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Guest Host Todd Herman

Jun 10, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • Legal Insurrection: It’s Going Down: Seattle Surrenders a Police Station and Four City Blocks to Antifa
  • Legal Insurrection:Christopher Columbus Statue Torn Down, Thrown Into Lake in Downtown Richmond
  • The Hill: Christopher Columbus statues toppled in Richmond, beheaded in Boston
  • FOXNews: George Floyd, Derek Chauvin had run-ins while working security at a nightclub, former co-worker says
  • Reuters: George Floyd’s brother asks U.S. Congress to ‘stop the pain’ of police killings
  • Reuters: George Floyd’s brother to address U.S. House panel on police reforms
  • The Hill: Senate GOP shifts on police reform
  • UKDM: White men taunt BLM protesters by reenacting George Floyd’s death
  • FOXNews: Defund police? Democrats lead list of those taking cash from police unions
  • FOXNews: Stanford dean quotes fugitive cop killer in email to students about protests
  • FOXNews: Jordan seeks DOJ briefing on Antifa, slams ‘defund the police’ push as ‘complete insanity’
  • UKDM: Anna Wintour admits to ‘hurtful and intolerant’ behavior at Vogue
  • UKDM: Professor suspended after refusing lenient marking of black students
  • UKDM: Oprah Winfrey says black people are ‘on a tipping point’
  • FOXNews: Texas Southern University offers George Floyd’s daughter full scholarship
  • Reuters: Little evidence of antifa links in U.S. prosecutions of those charged in protest violence
  • Reuters: New York legislature votes to scrap police discipline secrecy law
  • BizPacReview: Cornel West calls Leo Terrell ‘N-word’ in loudest, wildest verbal tv brawl of the year
  • FOXNews: Barr says familiar names among those DOJ is investigating in Durham probe, calls findings ‘very troubling’
  • FOXNews: Russian nuclear-capable bombers intercepted by US aircraft near Alaska: report
  • The Hill: GOP tentatively decides on Jacksonville for site of convention: report
  • BizPacReview: ‘He’s fine in the basement’: Biden surrogate McAuliffe admits small, strategic statements are ticket to win
  • AP: Chaos in Georgia’: Is messy primary a November harbinger?
  • FOXBusiness: California, Southwest face new coronavirus woes as U.S. economy reopens
  • FOXNews: Fauci: ‘Nightmare’ coronavirus pandemic is far from over
  • Reuters: U.S. banks prepare branches for gradual post-coronavirus re-opening
  • Todd Herman filled in for Rush. Check out Todd’s Stack of Stuff — and remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any broadcast via audio streaming or as a podcast.
  • Daily Caller: Leaked Audio From Chicago Shows Why Liberals Are Incapable Of Leadership – Derek Hunter
  • Breitbart: GOP Rep. Crenshaw on Defunding Police Push: ‘Hard to Imagine a Worse Way to Help the Communities of Color’
  • Breitbart: Ocasio-Cortez on Defunding the Police: Not Enough Is Spent on Social Programs that Prevent Crime
  • Breitbart: Los Angeles: Homicides Soared 250%, Shootings 56%, During Protest Week
  • PJ Media: Merriam-Webster to Make Orwellian Update to the Definition of ‘Racism’
  • Daily Caller: Sen. Tim Scott Fires Back At Those Calling Him A ‘Token’ For Drafting GOP Police Reform Legislation
  • JustTheNews: Birx says dozens of coronavirus testing sites have been destroyed by rioters
  • New York Post: NYC health officials advise kinky Zoom parties, masks during sex amid COVID-19
  • Daily Wire: Leftist Councilwoman Unlocks Doors For Protesters To Flood City Hall, Demand Democrat Mayor Resign Amid Calls To Defund Police
  • Daily Wire: Democrat Mayor Gives Govt Workers 40 Hours Off To Mourn ‘400 Years Of African American Oppression.’ Here’s The Email.
  • HotAir: CrossFit CEO Out After “Insensitive” Tweet
  • HotAir: Terry McAuliffe: Biden Is ‘Fine In The Basement’
  • HotAir: Sharpton Tells NFL At George Floyd’s Funeral: Give Colin Kaepernick His Job Back
  • The Federalist: Historic First: Under Trump, Half Of National Security Council Leaders Are Women
  • NewsBusters: Nets Blast Trump With 9x More Negative Comments than Biden
  • National Review: Begging the Mob’s Forgiveness Doesn’t Work
  • National Review: Unable to Run Its Own Agencies, Washington Dictates to America’s Police
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