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Jun 5, 2020

  • CNSNews: 137,242,000: Number of Employed Americans Increases; Unemployed Down; Improvements All Around
  • CNSNews: Government Employment Dropped 585,000 in May–Hits Lowest Level in 19 Years
  • FOXNews: Trump Touts Surprise Job Gains, Calls on States to End Coronavirus Lockdowns
  • Daily Wire: Trump Celebrates Stunning Jobs Report With Democrat Taunts, Media Reactions, Half-‘Kidding’ Congratulations, News Conference
  • Politico: Suddenly, Public Health Officials Say Social Justice Matters More Than Social Distance
  • CNN: Fauci Says It’s Time to Think About Reopening Schools
  • New York Post: NYC Reports No New Coronavirus Deaths for First Time Since Mid-March
  • Wall Street Journal: America’s New Nihilism. ‘Systemic Racism’ is a Systemic Forgetting of 55 Years of Urban Policy Failure – Daniel Henninger
  • Wall Street Journal: No Guardrails. August 1968 and the Death of Self-Restraint
  • FOXNews: No Guardrails?
  • Washington Times: Liberal Politicians Who Order Police to Stand Down are the Same People Who Want to Ban Guns
  • NewsBusters: 99.3 Percent of Broadcast Networks’ Protest Coverage Ignores Mob’s Murder Victims
  • HotAir: Chicago Riots Wipe Out Most Grocery Sources For Minority Residents
  • Daily Wire: Joe Biden: 10 To 15% Of Americans ‘Are Just Not Very Good People’
  • Washington Examiner: Antifa Always Was a Terrorist Group
  • AP: After Historic Closure, Gambling Returns to Las Vegas
  • San Francisco Examiner: Breed, Walton Vow to Redirect Police Department Funding to Support Black Communities
  • New York Post: Former Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder Spokesman Calls for Defunding Police
  • PowerLine: How Crazy Are the Democrats? This Crazy
  • HayRide: Rasmussen: Trump Approval Rating Among Black Voters Hits All-Time High
  • USAToday: Al Sharpton Announces March in Washington on Anniversary of Historic Demonstration

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