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RUSH: There’s a YouTuber out there known as Smooth Sanchez, claims to be working for Black Lives Matter and that white people need to get on their knees because of white privilege.

They need to show solidarity for the movement. White people who do not get on their knees are not showing solidarity. This Black Lives Matter streamer, internet streamer, is forcing people to their knees, and they’re doing it. A YouTube streamer, and they are doing it in order to absolve themselves of their white privilege.


RUSH: Here’s the story. “YouTuber known as Smooth Sanchez … claims to be ‘working’ for Black Lives Matter and that white people who do not get on their knees ‘do not show solidarity’ for the movement. In a shocking 2-hour livestream Smooth Sanchez harasses and targets white ladies and forcing them to kneel before him to show ‘solidarity’ to the Black Lives Matter cause.

“He claims to represent the ‘Black Lives Matter Foundation’ and that failing to kneel before him is a racist. Most women who Smooth Sanchez approaches don’t hesitate to kneel down before the him, obviously in fear of being called racist and slandered online.”

So he’s got his camera. He goes out, he randomly confronts white women, tells them they have to bend down, they have to kneel before him or else. And they do it. And there’s two hours of it in this streaming video. He seems to be, it says here, of Latin-American descent, claims to be a member of the Black Lives Matter Foundation, and that his boss has asked him to approach white people and to get them to kneel down before him to show solidarity with the cause.

And if the girls refused, he would chase them. He would chase after them, pointing his finger and shouting, “Hey, everybody, she’s a racist white supremacist!” while she’s running away from him. You know how many young kids watch YouTube and think that everything that happens there is real? Well, this is an example of struggle sessions. These people are being made to confess that they are guilty, in this case for being white. They are begging after they confess to not be associated with racists. That’s a YouTube streamer. I’m not making it up. It’s from a website called the Sausage Roll, but it’s out there. You can look it up.

Here’s the point, though. No one in America yet is being paraded through the streets against their will. Don’t misunderstand. Even this YouTube video, the guy of charge it has no authority over anybody. He’s just exercising his own brand of intimidation. But there are people who are rushing around out there, and they cannot wait to tell everybody that they are feeling guilty, that they have white guilt and that they’re embarrassed about it.

The confessions are happening. There are people who are admitting that they need to publicly affirm that they have been guilty of being white. And Mr. Davidson says that “This represents nothing less than the emergence of a new regime in American life. What is now a voluntary and seemingly spontaneous public affirmation of,” agreeing with liberalism, “will in time become a requirement. If you want a career or a public platform or a professional life in mainstream society, you’ll have to profess allegiance to the cultural left.”

Now, you know as well as I do, Mr. Snerdley, you know that’s already happening to people. There are already people who will not admit they’re conservatives when they go for a job interview. They will not admit what they believe. There are parents who will not approach a school board when their teachers are destroying their kids’ lives with lies because they’re afraid of the impact it’ll have on the kids’ grades. This kind of thing has been happening for a long time.

“I don’t want to get my kid in trouble, no, I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.” It’s totally understandable. And you see there’s a great example with the Sacramento Kings play-by-play announcer Grant Napear, he’s been the play-by-play guy for the Kings since 1988. He simply tweeted, “All lives matter” Sunday night. He’s lost every job he had associated with the Kings, the sports talk show for his insensitivity, simply said, “All lives matter.”

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