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RUSH: May retail sales skyrocketed — 17.7% they went up. The consensus wild guess, the consensus estimate from the experts was it’d go up 7.8%. So here again we have some experts who are so far off the mark, we wonder why they continue to be used. Of course, we know why they are used. They are used to tamp down Republican success and to build up liberal failure.

May retail sales up 17.7% — and this excludes food and auto sales. The increase was 12.4% if you exclude food and auto sales, and the expert forecast was for 5%, as opposed to 12%, if you throw out food and auto sales. So, you know, the left… I’m telling you, every time that there is good news that runs counter to the left’s desires, they ratchet up whatever is going on and do everything possible to mask and cover whatever the good news is.

Make sure it’s not reported so that people never hear it so that they cannot be impacted by it. When the unemployment numbers and the economic improvement happens so surprisingly and shockingly two weeks ago for the month of May, remember they went into full racist mode.

They went full Antifa. They went full Black Lives Matter, full corona mode. They were hysterical that despite all their efforts the Trump economy could not be killed. Oh, and they are just so devoted to finding a way to separate Trump voters from Trump, and they’ve thought they’ve done it a number of times, and they just can’t. They can’t come close to doing it.

And the reason that bothers them is if they can’t get rid of Trump’s base, then his reelection is more than just a possibility. It is a likelihood. In fact, I think Trump’s… Well, I don’t want to be accused of being overly confident and making people feel like they don’t have to vote or any of that, but I’m just telling you.

The conventional wisdom — when authored and written by the Washington deep state, the American left — is never right. And of course the conventional wisdom now is that everybody hates Trump, that Trump is universally despised. He’s now recognized as an embarrassing, total failure and that everybody who once loves Trump now hates him and is embarrassed by him and they’re gonna vote against him.

That’s what they have set up as the current state of mind of Trump voters. It’s nowhere close. They’re dreaming. I mean, just a rudimentary analysis: Joe Biden is gonna beat Trump? I’m telling you, Biden cannot beat Trump. It’s not possible. The guy can’t string together two sentences. He cannot do it. On the playing field of common sense, Joe Biden does not belong.

Joe Biden winning is not something that computes on the field of common sense. “Well, then, Rush, if it’s not Biden, how does Trump lose?” Well, Trump could theoretical beat himself. I’ve told you, they’re not gonna be able to separate Trump from his base, but he can. You know, this is the old saw. If the media didn’t make you, the media cannot break you — it is inarguable — and the media did not make Trump.

And by “make,” I mean fawn and positive puff piece coverage and making him out to be the greatest guy in the universe. You know how they treat liberal Democrats, how they treated Obama. Just a bunch of sycophants, a bunch of suck-up artists. They didn’t do that with Trump. “But, Rush! But, Rush! They gave him so much coverage.”

Yeah, but they didn’t give him the fawning, puff piece coverage. The way it works is if the Drive-By Media’s out there praising somebody, and loving on somebody and talking how wonderful they are — and people develop a like or a support for that particular candidate based on that stuff — then the media owns their future, because all the media has to do is come out and stop that stuff.

The media can then turn on a dime. “We were wrong! This guy’s a reprobate. This guy’s a cheapskate. This guy’s” whatever it is. That’s how the media can kill people that they make. But if the media didn’t have anything to do with your success, then they can’t destroy you. They can try — and they get even more committed as they fail time and time again, which is where they are now.

They’re so frustrated they haven’t been able to take Trump out, they don’t even know how to characterize it. And, by the way, this I happen to know personally because it impacts me. They’ve tried — and not putting myself in Trump’s league, don’t misunderstand. They have tried to take me out any number of ways over 30 years, and they’ve never been able to do it.

Now, they may have succeeded in preventing me at times from acquiring a larger audience, but they have never succeeded in convincing people who are tried and true listeners to abandon the program. It has never happened, because they didn’t bring you here in the first place. I did. I’m the only one who can destroy the bond. Likewise, Trump’s the only guy who can destroy the bond he has with his voters.

So then it becomes a question” What’s the likelihood of that? There is no way Joe Biden beats Donald Trump. Not gonna happen. “But, Rush, he’s a Democrat, and there are gonna be people who will vote for a Democrat no matter who’s on the ballot.” I know you think that, but it doesn’t work that way. Not every Democrat is gonna vote for Biden.

Biden doesn’t even have a base like Trump has a base. You know, speaking… I wasn’t gonna get to this now, but let me find it. David Horowitz has a new book out. We love David Horowitz, by the way. He’s a former New York liberal raised by communist parents, saw the light one day, and has become one of us — and he’s got a new book called “BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win.”

He thinks Trump is gonna win in a landslide in November, and he gives reasons why in the book, and he says Republicans are gonna be singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” once November comes and the election is over and the votes are counted. I mention this only because who else do you know predicting this? Some of you may be individually. But the conventional wisdom is that Trump is falling apart.

“Trump almost didn’t make it down the ramp at West Point! He’s getting old. It takes two hands to take a drink of water. Trump needs to have a serious therapist session ’cause doesn’t know where he is half the time.” Everything they’re saying about Trump is applicable to Biden. So they’re creating this image, set of circumstances that is not working.

I mean, it’s causing some people angst, but it isn’t working. I’m just telling you, whenever… You know, Trump is demonstrating he can revive the economy again, and here comes the news: Retail sales up 17.7%. The left goes absolutely batty when it happens and they have to do everything to try to cover it up. So here comes retail sales up 17.7% in May.

By the way, this is the biggest monthly rise on record — biggest monthly rise on record — while the Democrats are doing what? They’re demanding the defunding of the police. They’re taking over a six-block neighborhood of Seattle and calling it the summer of love. Are Democrats celebrating the economic news? Are Democrats out trying to find a way to horn in on it? Are they trying to find a way to claim any credit for it?

No way. They don’t want that. They don’t want there to be good economic news, and they don’t want certainly for you to hear it. Widespread prosperity is not their friend. The Democrats today specialize in tearing down statues. They specialize in infecting and corrupting time-honored, eternal institutions. They deface monuments. They support and encourage the looting of stores, outright theft. That’s what excites their base and that’s what the Democrats are out promoting. Most everybody else wants to go to work, safely pursue happiness.

But don’t fall for the attempted, established conventional wisdom every day that Trump is losing it, doesn’t know where he is, he’s lost his marbles, he’s lost his energy, he’s lost his focus. It is the exact opposite. How many times over the course of these three years — well, now we’re into the fourth. How many times have you really thought, “Ah, that’s it. I don’t think Trump can come back from this?” How many times have you thought that?

Might it have been during this impeachment stuff? Did you fall for any of this Trump-Russia meddling stuff for the first year or two? I’m sure some of you did. Not a criticism. Just asking how many times have you gotten really concerned that Trump might have blown it this time with something he said about somebody, something he tweeted. You know what has ’em ticked off today? Trump retweeted one of his own tweets and complimented it. And they think that’s a sign of somebody psychologically disturbed.

He retweeted one of his own tweets and complimented it. And then they’re out there thinking, “See? He lost his mind. He doesn’t know where he is. He’s sick. This is very sick. People don’t do –” (interruption) He knows how to tweak ’em, but more than that, in the midst of all of this, Donald Trump apparently still knows how to have fun and is still trying to. And that will irritate them more than anything. They are trying to depress and to dispirit as many of us as they can.

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