight to that church.

He had some members of the administration in tow, he had some family members there, and he had the secretary of defense Mark Esper. (imitating Esper) “I didn’t know, I didn’t know he was gonna make me do it, I didn’t know.” And then Mattis comes out, “How dare he, it was horrible.”

But it was a unifying act. It was a stunningly positive movement. That church had been torched the night before. Trump walked over there. The Secret Service doesn’t want the presidents ever doing anything — It’s hard to protect. It’s very risky. Some might say it was a brave thing to do. It was a stunningly positive moment, and they could not let that stand, folks. James Mattises of the world and the Mark Espers and the deep-staters and the Drive-By Media could not let that moment stand. Trump holding the Bible in front of St. John’s Church having walked over there. Their heads exploded. Their heads were scrambled. They didn’t know what to do.

All they knew was they had to destroy that moment. They had to destroy that moment like they had to destroy any bit of news that might suggest we could reopen the country. Didn’t have to remain under lockdown. And they have been lying about that moment for three days now. That is how wonderful a moment it was. That is how powerful and positive a moment it was, that they had to get Mad Dog Mattis to put together a hastily written op-ed in The Atlantic and then the former secretary of the “Chief Joints of Staff” to do the same thing, they had to go out and all kinds of people reacting Trump’s a Nazi, he’s a dictator, ’cause they couldn’t let that powerful moment stand.

They had to destroy it. This is why I say as more and more evidence of Obamagate becomes more and more accessible to more and more people, they freak out and have to do whatever they can to relegate it to back-page status or below-the-fold status. They gotta replace it with some other story so the people won’t hear about it. And that’s what we’re up against each and every time Trump does something momentously positive or powerful.

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