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RUSH: Folks, before I forget this, I’ve gotta remind you of something.

I was surfing the internet the other day, just looking at things, part of doing show prep. And I came across a photo of me that had been taken on EIB 1 after I had received the Medal of Freedom, the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the State of the Union address back in February, except there was a knockoff T-shirt that I was wearing. I’ve never seen this T-shirt. I had never, ever seen it, given anybody permission. It was a Space Force. It was a black Space Force T-shirt. And I said, “Ah, here we go again.” A bunch of people knocking off my name, my likeness, my image to sell their stuff.

So we had to go get the legal team on it, try to shut it down. Remember, this all happened during the Stand Up for Betsy Ross campaign that we ran with Tunnel to Towers. There were so many people that tried to hijack that. There were over 200 knockoffs, maybe 250 at one point. So I just wanted to tell you that if you see any kind of an online ad for me hawking Space Force T-shirts, it isn’t me. And there’s no charity involved, nothing to do with me. So don’t be suckered or seduced into supporting it. The Space Force is a real thing. It’s an additional branch of the military that President Trump is attempting to establish.

This reminds me that we have added some new items to our own store, and we did this for Father’s Day, and I meant to mention this yesterday. I got caught up in being back after having been gone a week, and I was just focused on all of the news that I wanted to make sure I discussed. But the EIB Store has been restocked with a bunch of new items there for Father’s Day, which is this Sunday.

And there… (chuckles) Kathryn has this app on her phone, and every time there is a sale at the EIB Store, it is recorded with the cash register sound effect, the cash register drawer opening (cha-ching!), and sometimes it just doesn’t stop. I look at her, and I say, “We haven’t even talked about the store in three weeks. What the hell are they buying?” “Oh, we got new stuff in there, and they’re going crazy for it.”

I said, “Okay.” I know a lot of people have written asking if we’re gonna do Betsy Ross masks, for example, and we thought about that. But now that… (chuckles) Well, some people think that COVID is over. The Democrats are trying to revive it. The Democrats are angling for a new shutdown, folks — and they have the full force of the Drive-By Media, the Democrats in the media right behind ’em pushing for another shutdown.

COVID isn’t over. (ahem) Nevertheless, we decided against doing masks. There’s all kinds of people that got into that game. So we made it a marketing decision not to go forward with the Betsy Ross masks. However, the store has reopened. There’s lots of new great keepsake items there that are gonna be hip long-term. We’re gonna, in fact, be rolling out a special fundraising campaign that we’re doing in the upcoming days and weeks via the store. So there will be new details on that.

But we’ve got all kinds of items. We got a new mug — a Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies mug made right here in America — and some other new stuff in the store. So when you get a chance, if you’re at RushLimbaugh.com, make sure click on the “Store” tab, and see if some of the new stuff is interesting to you. There’s a promo code called GREATDAD — one word, no space.

Use the promo code GREATDAD. That will get you five bucks off your entire cart today through Father’s Day. So I hope you like the new stuff that we have added to the inventory, and I hope you have… Look, if you act fast and there’s some stuff if you see that you like to get Dad, we’ll get it there in time. Our operation is up and running.

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