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RUSH: Here’s the detail on the Hoover Institution research. David Henderson is the researcher. He says, “Coronavirus lockdowns cost U.S. economy $1T without saving many lives,” and the way he found this… “The best study so far, believe it or not, is from [University of California] Berkeley. And they found social distancing measures plus harsh shelter-in-place measures saved about 74,000 lives.

“And even that’s an exaggeration for two reasons,” and he goes on to explain that “we’ve had a major increase in suicides because it’s very hard for people” who felt hopeless to begin with, and they lose their jobs, and they have no future. “[I]t’s very hard for people to live this way,” he says. “And second, there’s a study in Germany that says … a lot of these deaths aren’t so much prevented as delayed, because unless the vaccine comes along … which no one expects, then people are going to die later.”

They are gonna die. So, again… (sigh) I don’t mean to be redundant here, but the lockdown was not designed to save lives, and I keep harping on this because there are so many lies and distortions and lying intentions that the media is attempting. They want another lockdown. They are desperate for it. They think they got Trump on the ropes — and another lockdown, and he won’t survive it ’cause the economy can’t handle it.

(excitedly) “A lot more people will lose their jobs, and a lot more people will become destitute, and a lot more people will need welfare, and a lot of people won’t get the welfare that they need because we don’t have the money to provide it for ’em. We can’t keep printing it. It will be a total disaster and we can blame it on Trump!” Now, people say, “Are they not gonna be affected?”

Folks, they aren’t. The leaders of these movements are not. That is the whole point. The leaders of socialist movements are never impacted by the mess they create for everybody else. That’s why they’re called “elites.” That’s why they’re not worried about it. I mean, it’s an ultimate act of selfishness, and there’s no patriotism involved in this at all.

The original reason for the lockdown was to make sure hospitals were not overrun with COVID-19 cases, ’cause we didn’t have the capability of dealing with it. But even, remember, we built the field hospital in Central Park; never used it? We had the ship, the Navy ship Mercy goes in to dock in New York. They never used it, and it was used for non-COVID-19 cases.

It was there to make sure there were hospital space for people who not being able to get into hospitals ’cause they were overrun with COVID-19 patients. They were not overrun. A couple of hospitals were, but, overall, once we got the ventilators built and the masks and the PPE, then everything was fine, and it’s fine now.

The hospitals are entirely capable of handling whatever would come their way. At least they’re in much better shape to handle it now than at the beginning of all this. But the reason for the lockdown was not to save your life. The reason for the lockdown — they want you to think — is that’s how you save your life. “If you lock down, you will not get the virus.

“If you lock down and if you stay home and you follow our guidelines, you will not get sick.” Yeah, until you go stir-crazy and leave your house. They couldn’t sustain the lockdown forever, although some Democrat governors are still trying to. But all the lockdown was, was a delay. It was never intended to save lives. It was never intended to stop the spread of the virus. The only thing that could do that is a vaccine, and we’re nowhere near a vaccine.

There may be some therapeutic treatments which would help if there were actually some that worked, but there aren’t yet. So it was not about anything people thought. One of the ways they got compliance… Do you realize? We were talking about this. We had a caller the other day talking about how flat-out easy it was to get the American people to stay home for three months in a row.

And what happened in those three months? The last three years of an economic revival like the country hadn’t seen were destroyed. Three months. I will guarantee you that the leftist, socialist leaders looked at that and said, “This is beyond our wildest dreams! People stayed home for three months and never once pushed back against this?”

They probably couldn’t believe their good luck, because what did it tell them? It told ’em they could do it again if they come up with sufficient fright and if they come up with sufficient solutions to the sufficient fright. So the sufficient fright is, “You could die! The solution? Stay home! You won’t die.” The two don’t go together, ’cause you can’t stay home forever.

