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RUSH: On Monday, the Supreme Court sided with California in declining to hear an appeal by the Trump administration on the statewide “sanctuary law.”  Now, the upshot is that at least for now, California can continue its policy of state and local law enforcement refusing to cooperate with federal immigration agencies.

The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board was giddy over this decision. Within hours, they celebrated with an editorial accusing President Trump of waging a “mean-spirited, costly, and unnecessary war” against illegal immigrants.

Now let me caution those of you who, like the LA Times, think this battle is over and who believe the left has won the “sanctuary law” fight, once and for all.

Over the past few weeks, Americans all across this great country have seen lawlessness on display. We’ve seen a police precinct overrun by thugs and hooligans in Seattle. We’ve seen it set on fire. We’ve seen looting, arson, vandalism, and violent attacks on business owners go unchecked, as elected blue city Democrat leaders choose to sit on their asses and refuse to restore order or defend lives and property.

I’ll guarantee you something: Millions of law-abiding Americans are appalled and this high court ruling just adds to their disgust. Do not doubt me: they’re waiting until November to demonstrate the amazing political power of disgusted voter pushback against leftist human debris. It’ll happen.

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