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RUSH: Last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued her pander campaign. To show solidarity with rioters vandalizing statues in blue cities throughout America. She called for all Confederate statues to be removed from Capitol grounds.

California Democrat Barbara Lee teamed up with Mississippi Democrat Bernie Thompson on a House bill to banish the relics of the Confederacy back to their original states within 120 days. New Jersey Democrat Cory “Spartacus” Booker introduced a Senate bill seeking the same thing.

Now, these Democrats are trying to erase the history (chuckling) of their own party. The Confederate statues came from states then-controlled by Democrats. It’s the Democrat Party that gave America the Confederacy, the KKK, state-sponsored segregation, and Jim Crow!

But one of these Confederate statues should get a new home up north. Now standing in Statuary Hall is the likeness of Uriah Milton Rose, a lawyer who was fiercely loyal to the Confederacy. In 1865, in Little Rock, Arkansas, Uriah Rose founded the Rose Law Firm. Many Clinton administration notables worked there at Rose — including Hillary herself — where she made millions on the Whitewater real-estate scam and cattle futures!

Instead of sending old Uriah to collect dust in some warehouse, his white stone statue should be sent to the Clintons’ estate in Chappaqua, New York – and sit dead-center on the front lawn as a constant reminder of Democrat history.

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