Nobody’s ever gonna pull that off. At any rate, the effort is ongoing. Here’s a brand-new story: “Coronavirus Model Once Used by White House Now Predicts 200,000 U.S. Deaths by October.” Once used by the White House? What does that have to do with anything? This is one of the fake models from the University of Washington. It has never been right.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, IHME, is probably one of the first modeling units you heard about when all this began, and there was one from the U.K. These two models together predicted anywhere 2.2 million deaths to 500,000; then they revised it all down when they factored in social distancing. So now we’ve got a story, and this story is from CBS:

“Coronavirus Model Once Used by White House Now Predicts 200,000 U.S. Deaths by October.” What? How does it add credibility to this to say that it was “once used by the White House”? It must be because people trust the White House Coronavirus Task Force still, or, believe me, that wouldn’t be in the headline, and that wouldn’t be part of the story.

So here’s the details: “A coronavirus model once used by the White House now projects more than 200,000 Americans could die of COVID-19 by October 1. The prediction went up by more than 30,000 since last week.” Have you forgotten that 200,000 might — could have been gonna — die by May 1st? Or pick a month! There was a model that predicted that, I’m sure.

These models have been all over the place. The last thing these people want is for the NBA to start up and the NFL to start up and Major League Baseball to start up. They don’t want that happening. They don’t want you having any diversions. They want you mired in all this misery, and they want you blaming Donald Trump for it.

“According to the latest model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, a research institute once utilized by the White House for coronavirus projections, another 85,000 or so deaths are now projected by October 1. IHME’s interactive projections show that by October 1, deaths from the coronavirus in the United States could reach anywhere from 171,000 to 270,000, with a likely figure in between of about 201,129.”

We’ve seen these numbers before, and they have never been right. The IHME says, well, “rising mobility and premature relaxation of social distancing in some states are the main reasons…” Wait, wait, wait! We just had a story that there hasn’t been a massive outbreak of cases among the looters and the rioters of Black Lives Matter — and, believe me, they have been amassing in massive numbers.

They have been. By the way, this is something to note, folks. You take a look at some of these Black Lives Matter protests like the one that happened in Brooklyn that everybody’s seen the picture of (or wherever you’ve seen them). They are larger than Trump rallies. I don’t… They’re outdoors. They are larger than Trump rallies — and if you look carefully, the vast majority of attendees are young, white Millennials.

And if you look even closer than that you’re gonna see the majority of the white Millennials are female. They have bought hook, line, sinker into the idea America’s a racist nation, still slavery based. They’re filled with sympathy. They’re filled with guilt. Their college professors have succeeded like you parents never have succeeded in raising your kids. Your kids’ minds have been corrupted like you can’t imagine.

Not only do these young people believe the worst of their country, they believe their parents were part of the problem. Whether you knew it or not, you don’t have an excuse. Ignorance is no excuse. They’re out there and they are marching. And they have money. Another little known fact is these white protesters’ affluence is one of the primary characteristics. And the Black Lives Matter people are very happy about that.

But huge crowds and we haven’t had a massive reporting of new cases. And those people have been shoulder-to-shoulder. They’ve been belly-to-belly. They’ve been back-to-back. They’ve been pelvis-to-pelvis. They’ve been mouth-to-mouth. They’ve been butt-to-butt. They’ve been getting together every which way it is known to get together, and no new cases. Have I covered everything there? Not being a transgender, I may have left out some new techniques. Tongue-to-tongue, yes, but that’s not new. Neither is tongue to pelvis. But you get my point.

They have been swarming together, and they have not been socially distancing. And not all of them have been wearing masks. And they have been amassing in pretty big numbers. So here comes this bogus model projection again, now trying to — the real reason for saying that a model once used by the White House, they actually want you to think that this is a Trump administration prediction, not their model prediction. They want you to think the Trump administration is behind this.

Why? ‘Cause they know you people who love Trump will believe it. Because you think Trump doesn’t lie. You think Trump is telling the truth. So if this was a model used by the White House, then it must be true. I mean, the degree of deceit that is being used under the guise of journalism every day in this country is impossible to keep calculating.

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