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RUSH: Here is Gerard in Atlanta. Want to get started on the phones. Welcome, Gerard. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Great to be here. Thank you, Rush. Good to hear your voice. I had a quick question for you. And I wanted to ask you, do you think this movement that we’re seeing right now, defund the police, the statues taken down, will end the same way the #MeToo movement ended, and that is when you have a victim of someone on the far left who falls prey to what they’re preaching. And what I mean by that is maybe defund the police, when someone on the far left calls 911 and they get a busy signal or nobody responds and they fall victim to that crime, they’ll be exposed for what they really are. The #MeToo movement obviously with Joe Biden and Tara Reade, it was exposed for what they really were —

RUSH: This is the most incredible thing. I had an email exchange going back and forth today with my friend Victor Davis Hanson. Victor Davis Hanson was on Tucker, Tucker Carlson last night. And he pointed out that the #MeToo movement ended the moment it happened to Joe Biden. The moment that a prominent leftist progressive is impacted, it’s over. And that was the day Tara Reade stopped being believed.

And his point was, I was clarifying, “Did I hear you right?” And he wrote back to me. He said, “Rush, it’s even better than that.” He said, “How about when Mr. Woke is a victim of a home invasion and he calls 911 and gets a busy signal? That’s when this defund the police movement’s gonna end.” That’s the exact — do you know Victor Davis Hanson? Were you talking to him today? Because that’s the example you just used here, Gerard.

CALLER: I was not, but pretty high respect because he’s a smart thinker like you are. And I was just doing the critical thinking like you’ve always taught in terms of how these movements are started but, more importantly, how they’ve ended up. And it just kind of popped into my brain that usually it happens when there’s hypocrisy or something occurs and they’re called out.

RUSH: You’re absolutely right. I think, though, there might be some caveats here. But here’s the general theory, folks. Last night Victor Davis Hanson on Tucker Carlson said the #MeToo movement ended the moment it reached Joe Biden. And it wasn’t Biden, it was the fact that Biden’s a Democrat nominee, the presumed nominee. It’s like emails being illegal, illegal servers, once it reached Hillary Clinton, oops, no crime here, because we can’t find intent. Remember Comey’s press conference.

So whenever any of these cultural impurities, whenever any of these sick, left-wing attempts to destroy our culture, whenever they evolve and happen the way they end is when one of their prominent people gets ensnared by it. Then it’s history. And so he pointed out Tara Reade became the first woman in the #MeToo movement not believed. They were okay with taking out Weinstein, ’cause they didn’t like him anyway, he was a pig. And they took out a bunch of other people like Kevin Spacey, a bunch of people that the left really didn’t like all these years. They allowed the movement to take ’em out, but when it hit their nominee, well, that was the end of it.

And so now the defund the police movement. And believe me, it’s real. It is a real thing, and the Democrat Party is saying they are behind it, and in another breath saying that they’re not, ’cause they know that it’s a death knell for them politically, but they still have to pander.

Everybody’s pandering to Black Lives Matter now. Black Lives Matter is immune. Black Lives Matter can do what they want. They can say what they want. They can accuse anybody of being whatever they want to say they are, and they get away with punishing them. Black Lives Matter uses full-fledged attempted use of force and intimidation to get what they want. And nobody stands up to ’em.

So the defund the police movement, New York is pandering. Did you see what New York did? New York eliminated the plainclothes unit, 600 cops, just eliminated it. You know why? To pander. Black Lives Matter didn’t like the plainclothes movement. Black Lives Matter didn’t want to have to deal with the plainclothes unit because that’s where all the spies, the informants, the undercover operatives, that’s where all of the intel is gleaned to track perps, get evidence so you can convict in court.

So here comes the New York PD, which arguably is the most sophisticated police department in the country, the most advanced — LA might disagree, but it’s close — and here they are just saying, “We’re gonna cancel the plainclothes unit.” It’s pure pandering. It’s pure fear. You know, coming out of the discussion yesterday there’s no pushback, hell, no pushback. We’re not even close to having an attitude or a mentality that would even permit pushback. We’ve got people too scared to death of Black Lives Matter and some of these associated groups to do anything but pander and get along.

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