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RUSH: Folks, we gotta keep our heads up. If we can keep our heads through all of this, the national news cycle is gonna have to break our way. It’s based on nothing but lies, and that simply is not sustainable. The shutdown was not sustainable. It was never gonna work. It couldn’t work, not as the left intended. Now we’re coming back.

Do you want to hear the states, by the way, with no job growth? Here are the states. We just massive, great employment news today, unemployment news. The unemployment rate is down to 13%. The new jobs, 2.5 million created, maybe an all-time positive jobs report — all-time record — in terms of number of jobs created in a month.

You know, normally if it’s 300,000, 400,000, 500,000, people throw a party. To get something like this! It’s 2.5 million. Here are the states with declining job growth. You tell me what they have in common. New York down 8.4%. Boston down 8.2%. These are cities. I’m sorry, cities, not states. New York City down 8.4%. Boston down 8.2%. Washington, D.C., down 6%. Los Angeles down 5.9%. Chicago down 5.5%.

What do they all have in common? Absolutely right. They’re all run by Democrats. And — aside from Washington, which is not in a state — the states are run by Democrats as well. So the cities are run by Democrats, the states are run by Democrats, and they’re all still shut down. They’re all still on lockdown! Mind-boggling. Mind-boggling, but true.

Folks, I’m telling you: If we can keep our heads about us — meaning stay upbeat, stay positive and understand that you’re being lied to in the media — the news cycle is going to break our way at some point. Maybe not in toto. We have the ongoing infirmity of Joe Biden, and that’s only going to get worse. That is not gonna get better for them, meaning it’s gonna present an ongoing, continued problem for them.

We’re gonna have a recovering economy. This is just the first of many similar reports. The virus! The virus. What about the virus? More on that in just a minute. John Durham on the horizon. This is the investigation that Bill Barr commissioned.

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