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RUSH: All right, folks, now, these are weird times. I normally don’t do what I’m gonna do here. It isn’t that big a deal. I just normally don’t do it. This morning, I started getting emails and texts from people, “You have got to see this! You have got to see it! This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. You have got to use this. I don’t believe it! This is the greatest…”

I said, “Okay.” So, I click on the link; it’s a YouTube video, and it is of an African-American woman — really, really articulate. Her name is Bevelyn Beatty, and she’s talking to your typical, brain-dead, Seattle, white female progressive who is clueless, and yet thinks that she knows everything. And this woman was explaining the genuine mind-set of the African-American community in America today.

And how it doesn’t support Biden. And how it never will support Biden. And if you want more black men to end up in jail, then vote Biden, because that’s what happened the last time Biden got his hands on crime legislation. Now, I say, normally I don’t do this because these videos are a dime a dozen and you could get notes like this from people every day.

“Oh, my God, Rush, you gotta see this! Oh, my God. I never heard anything like this. Oh, my God. This is incredible.” A lot of people have said this. So I thought, “You know what? I’ll break the rule. I’ll go ahead and air it.” It’s two minutes and change. It was not captioned. So when I first heard it, I was only able to understand 30% of what Bevelyn Beatty was saying.

I sent it up to Cookie; we got it transcribed. So now I know the full content of what she was saying. Let me set the picture here. Really… You’re not missing anything by not seeing the video. It’s in Seattle. It looks like it’s very near CHOP, CHAZ, whatever, and Bevelyn Beatty is wearing a bright red windbreaker, and she is conducting a lecture.

She’s fearless, she is confident, and she’s taking it to a bunch of white females. You can just see the arrogance and the condescension dripping off of them. They don’t know what to do with this! They’ve never heard an African-American man or woman speak like this. They don’t know what to do. This woman that Bevelyn Beatty is talking to, literally has no idea what to do.

She just sits there and kind of nods her head. I guarantee you this white progressive woman is hearing this stuff for the first time in her life, and she hasn’t the slightest idea how to process it because none of it comports with what her worldview is of African life in America and how African-Americans view politics. So, yeah, it’s like two minutes and six seconds.

I’m not gonna break it up. We normally don’t air bites longer than 60 seconds because of people’s attention spans, but this one will just go the full two minutes. It happened… It’s on The YouTube Red Pill Pusher channel. They posted a video: Seattle resident Bevelyn Beatty, African-American, talking to a white progressive condescending woman about how President Trump and the Republican Party are better for African-Americans than Democrats are.

Here it is…

BEATTY: (outdoor noise) I would be in the same position you’re in, so I’m not even mad at you, baby, for feeling like that.

WHITE LIBERAL WOMAN: I don’t watch any news, ’cause it’s all (dismissive hand gesture).

BEATTY: Oh, fake news?

WHITE LIBERAL WOMAN: Yeah. (crosstalk)

BEATTY: This is the thing. I know people don’t like Trump. I understand that. But let me tell you something. If I had to pick between him and Joe Biden, I’m not voting for Joe Biden. You want to see…? You want to see a bunch of black people go to jail by the next four years? Put Joe Biden in. Watch what happens.

You want to see black men get killed substantially, like you’ve never seen before? Put Joe Biden in and watch what happens. These Democrats — and I’m sorry to say this. I’m not trying to be racist, but they hate black people. These are the same people who have fought to keep slavery in. These are the same people who built the KKK.

These are the same people who hated us from the beginning. The Republican Party is the party of the blacks. Blacks freed? The Republican Party is the only party that the black people actually assisted in founding. But all of that history has been torn away. People say, “Oh, there was a big switch.” There was never a big switch. The Union… The Union won because we had grown in the industrial area — era.

So we were able to get trains and get supplies back to our soldiers while the Confederates was still riding horses. They were not able to get supplies back fast enough, right? So what happened was slavery was abolished and the South — the people in the South — could no longer make their money from slaves. They had to move to the North to work in the industry to produce.

And so the people in the North that already had established themselves in industries moved to the South, and so that’s where it was a transfer of people coming from the South to the North and people coming from the North to the South. There was never a big switch. So the same Democrats who hated black people from the beginning are the same ones who hate us now.

And they used our cause. How did Black Lives Matter turn into something about LGBTQ, when blacks really don’t support that? We’re conservative. We’re really not about that. Not only that, we don’t support abortion. This is the black culture. We ain’t never been about that. Not only that, we’re not about feminism.


BEATTY: Black women marry their husbands and respect their husbands. That’s where we are. We not on this, “Oh, I — I do what I want.” We don’t do that.


BEATTY: That’s not our community. And you would understand, I know you understand what I’m saying.


BEATTY: We don’t do that. But yet these people are hijacking our movement. And the Democratic Party, they’re trying to hijack us as well. No!

RUSH: And this white woman just doesn’t know what’s hit her. None of this computes. None of this makes any sense. Now, one question that I had that I’m curious about: Where in the world did Bevelyn Beatty pick all this stuff up? Where did she learn it? This stuff is not taught in American public education. Hell, this stuff’s not taught in universities.

This stuff isn’t taught anywhere anymore. It used to be standard, ordinary History Curriculum 101. This stuff is not taught. So where did she learn it? And she has obviously become proficient in not just explaining it, but selling it. But the cultural things that she hit this woman with. “How did Black Lives Matter turn into something about LGBTQ? Blacks don’t support any of that,” and they don’t, and they never have.

How did that happen? “We’re conservative. We’re really not about that. Not only that, we don’t support abortion.” Responsible African-Americans don’t because the vast majority of abortions in America are of African-American babies.

So a woman like Bevelyn Beatty can see that the abortion movement is a disguised method of limiting the black population. She says (paraphrased), “We don’t support this stuff. Abortion’s not our big issue. Neither is feminism.” And, of course, this woman is standing there; she’s nodding her head up and down. She’s taking it all in.

“Black women marry their husbands and respect their husbands. That’s where we are. We not on this, ‘Oh, I — I do what I want.'” We’re not on the gravy train. We’re not asking for handouts or benefits. That’s not who we are. “That’s not our community. … We don’t do that. But yet these people are hijacking our movement. And the Democratic Party, they’re trying to hijack us as well.”

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